El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, durante la Sesión de Control al Gobierno

• "We are going to pay the price of his blue seat very dearly, because instead of taking advantage of the bonanza that we left him, the box was melted to dope his electoral campaigns," says the PP leader

• Accuses the Prime Minister of hiding social cuts in budgets leaving the most vulnerable behind with the freezing of pensions, the salary of civil servants or the increase in contributions to the self-employed

• "It not only cuts the welfare state, but also the rule of law," he points out in reference to the use of the Prosecutor's Office in the matter of the pandemic and in the investigation of Pablo Iglesias

• “Can you sleep easy with a drama that has caused 53,000 deaths that you refuse to acknowledge, 6,000 of them in the second wave after
would you boast of having defeated the virus? ”, he asks

• The leader of the PP, who reminds Sánchez that he has three ministers from the ERE government, demands a response from the president: "Will he dismiss his vice president if he is charged or will he unite his destiny to him?

• Complaint that the Attorney General's Office is used as a “political commissioner” to avoid the investigation of the irregular financing of Iglesias, as well as the “negligent management” of the Executive in 8-M and during the rest of the pandemic

• He maintains that Sánchez “cuts the dignity of the institutions” by agreeing with Bildu, lamenting the suicide of ETA members and bringing together 58 terrorists. "Why don't you ask the victims for forgiveness?" He asks the Prime Minister

• Ensures that the Executive cuts the quality of our democracy, because "only in dictatorships is Parliament used against the opposition"

• Regrets that the Savings Banks Foundation (FUNCAS) announced yesterday that the crisis in Spain will last four years, and that the OECD and Eurostat put us at the bottom of the world due to the “terrible” management of the Government during the crisis. "Only Peru is worse," he adds.

• Reproaches the Executive that, instead of accepting the economic plan proposed by the PP, announces some "social cuts that remind those who supported Zapatero in 2010, against pensioners and officials"

• Criticizes that the President of the Government, "prescribes the salary freeze" to health workers, teachers and police officers and that, instead of protecting the elderly who have suffered the Covid, he proposes "to worsen their pension"

• Rejects the rise in contributions to the self-employed, one million of them at risk of closure, and that ERTE be counted as unemployment period, instead of expanding them

• It disapproves that the Minimum Wage is faced and a "funnel" is put into the Minimum Vital Income and that, instead of lowering taxes and favoring hiring, the Executive announces tax increases and the repeal of the labor reform

• “This is what hides the budget that wants to endorse us, while negotiating it with separatists and batasunos. This is your antisocial shield. What more cuts are you going to make? "Asks the PP president

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