El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, durante la Sesión de Control al Gobierno

  • He focuses on Sánchez the problem of Spain for degrading the institutions and advancing "in the constitutional defection by a handful of votes"
  • “The problem is not the Constitution, nor the Monarchy, nor Europe, nor the autonomies, nor the mayors, nor the opposition. The problem is you, you are degenerating the institutions and ruining the Spanish by a handful of votes "
  • "If he has a minimum of institutional dignity, he must cease his radical government and break with his partners who threaten another blow to legality," he snapped at the Prime Minister.
  • "If they want to change the regime, what they have to do is present a constitutional reform and not continue to cowardly subvert legality through the back door," says Casado, who recalls that for this they need the votes of the PP, that "never" will allow. "Perhaps that is why his vice president fantasizes about liquidating the political rotation," he adds
  • The president of the PP accuses Sánchez of having been “disloyal” for two years for tolerating his government's attacks against the Head of State, despite the fact that he promised to keep and keep the Constitution with loyalty to the King. "Once again, he lied."
  • It stands out that the Monarchy embodies the historical continuity of Spain for 5 centuries, that 40 years ago the Spanish chose it as a political form of the State and that 6 ago the Cortes proclaimed Felipe VI as King "of all"
  • "Despite his vetoes, Justice is administered in the name of the King, and it is a symbol of the unity and permanence of the Spanish Nation," says Casado, who points out that of the 20 most advanced democracies in the world, 7 are parliamentary monarchies. "In that list are not the dictatorships that finance their partners and that Commissioner Borrell entertains," he asserts
  • He accuses Sánchez of allowing the independentistas, “those whom he was going to imprison with the crime of illegal referendum and that he now wants to pardon”, to threaten with the democratic breakdown and to bring ETA prisoners closer to Bildu's mandate, “those on whom It bothered him so much that they asked him if he was going to agree with them "
  • He criticizes that Sánchez “launched” yesterday the spokesperson Montero to accuse him of constitutional rebellion. "The counselor of the ERE of Chaves who should not be a minister if she complied with her false code of ethics," warns the Prime Minister

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