Pablo Casado, durante la presentación de la candidatura de Carlos Iturgaiz a lehendakari por la coalición PP+Cs

Holders of his intervention:

  • He considers that "what has happened in Zaldibar has broken the false stereotype of the good management of the PNV, just as corruption cases have ruined the honesty of nationalists."
  • The PP's support is transferred to the families of the two missing persons at the Zaldibar landfill due to “inefficiency and absolute incompetence” of the Government of the Basque Country.
  • He affirms that on April 5 the only alternative is the coalition of the PP and Cs that represents “vote constitution, vote equality, vote for a future project” in front of a PSOE and a PNV that “do not care about the Basque Country, because they only do this as a change of cards to remain in power. ”
  • He points out that in the next elections in the Basque Country “there are only two alternatives: Vote for the PNV, Podemos, Bidu or PSOE, which is the same because they go together and will agree with each other, or vote on Constitution, equality, freedom and future, which represents the coalition of PP + Cs ”.
  • He emphasizes that "the right center has only won in Spain when there has been some kind of collaboration or convergence."
  • He warns that in these elections the Basque Country is playing "writing the story of the defeat of terrorism", so he regrets that Sanchez has approved Bildu as a valid interlocutor for the Government.
  • He warns that the transfer of Social Security to the Basque Country "breaks the single box and puts the viability of pensions at risk", also in that region.
  • He denounces that Sánchez has agreed with PNV and Bildu the transfer of 200 ETA prisoners to the Basque Country despite not condemning the murders, not asking for forgiveness and not collaborating in clarifying the crimes to be resolved. "We cannot allow it for the memory of the victims," ​​he says.
  • Criticize the loop in which the Government of Sanchez fights between ministers who “then have to redeem with photos and reports in Quintos de Mora or coordination rooms, as they have demonstrated in a topic such as Equality that requires“ to be coordinated, is installed. row together and have clear ideas. ”
  • He points out that "the important thing is to have clear ideas and create conditions of effective equality between men and women to bridge the wage gap and make female employment the best exit passport for women who decide to work."

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