Holders of his speech before the second vote:

  • Casado asks Sánchez to "widen his space of moderation" for a reunion with the PP, renouncing "to be a government in a new system" different from that of 1978. "Only then can we meet again and trust you," he said.
  • It offers him new governance and demands that he give up making separatism a priority ally and radicalism a preferred partner. "He has to face reality and choose what he wants to give up: either the center or the extreme," he said.
  • He describes as "embarrassing spectacle" the "Persian marketing of ministries and vice presidencies" between the PSOE and Podemos. "And when Pedro Sánchez woke up, the purple elephant with a yellow bow was still there," said the leader of the PP in relation to the negotiations of socialists and populists.
  • He considers that the socialists are unable to agree to build because they only join together to destroy, as in the motion of censure. "We have gone from a Frankestein government to a parody of the young Frankestein that if it were not lethal to Spain it would only produce laughter," he said.
  • The leader of the PP be refuses to give blank checks to Sánchez for the three million unemployed, the middle classes, families and "especially" for our children, and ensures that his party has been loyal and responsible with the Spaniards offering pacts of State to the candidate. "He can't keep playing Russian roulette with our future, and also ask that we put the bullet," he adds.
  • "Today is a sad day because it has gone from a motion of censure to the Government to a motion of censure to the State," he adds to finish: "You and your party deserve our respect but your candidacy and your support do not deserve our support. We only owe ourselves to Spain and its government would be a threat to its future ”

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