El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado

Holders of his speech:

  1. It will support the Government so that public order is guaranteed "without territorial limits" and that the Army is deployed throughout Spain "without yielding to nationalist pressure".

  2. He regrets that the president includes in a decree "so sensitive" the claim of Pablo Iglesias to join the CNI. "It doesn't seem decent to us," he stresses.

  3. He warns Sánchez that he will find in the PP “more loyalty than in his own partners”. "If they try to condition the implementation of an urgent and necessary measure, here are our votes to approve it."

  4. He asks Sánchez to "not feel his pulse" and to use the powers that the state of alarm gives him against the pandemic and against those who put up obstacles to fight it. "

  5. It requires leaving political sectarianism aside "and" focusing on everything that unites us ", because" a pandemic does not understand surnames, accents, languages, races, genres or postal codes. "

  6. The Congress of Deputies, today empty, vindicates as "a symbol of the triumph of the institutions even in the worst circumstances."

  7. He is proud of our democratic institutions that are "at the forefront, with the King at the helm, who today will address the nation."

  8. He advocates "putting everyone on the shoulder and rowing in the same direction" and praises the work of the communities and municipalities governed by the PP "that are acting with absolute institutional loyalty."

  9. He assures that it is time to "establish moral ties between the Spanish" and that "time will have to settle responsibilities, negligence or delays in managing this crisis," although he reproaches Sánchez for his lack of self-criticism.

  10. It proposes a parliamentary monitoring commission to contribute the knowledge of the PP and its support for managing this crisis.

  11. Remember that others did not have this behavior when the PP governed and other crises occurred, "and that in our place perhaps they were demonstrating in front of our houses and headquarters."

  12. He thanks Sánchez for having considered several of the measures proposed by the PP and assures him that he will have the support of his training for its validation.

  13. On the line of public guarantees of 100,000 million euros to guarantee credit to companies, he asks how he will get 83,000 million from the private sector.

  14. He considers "funds for vaccine research, protection of supplies such as water and electricity, and the mortgage moratorium" to be very adequate, and calls for the extension to the most vulnerable rents to be studied.

  15. He lacks more support measures for the self-employed who do not enter during the cessation of activity and advocates making a fiscal shock plan with exemptions from social contributions, lowering of company tax and suspension of economic activities.

  16. Calls for more resources for the ccaa because the contingency fund "falls too short." "They need the 2.5 billion euros owed back," he says.

  17. He affirms that "the action cannot be limited to a gigantic Plan E, because we not only have a demand crisis but a supply shock."

  18. He remembers the victims of COVID-19, transfers his affection to the families and sends a message of encouragement to the sick.

  19. It honors "the heroes in white coats and green suits" because they "represent the best version of the Spanish people", as well as the military, police, civil guards, pharmacists, restaurateurs and distributors.

  20. It is committed to promoting improvements in the remuneration and working conditions of health professionals and requires the Government to "do it now", especially with resident doctors.

  21. He recognizes the effort and responsibility of all Spaniards, whom he reminds us that we have two houses, “each one and everyone's, the one we call Spain”.

  22. “We are a formidable people that, whenever they have acted together, have overcome any difficulties. It is the hour of the Spain that they gave us and that we must give ”.

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