"Or it is with the democrats and the constitutionalists who condemn the ETA violence, or it is agreed with those who try to whitewash it and do not renounce their criminal record"

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has warned Pedro Sanchez today that you can not be with Bildu, the pro-Eaters and at the same time ask the PP to abstain in its investiture. "We are completely incompatible and we condemn that those who have not asked for forgiveness to the victims of terrorism pretend to be bleached in democratic institutions," said the leader of the PP after yesterday constituting the Table of the Parliament of Navarre in which the PSN voted, together with Bildu, in favor of the nationalist candidate.

Married has been very clear to warn the acting President of the Government that "either you are with the Democrats and the Constitutionalists who condemn the ETA violence, or you agree with those who try to whitewash you and do not give up your criminal record."

Upon his arrival in Brussels to participate in the Statutory Summit of the European People's Party, the popular leader stressed that Sanchez "is still on time" to allow Navarra Suma to govern in the Autonomous Community, as the Navarre made clear the 26M doubling in seats to the PSN.

In this context, he described as "outrageous" that the same day that commemorates the 32nd anniversary of the attack on Hipercor, the Navarrese socialists facilitate the entry into the Bureau of the Parliament to the "heirs of ETA" who have not yet condemned the crimes of the terrorist band.


In statements to the media before starting the aforementioned summit, Pablo Casado regretted that the socialist candidate is making clear who he wants to be invested, while he has denounced that Sanchez has abandoned the line of agreement with regionalist parties to return to reach agreements with ERC or Bildu.

Along with this, the leader of the PP has demanded the President of the Government to prevent the prisoners of ERC that were presented to the European elections acquire the status of MEPs. "We hope that that do not worry lest the government does everything possible to prevent Junqueras and Puigdemont from being MEPs, "he stressed.

On the other hand, Casado has described as "satisfactory" the negotiations that his party is carrying out in different autonomous communities, stressing that "there is nothing secret" in them and that, in the case of Madrid, the agreement signed with Citizens It is compatible with the one subscribed with Vox.


In a community key, Casado has defended that the EPP presides both the European Commission and the European Parliament, after having won the elections to the European Parliament.

He also thanked the president of the Parliament, Antonio Tajani, who has put "order" to the claim of the Catalan separatists to use the European institutions.

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