He says that the "only alternative to Urkullu, nationalist sectarianism and political supremacism is the PP + C’s coalition." “The only counterweight to nationalism and the best project for Basque society is the PP freedom project led by Carlos Iturgaiz”

He considers that "the electoral convergence and generosity of the PP is not new" and is convinced that voters will reward the union of constitutionalism.

It requires the president of the Government to “raise” the Bureau in which one speaks of self-determination and amnesty with a disabled president and a defendant, return to centrality and constitutionalism.

Tilda of "very serious" that one of the negotiators of the Mesa de Sánchez y Torra in Moncloa has been prosecuted for four serious crimes after organizing the 1-0 and asks Sánchez how far he wants to go by a few votes: "This is already unassuming ".

He points out that the PNV has to respond to “very serious cases of corruption”, criticizes Urkullu's management at the Zaldibar landfill and demands responsibilities through an investigation commission.

He wonders what would have happened if the Zaldíbar landfill scandal had happened in Galicia: “What would the opposition parties be demanding? Surely, the resignation of the president of the Xunta, ”he replies.

Alert on the transfer of Social Security to the Basque Country because it is "a stab at the heart of the equality of pensioners" and harms the Basques, who are in a deficit of 4,000 million.

He rejects the transfer of Prisons to the Basque Country as an attempt to manage in favor of ETA prisoners who have not regretted their crimes. "Any prison benefit must have the explicit rejection of violence and effective collaboration to solve the more than 300 unpunished crimes," he says.

It emphasizes that if someone votes for the PSOE, he knows that it is in the hands of the PNV, and highlights that Bildu's vote on the spending ceiling was essential for the start of the PGE.

The Spirit of Ermua claims, "at kilometer 0 of the enough and the union of the Democrats against the terrorist barbarism" and underlines that the whole PP will be at the service of the Basque PP.

He states that Carlos Iturgaiz, who has a regional, national and European vision, will draw an axis for the Basque Country in which environmental and industrial management will be discussed, with fair taxation, in a community that has too high taxes.

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