Casemiro: "Another final that we have won and we are going for the League"

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NEWS | 06/28/2020 | Rodrigo Salamanca | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba (Barcelona)

"Benzema gave me a luxurious heel and left me almost without a goalkeeper. The goal is his, ”said the Brazilian.

He Real Madrid he beat Espanyol and leads the League with two points of advantage. Casemiro, the author of the victory goal, explained: “There are three more points that we have won, another final that we have won and we are going for the League. In the goal that I have scored, it would be unfair not to talk about the play of Karim. It is a luxurious heel, which left me almost without a goalkeeper. In addition to the merit of Benzema, we must also give it to the team. "

"I know Benzema and it's normal for me to do this. Karim's quality is not 9, he is 10. I know how he plays and I ask him for the ball into space, then that incredible heel comes and the goal is his.

Difficult match

“We have played against a team that has come out to death. But after the goal, the team has made a great effort behind to maintain the result because we have defended everyone. We must also assess that it is another game with a goal to zero and that is important for the defense. We are going game by game. Now we have to think about Getafe, which is going to be a difficult match ”.


"We have to play with heart and passion because we want this League. This year we are one of the teams that least fit in Europe and also with the quality that we have above we know that we are going to score a goal. We have to think about ours, there is still a lot. "

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