Casillas, Ramos, Cannavaro, Marcelo, Roberto Carlos and Breitner, nominated for the 'France Football' Dream Team Golden Ball

NEWS | 10/05/2020

The publication will announce in December the 11 chosen in this dream team.

Csplinters, Sergio Ramos, Cannavaro, Marcelo, Roberto Carlos Y Breitner are part of the nominees for the Golden Ball Dream Team of France Football. The publication, through the voting of the usual juries of the Golden Ball (about 170 specialists from around the world), will announce in December the team of the 11 best players.

The list of nominees is made in three stages. First it was the turn of the goalkeepers, right backs, centrals and left backs. On Monday, October 12, the nominees will be known as defensive midfielders and offensive midfielders. Finally, on October 19 the roster for the positions of far right, forward center and far left will be given.

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