Pablo Casado durante su intervención

It demands that the Prime Minister explain why he "threatens a Polish reform" of the CGPJ, which "would liquidate the separation of powers and judicial independence"

– He warns that, if Sánchez does not rectify, the PP will go to the Constitutional Court, and to the European institutions and courts, and asks him to "not put reconstruction funds at risk for attacking the rule of law"

– “In Europe they already see this country as a failed state, but they are wrong. The only failure is you as Prime Minister, "says Casado

– Remember Sánchez, "who came to power with a motion of censure based on a lie and giving lessons in exemplaryness", that the National High Court has accused his vice president of 3 serious crimes, and aggravated by gender. "Why don't you stop him instead of protecting him through a Socialist State Attorney General?"

– "I can understand with Podemos to approve the Minimum Vital Income, but never so that judges and prosecutors are paid by Iglesias and Monedero," says the president of the PP in reference to Pedro Sánchez's newspaper archive

– Asks the Prime Minister to "not look for false culprits", because his minister was part of a Council that was delayed in its renewal for two years and that the PSOE blocked the presidency of the Constitutional Court for 4 years

– He demands that Sánchez “return to legality” and support the judicial depoliticization proposal that the PP registered this week. "Expel Podemos from this process," demands

– "We will not allow an accused party to attack our constitutional system as a Trojan horse, which attacks the judge, the King and defends batasunos, pro-independence and Bolivarian dictators," he underlines

– "As always, you throw the stone and hide your hand," says the president of the PP, who ugly to the Prime Minister who does not have the "courage" to go to Congress tomorrow to justify the state of alarm that he has imposed on Madrid , that does not explain why it does nothing in autonomies that the left governs with more infections and changes the requirements to Madrid when even the WHO highlights its improvement

– "You have lied all the time, you lie with the 60,000 deceased, with the hidden national security reports, and denying the Plan B that we have offered you for months"

– Asks Sánchez to withdraw the state of alarm in Madrid, "because if not his pride, which is the expression of what he lacks and not what he has, will play a trick on him"

– Reminds the president that, in addition to having dismissed Huerta y Montón weeks after arriving at the Government, he has several ministers with instrumental patrimonial societies to evade taxes and with three former advisers of the ERE, in addition to a Secretary of Tourism charged by corruption

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