Pablo Casado en la Fundación CRIS

The National President of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has visited the CRIS AGAINST CANCER FOUNDATION and has witnessed the work and advances that are carried out day by day at La Paz Hospital, which has the first Cancer Genetic Predisposition Unit Childish. This project, led by the foundation, aims to have a cure for children in 20 years.

Pablo Casado has been able to verify how professionals work in this unit, which is leading in research and development in experimental therapies in our country. Professionals have explained that childhood cancer is one of the leading causes of death of children in developed countries and in Spain about 1,400 cases are diagnosed. In this sense, they have expressed satisfaction in being able to group in the same place, in La Paz, innovative research, clinical trials and the most advanced therapies for the most complicated types of childhood cancer.

During the visit, the president of the Popular Party has also had the opportunity to meet Isabel, who has overcome an acute myeloblastic leukemia, which in addition to being especially aggressive, fundamentally affects very young children and even babies, as was the case. Dani, the girl's father, has explained to Casado how Dr. Antonio Pérez and his team have treated his daughter's disease from the beginning and how a haploidentical transplant, which consists of doing a fully targeted and specialized transplant for her, has managed to overcome the disease.

Dani has explained the importance of giving visibility to the need to invest in research as the only way to defeat cancer and that the CRIS Unit for Research and Advanced Therapies in Childhood Cancer of La Paz continue to achieve the good results it is giving and that have more lucky children like Isabel.

Finally, Pablo Casado has transferred his support to the CRIS Foundation team to achieve the best advances in research, since it is the way to beat cancer.

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