Casemiro: "If there is a team that can overcome, that is Real Madrid"

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NEWS | 02/26/2020

"We have lacked concentration in the last 15 minutes, but we will win there," added Vinicius Jr.

Casemiro analyzed the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League which was played against Manchester City in the Bernabeu: "The tie is not lost because if there is a team that can overcome, that is the Real Madrid. It has been 75 spectacular minutes, but the last fifteen we have not done things well. ”

“They have traced, but this is not over. We have not had the intensity or control in the last fifteen minutes. We stand back and against a great rival they arrive twice and put you a goal. There are no excuses to feed. ”


“The City is already past, we have to think about Barcelona. Today's mistakes cannot be made later. We have done 15 minutes that we can not repeat again Now we have to think about Barcelona. We know it will be difficult in England, but we have to think about Barcelona. ”

Vinicius Jr .: "We are going to raise our heads for the next matches."

“The VAR is for that, if you haven't seen it, we can't do anything. If Ramos has felt a push … the VAR is here to help football. ”

Vinicius Jr .: "Let's go back"

“We have to keep our heads calm, we are going to win there and get the comeback. The concentration has been lacking in the last 15 minutes and that's why we scored two goals. We need to improve. We know that the second leg is going to be a difficult game, but we are going to go back. ”

“We are going to work and have a calm head. We are focused on winning yes or yes at Barcelona on Sunday. It is a bit difficult because at the beginning we were controlling the encounter in the Bernabeu and in the end we didn't win. We haven't talked anything in the locker room. Everything is very sad, but we will raise our heads for the next matches. ”

First goal play

“Surely Jesus pushed a little to Sergio Ramos, like me to Mahrez in the first part. I don't need to look on the cell phone, everyone saw that Jesus pushed Sergio. ”

Hobby Support

“Thanks to the fans for the support they have given us. We are going to work and improve to win many games at home and the fans help. ”


“I always hope to start to help the team. I am here for everything. It is true that I changed my attendance for victory. ”

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