Pablo Casado en el XV Congreso Provincial de Valencia.

Announces that the PP will register next week the legal alternative plan b that the regional presidents will ask Sánchez at the next Conference of Presidents

It proposes to approve a legal modification, which can be done in 15 days, "to provide certainty" against outbreaks if the Government considers that the legislation in force is not sufficient and the legislation on national security and civil protection is not valid for limit movements

He claims that the PP reaches out to the Government because there is an alternative plan. "There is a plan b to the state of alama or to look the other way, a plan b to return to a drastic economic closure or to wash your hands," he says.

Is concerned about the outbreaks and the recommendations of France and Belgium not to travel to Catalonia and Aragon

Stresses that politicians must work so that people live quietly because "they pay us to be safe"

“It cannot be that the Spanish wake up in the morning without knowing what will happen. This is a serious country and it takes a serious government that takes the bull by the horns and guarantees tranquility to the Spanish with legal mechanisms, "he says.

He reiterates to Sánchez his proposal to run out of vacations and lock himself together to carry out a health status pact, "which is what people ask us"

Calls on the Government a Shock Plan to "rescue" tourism and reactivate a fundamental pillar for the economy, and urges it to also engage with the automotive industry

He criticizes the government's "propaganda cannon, corridors of applause and childish self-promotion ceremonies" after the agreement of the European Council that approved the reconstruction fund and asks that this money be used well and that there is no other Plan E

Advances that the autonomous presidents of the PP will ask Sánchez that these funds be used in "long-term and medium-term projects that generate stable employment"

He assures that "the PP is not going to renounce the historical claim to the sovereignty of Gibraltar" and denounces that "300 years after the Treaty of Utrecht for the first time a government of Spain meets with the mayor of the rock". "It can't be, it's the last straw," he criticizes.

He warns that the granting of the third degree by the Generalitat to the prisoners who hit legality and who threaten to relapse, “produces defenselessness and violation of legal security in a serious country and a nation that must be respected. herself"

He attributes “the responsibility for this impunity” to the Sánchez government and demands that he explain whether this is because they are already preparing an electoral advance in Catalonia and a left-wing tripartite party with CKD in this community.

Stresses that the PP rose after the "traumatic moment" of the motion of censure and has managed to be the only winning alternative and regain territorial power

It places the PP as a "firm and responsible opposition defender of unity and national dignity, of the Constitution, of the Head of State and of institutional independence"

He claims that the PP is a party that defends Spain "with a big door for all our compatriots", including Social Democrats who want a large party that defends Spain "without labels"

Congratulates Vicente Mompó on his election as president of the PP of Valencia and highlights his management and closeness during the pandemic as mayor of Gavarda

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