Pablo Casado, en el Pleno en el Congreso de los Diputados


· It requires the president to give the actual death toll "because in the end we will know." “8624 words later and not a single one of self-criticism. Are 22,000 dead effective? ”He asks.

· Review the information in the progressive international press on Spain's response to the pandemic: The New York Times yesterday, which says that Spain is at the head of per capita deaths, 66% more than normal; or on March 30, when he explained how the Kamikazes of the Spanish health service fight against the virus.

· OR Le Monde, on March 10, “Spain realizes with delay the magnitude of the epidemic: The Guardian on March 26, how Spain gave such a wrong response to the pandemic; The Observer from Portugal, March 27, Sánchez, the face of failure and irresponsibility; The Republic from Italy on April 6, catastrophic balance; Bloomberg on April 6, the Spanish tragedy was predictable; Der Spiegel, on April 15, Spain started the battle against the virus late, too late.

· "Are these the hoaxes or is it that the BOE does not arrive here?" he questions Sánchez after reviewing the international headlines.

· "Don't drop your arms, don't give up. Before talking about reconstruction, destruction must be avoided. What are you trying to do, stay playing the lyre like Nero? Mr. Sánchez, take the helm, manage at once ”.

· "It demands the president to abandon the NODE and the weekend rallies "and he replies that unity cannot be" to silence public opinion, or social networks, the media and Parliament. "

· Denies Sánchez that Spain is the first country in test. "We are the 29th country in case the tests have worked."

· He relates to Sánchez how the Australian study explains that the speed of the coronavirus spread is directly proportional to the government's ineffectiveness.

· Remember that “fires go out in winter. He lied and denied the alerts exposing the Spaniards to contagion ”and demands that he leave the hoaxes and say that the Health was up to it. "What has failed is their protection of toilets," he adds.

· He emphasizes that Sánchez must clarify to Parliament if he is going to ask for the ransom and why they do not pay the ERTE and they are talking in secret with the companies asking them to advance the money.

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