Headlines of the intervention of the President of the Popular Party:

  • Casado accuses Sánchez of not being up to the task of being appointed president of the Government because he continues to be on the wrong side "and all he wants is to revalidate the support of the motion of censure."
  • He reproaches Sanchez for not seeing "the purple elephant with a big yellow ribbon", in clear allusion to Podemos and the pro-independence supporters, whom he has not named during his speech, and calls him "a wild card in the deck that has too many creditors with the that he will not be able to fulfill. "
  • He extends his hand to Sánchez for questions of State, but not "to forge a government against the State, nor to influence the differences and the scars." "We extend our hand to seek progress in Spain, not to vindicate the failed policies of the left, to begin to govern and have a loyal opposition, but not to revalidate, as it did in the motion of censure, one of the darker stages of our recent history, "he says.
  • It censures him that it is the first time in history that a candidate for the investiture has been presented without the Spaniards knowing with whom he is going to govern, an issue that "can be outrageous" even for the partners with whom he has already agreed on other occasions .
  • He blames him for having so many metamorphoses that the citizens do not know exactly if we are in the phase of No means no, or the Yes because yes. "In him it is not no, they came to talk about the moral rottenness of the party that now demands support," he added.
  • Criticizes that the champion of No means no, now say that the PP has to abstain "almost coercively with a threat of new elections" of which Sanchez would be solely responsible.
  • "He can not come here to forgive us for his life so that we can save his life, when he has the most meager result of any candidate in the history of this House," he stresses.
  • The leader of the PP demands Sanchez information about the government he wants to form, with what partners, for what and with what benefits for all Spaniards and affirms that the history of his government, "is the history of an empty government", he underlined, to add that "the PP will exercise an alternative government that I hope that as soon as it arrives at La Moncloa".
  • Remember that the PP has offered 11 state pacts of those who have not yet received a response and points out that their formation has reached agreements 12 political formations after the regional and municipal elections.
  • "We are going to vote no to the investiture because we do not agree that he comes here to hide his negotiations with other forces, and try to hold the opposition responsible." "They are hostages of the partners of the motion of censure and therefore have not made any effort to get other support," he has denounced.
  • He wonders if he really wants to be president of the government after spending three months "playing cat and mouse" and reaching a debate without a government program, "ignoring his partners with a medley to save the news".
  • He asks Sanchez who he really is, where his supports are, what he is presenting for the investiture, or until when he is going to put on false moderation. He reproaches him for not having dedicated a single mention to Catalonia, the words of praise of Otegi and that he has governed all this time, with alliances "installed in illegality".
  • Denounces that Sanchez does not do anything so that illegality continues to roam at ease in Catalonia and reminds him that the continuity of the Transition system or national sovereignty is being fought there, among other issues.
  • "When are you willing to dialogue with the Spaniards and with the Catalans? Or is it that he only talks with those who break the law? He asked him.
  • He assures that Pedro Sánchez is as supremacist as his associates when he assures that the Basque Country can only be represented if it is born in the Basque Country, or to Catalonia, if it was born there. Are you going to ask us for the DNI, or the Catalan surnames as the independentistas do? he asked himself

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