Pablo Casado durante su intervención en la Sesión de Control.

Holders of their intervention in the Control Session:

• “Do not put us in your theater of winks, when you do not know the script or the characters. He only knows that we must all be responsible for his mistakes when the curtain falls. ”

• Regrets that in the last 24 days you have spent four minutes on the phone. "Is this the de-escalation of politics, is this the spirit of the" heart "pact that it offers us?"

• The PP leader criticizes Sánchez's “president” and his weekly sermons: “You are not the King, despite the fact that you call us for a round of consultations and however much Iglesias attacks you and you do not defend him. The representation of national sovereignty is Parliament ”

• "Mr. Sánchez, you only care about power and we only care about Spain. That is the true distance that separates us ”

• Stresses that the basis for any agreement is trust but that “nobody trusts you anymore. He has deceived everyone so much that they don't believe him or his own colleagues anymore ”

• Remember that we are the country with the most contagion from restrooms due to a disastrous policy of purchasing protection material

• He warns that, according to the IMF said yesterday, Spain is the country in the entire euro zone that will recover the worst from the economic crisis and denounces that as of today, there are 3.5 million workers admitted to ERTE who "await their benefit without it arriving "

• "Today 47 million Spaniards are serving a month of confinement, with no more hope on their part than other 15 days of confinement, because they are unable to carry out a massive test plan to normalize the situation," he underlines.

• Asks Sánchez to "be humble for once, put on that black tie with which you paid tribute to the victims of Bataclán, and tell us how you intend to manage this crisis"

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