Pablo Casado interviene en el Pleno del Congreso de los Diputados

He asks Sánchez if, “looking into the eyes of the 27,000 families who have lost a loved one, the queues of the unemployed, those who are going to look for food at a parish or an NGO, the 50,000 infected health workers, would he say that his government has managed this crisis well "

He points out that we Spaniards have suffered one of the worst confinements, with the worst economic and unemployment figures in the Eurozone, with the highest number of contagions and deaths in proportion to the population, which is why "Spain cannot continue to be paralyzed, since the economy will wreak havoc on health ”

He reproaches Sánchez that his way of governing is "a game of trileros", in which Bildu assumes that he will repeal the labor reform or ERC that will resume the party table; just the day the EU has asked us to go deeper into the reforms, so it will not make you very happy that it is repealing the labor reform

He criticizes that Sánchez “lies to everyone and has lost his way”; it messes with private healthcare and they use it, with the houses of the presidents and their vice-presidents use them, for scientific reasons, and they don't give the names of the experts who decide on our liberties; with the so-called gag law and they put a million penalties.

It demands that the government take measures to protect the population, isolate the infected and leave the productive economy to sustain the welfare state, reactivating Spain.

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