Sesión de Control al Gobierno

He reminds Sánchez that he is in time not to follow Maduro's steps, returning to respect for the institutions and the rule of law. ” “Follow the law and enforce it, which is not much to ask for in democracy”

The President of the Government emphasizes that "a month ago he promised for his conscience and honor to keep and keep the Constitution as a fundamental norm of the State."

He notes that "the Constitution that now avoids naming" subject all citizens and public authorities to the legal system. "Everyone included you and your partners, those who took away your dream and now demand to dejudicialize the policy, to those who compared with Le Pen and now pays homage and bows," he says.

“The rule of law is not respected by appointing in the FGE a socialist deputy famous for its links to a plot of illegal police extortion, or calling tricks to judicial judgments that she does not like, or tripping the resolutions of the Electoral Board with those who disagree. ”

It denounces the repeated lies of the Government because of the links with the gerifaltes of a criminal dictatorship according to the UN. "Let's see if they agree with their Minister of Development and Interior with what happened in Barajas in something that already shocks the entire EU."

It requires Sanchez not to change the Criminal Code "by order of a prisoner for sedition, to pardon him through the back door in exchange for supporting the budgets" and not subvert national sovereignty at a negotiating table of self-determination with a politician disabled who is .usurping public functions

"Mr. Sanchez, we have already seen that for you the severity of a coup against the State depends on what you need from the coup plotters. ” “It is exceeding all the limits, even the laxes that you usually have. Where the law is not enough, democracy bends its cervix, ”he says.

"In a rule of law you can agree or disagree with the law, but you can never disobey it," he says.

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