Pablo Casado clausura un acto del PP sobre empleo y pensiones

He moves all his courage to the national police "who is torn between life and death, and his family." “Life has been played to defend the safety of all Spaniards, he is a hero; he and his companions of the Police, the Civil Guard and the Mossos have all our strength and admiration, and they do not deserve the political charges they have above ”

  • He announces that tomorrow he will visit Barcelona and meet with businessmen, workers and members of the FCSE who “are our pride and are suffering terrible hours and days”
  • He asks Sánchez “what else has to happen in Catalonia to put order to this bleeding in prosperity and coexistence”
  • "Sánchez has failed and his project, if he has ever had it, has been exhausted." "I want to ask you, as I have been doing for six days, to take care of the hundreds of thousands of Catalans who want to live in peace."
  • “What is needed in Spain is a government that leads and is not cloistered in Moncloa; a foresight government and not a surpassed one, who knows how to make decisions, and who doesn't look for excuses or shakes his legs for having to make them. ” “A government that guarantees public order and does not leave the state security forces lying down”
  • He accuses Sanchez of making the Spaniards "hostage to his commitments" and remembers that "without Torra's votes he would not have been president and, perhaps for that reason, he cannot do anything against him"
  • It conveys a “message of tranquility” because “there is an alternative and it is here: in the teams, the experience and ideas of the PP to recover employment, pensions, unity and harmony”
  • He asked why not all the tools of the Citizen Security Law and the National Security Law were made available to the FCSE to give a single and coordinated command to the Interior Ministry
  • “Catalonia has been, must be and will be a land of peace, prosperity, of seny, of legality and concord, and I will fight with the whole Rule of Law and with everything that unites us to the constitutionalists so that no one puts our future at risk, because we too are and feel Catalan ”
  • Alert that street terrorism, after the publication of the ruling of the TS, has caused a fall of 600 million in Catalan economic activity
  • It highlights that the road cuts in which Torra participates have a daily negative impact of 25 million. "What cuts Torra with his official car costs 25 million daily to the Catalans," he emphasizes
  • He says that since the approval of the DUI more than 4,000 companies have left Catalonia, with a turnover of 100,000 million, and 180,000 tourists have been lost, with an economic loss of 319 million in this sector
  • Stresses the work of Fatima Báñez and ensures that she is "the best Minister of Employment of Spanish democracy, and a pride for the PP and for the Spanish"
  • Remember that, despite the situation of economic crisis that the Rajoy Executive found, "they threw back their difficulties" and turned the situation around, because when they arrived 1,500 jobs were destroyed per day and when they were kicked out censorship created 2,500 jobs a day on average
  • He says that, now that we are again at risk of crisis, the PP "has teams to create jobs and sustain pensions as we had in recent years"
  • It claims the PP as “the party of the autonomous, of the early rising Spain” and gives as an example the law of entrepreneurs, the law of second chance and the flat rate for freelancers, which proposes extending vulnerable people as victims of gender violence and disabled
  • He points out that the PP will continue to delve into labor flexibility, favoring mobility and indefinite hiring, promoting the Austrian backpack, betting on the relay contract, and applying a youth shock and female employment plan
  • He advocates to depoliticize the pension debate and sit down in the Toledo Pact, create employment so that they are sustained and that the revaluation is done according to the CPI and other indices
  • Remember your proposal to increase the maternity supplement in the pension by 2% to women who retire and have had only one child

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