Pablo Casado clausura un acto en Labastida

– Casado demands that Sánchez explain "the links of the State Attorney General in favor of the Pablo Iglesias case." "If not, the Dina e Iglesias case will become the Sánchez case," he warns. He describes as "very serious" that the Prosecutor's Office become the "defense attorney for Podemos."

– Remember that the PP defended that the FGE had to have impartiality criteria and criticized the appointment of a PSOE deputy such as Dolores Delgado because it meant crossing a "red line"

– He criticizes that "the Government of Sánchez is attacking the institutions" and reproaches the Minister of Justice that today in an interview he reaffirms himself in the constitutional crisis and returns to point the Head of State.

– It demands the Government to defend the King and Podemos "to stop lashing out against the Monarchy and what the history of the Spanish nation and the legacy of the Transition implies."

– It considers a "tragic paradox" that the victims of terrorism were left out yesterday of the act of homage in the Congress of Deputies while "those who do not condemn their murderers were inside."

– Vindicates the legacy of Hispanicity and censorship and condemns "the attacks on the historical figures of Spain in European, Latin American countries and also in the Balearic Islands, by the partners of Sánchez".

– He reproaches the Government for having demonized the automotive sector and recalls that the current engines pollute less than those of ten years ago, so he considers it "more logical" to propose aid to renew the car fleet.

– Criticizes that the Government's aid to alleviate the consequences of the pandemic in the automotive industry are much lower than those approved by other European countries and asks the Government for a "determined commitment to this sector".

– He reiterates that the European recovery funds "have been proposed by the PP" and highlights the leadership of the President of the Commission and of the two commissioners, all of them members of the PP, "who are managing the negotiation".

– Asks Sánchez that the reconstruction fund "does not subtract funds from the CAP or from the Youth Guarantee funds" and hopes that he will do like Arias Cañete and Tejerina who "negotiated in their day, at the face of a dog, so that 47.5 billion euros to Spain ”.

– He asks Sánchez to negotiate the tariffs with the United States "because the wine, meat and canning sectors need to be able to export in times of crisis to a market of more than 400 million people."

– He assures that "who can best defend the interests of the countryside in the Basque Country" is Carlos Iturgaiz, for his experience in the European Parliament.

– He criticizes that the Government's response to the problems of the tourist sector is "lurch goes, lurch comes" and criticizes the lack of control over the arrival of infected people in Barajas. What message are we sending to tourists? He asks himself.

– "This government is stumbling, it is late and with insufficient measures," he criticizes.

– It highlights the positive campaign that the PP + Cs coalition is carrying out and highlights that Carlos Iturgaiz's program is closely linked to managing the real problems of citizens, in addition to defending rights and freedoms.

– Claims the “usefulness of the only constitutionalist alternative” that is presented to these elections: the PP + Cs coalition.

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