Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Pablo Casado: "The Popular Party does not want to redo the history of Spain as the PSOE, but wants to make history again by creating millions of jobs, reducing unemployment, giving opportunities to the self-employed and enabling young people to be emancipated"
  • Proposes that the members of the State Security Forces and Bodies (Police, Civil Guard and Mossos) who have participated in the riots in Catalonia be awarded by their commands
  • It demands Sanchez to say “how far will the rain of taxes go so that citizens vote informed”, after the words of the minister, María Jesús Montero, saying that they will “harmonize taxes”
  • “A socialist says it, which means that you have to lend a hand to your wallet. That is to say, they are going to raise taxes, ”he stressed
  • Remember that yesterday the worst EPA in job creation was known since 2012: More than one million households with all their members unemployed, 30,000 more freelancers who have closed their businesses and 8,000 entrepreneurs less than last year
  • "With Pedro Sánchez and the PSOE unemployment is reduced 10 times less and employment grows three times less than with the governments of the PP"
  • He proposes five commitments in the matter of Health because “in the PP we look to the future”:
  1. Reduce waiting lists to a maximum of thirty days
  2. Establish a basic portfolio of services nationwide
  3. A national vaccination card
  4. National single health card
  5. Guarantee the freedom of choice of doctor and hospital
  • He criticizes the phantom vaccination scandal that has been discovered in the socialist management of Susana Díaz and María Jesús Montero in Andalusia and the purchase of votes: “We want to know if this is what Pedro Sánchez wants to export nationwide”

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