Castilla already knows its rivals for the 2019/20 season

NEWS | 07/10/2019

The subsidiary is part of Group I of the Second B along with teams from Asturias, Canary Islands, Galicia, Balearic Islands, Madrid and Melilla.

The Real Madrid Castilla You already know your rivals for next season. The set directed by Raúl González has been placed in Group I of the Second Division B and the teams of Asturias Canarias, Galicia, Islas Baleares, Madrid and Melilla will be measured.

Group I:
Asturias: Real Oviedo B, Langreo, Sporting de Gijón B and Marino de Luanco.
Canary Islands: The Athletic Palms.
Madrid's community: Real Madrid Castilla, Getafe B, Rayo Majadahonda, Atletico Madrid B, San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid International and Las Rozas.
Galicia: Riding of Ferrol, Pontevedra, Coruxo and Celta B.
Balearic Islands: Peña Deportiva, Ibiza-Eivissa and Atlético Baleares.
Melilla: Melilla.

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