Casemiro: "The reaction in the second part has been very good"

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NEWS | 10/01/2019 | Barbara Jimenez

"We hope to win the remaining matches and qualify," Vinicius Jr. explained.

He Real Madrid it was measured on the second day of the Champions League to Bruges (2-2). Casemiro, who was the author of the goal of the draw, said: “It was not the result we wanted and we planned. There is no easy match. They have arrived twice in the first half and have scored two goals. You have to have respect for the rival. Within the bad, this tie can give us a lot of life in the Champions still".

“When the game goes 0-2 you are in a hurry to do things and you end up being wrong. I have not seen the angry fans, in the second part he supported us greatly and until the end. It's been a long time since I saw the fans cheer as they did today. "

Better in the second part

"The reaction of players and fans has been very good. They have believed and so have we. We must think that we have been well in the second half and that we have to win the home games in the Champions League"


“I just knew it was bad from the gut. Nacho Apparently he is touched by the knee. I hope it's nothing because they are important players. ”

Modric: "We have shown character in the second half."

“You have to watch the game individually from Hazard Because he is trying to take center stage. People want Hazard's goal, but they are trying to do their best. He is in a moment of adaptation and we know that he is a top player and that he is in the top five. ”

Vinicius: "We trust to qualify"

"This cannot happen to us again. We have the confidence to win the remaining matches and qualify. Zidane He told us after the break that we were focused so that what happened to us didn't happen to us. "

"In the next game we have to be focused so that the same thing does not happen to us. They have scored two goals in the first half. The desire to win in the second half I think it will be a good thing for us."

Areola in the second half

"It is very difficult when a goalkeeper is injured and has to change. Areola it was great".

Modric: "We show character in the second part"

"The first part was not good, but in the second we reacted and pressed well. We scored two goals and we stayed with the positive. We have shown character in the second half and there is still a lot left for the Group Phase to end."

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