Pablo Casado en la Sesión de control al Gobierno

He advocates a shock plan for employment, lowering taxes and against "waste", in front of a Sánchez who supports 22 ministers

  • “You do not seek dialogue, you demand our unconditional surrender and not to govern better but to continue doing it badly, but with impunity, without opposition or alternative. Do not ask us to lend our shoulders to the precipice to save yourself ", underlines the president of the PP
  • "Now that you apologize to Iglesias when he scolds him, do it also to the rest of the Spanish and even to us, stop attacking us", Casado tells Sánchez, who he reminds that his party has been reaching out to the Government for six months, offering a pact of state for health
  • It proposes an independent agency to manage European funds, instead of linking them to budgets that "it already has agreed with its partners in exchange for overthrowing the labor reform"
  • Bet on a law against illegal occupation and disapprove that the Government plans to confiscate savings from municipalities
  • He proposes an alliance against separatism, while rejecting that Sánchez promises to modify the crime of sedition and regrets yesterday the death of ETA
  • “I offered to depoliticize the election of the CGPJ and the State Attorney General's Office, but he prefers to hand it over to an accused party that attacks the King and Justice. That doesn't filter it into WhatsApp"
  • He criticizes that the Prime Minister was on vacation during the second wave of the pandemic and recalls that the first "caught him calling for demonstrations." "On July 5 he asked the Spanish to go out and enjoy because the pandemic was under control and he went to sunbathe in Lanzarote and Doñana, hiding that the virus continues to kill," he emphasizes.
  • He reproaches the Executive for refusing to recognize the 50,000 deaths that have occurred in Spain as a result of the virus
  • Censorship that Sánchez tries to hide with his propaganda “that he has left behind millions of people”, in reference to the one and a half million unemployed that according to Eurostat puts us at the head of Europe in job destruction or the 130,000 bankrupt companies. "96 out of 100 freelancers have not received the benefit and 99% of applicants have not received the IMV", he adds
  • He argues that the Government has "abandoned" the families in the "chaotic" return to school and the autonomies and health facilities in the face of outbreaks, despite the fact that the law mandates the Executive as the sole authority against pandemics

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