Criticizes the "novelty simulation" that has occurred in the last hours "to do what is foreseeable", which is nothing else than the PSOE can reach a government agreement with Podemos

The national president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has claimed the figure of Miguel Ángel Blanco and has urged to put "the focus" on the life of the young councilor of Ermua to learn from his "living testimony of love for Spain and freedom and his courage and vocation of public service, even when that could cost him his life."
"We must remember everything that made its mere existence unbearable for the enemies of freedom," he said.
During his speech at the Miguel Ángel Blanco Summer School held in Vitoria, Casado has advocated "associating the victims of terrorism not what their killers wanted them to be, but what they wanted to be". For this, in his opinion, "the first tribute is to rescue his memory from the hands of his executioners and put it in the hands of the democrats."
In this sense, Casado recalled that "Miguel Ángel was part of a party he believed in and that is why he was killed" and warned that "freedom has many enemies and defending it requires many sacrifices such as loneliness, incomprehension or being a minority. "
"That has always been the case when it comes to growing the Rule of Law where it is not respected. Freedom without Rule of Law can not exist, "he stressed.
For all this, Casado has advocated writing the story of the defeat of ETA that has been possible, as he recalled, not thanks to "whitened terrorists, or political accomplices of the terrorist band disguised as artisans of peace."
"Those who have made the end of ETA possible are the citizens who mobilized, the democratic institutions that responded and the Rule of Law, who took their work very seriously and with all its consequences until the end," he asserted.
With this, in the opinion of the president of the PP, it was demonstrated that "the fulfillment of the law never supposes an obstacle for the free coexistence in a society, but just its guarantee and its condition of possibility". "Be in the Basque Country, whether in Catalonia or wherever," he added.
In this sense, Casado has announced that the Popular Party has just presented in the Congress of Deputies a Proposition of Law, to expand the crime that already exists of convocation of acts of homage and extend it to the convocation of acts of homage, public reception or award of honors to people convicted of terrorism offenses.
In this way, he explained "he who calls or prepares a tribute to a terrorist, but then does not get to celebrate, must have the reproach of the whole society."
Also, the PP advocates with this initiative to change the prescription of terrorist offenses, and in addition to be considered imprescriptible terrorism offenses that have caused the death of a person as it happens now, this extends to all who collaborate, help , organize or fund terrorism.
All this, Casado pointed out, with the aim of "remembering who was next to the victims and who they were, and remembering who insulted them, who cruelly aggravated their suffering and who ignored them".
In another vein, Casado has warned that "we are still outside of political normalcy, with an uncertain investiture and with the possibility that it may end badly".
He has also criticized the "simulation of novelty" that has occurred in the last hours "to do what is foreseeable", that is, "so that the PSOE can reach a government agreement at the national level with Podemos", as it has already done. made in a dozen deputations, in ten provincial capitals and in 7 autonomous communities, with signed pacts or in the process of doing so.
Against this, Casado has claimed "satisfactory agreements" in many communities and municipalities that has managed to reach the PP and has highlighted the progress to get, after Murcia, an understanding is achieved in Madrid too soon.
In this line has responded to those who accused the PP of not talking and being an isolated formation that in these months the Popular Party has agreed with up to eight political parties and has offered eleven state pacts to the PSOE to give stability to Spain.
Casado has concluded his speech by ensuring that the PP has a "broad, regional, national and European vision that integrates around our political project and a plurality of Spanish majority."
For this reason, he urged "to be able to look away, also looking back to understand our own history and also revitalize the true roots of our party".
He has also claimed that "the Popular Party is the great project of freedom for Spain" and has advocated to "discuss in an orderly manner how and where we should go" and to do it "together" since "it is the only way for the group to emerge strengthened. weakened. "

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