Castilla-Cartagena: first assault of the promotion playoff

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NEWS | 05/25/2019 | Javier Vázquez | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

The Whites receive in the Alfredo Di Stéfano the second classified of Group IV (6:00 pm, Realmadrid TV).

When the ball starts to roll this Saturday in the Alfredo Di Stéfano There will be no going back. The most awaited moment of the season for the Castile, that receives to the Cartagena in the first party of the playoff of ascent to Second Division (18:00 h, Realmadrid TV and Four). A hard elimination is expected before the second classified of the Group IV, of there the importance of obtaining a triumph in the first envite.

At Di Stéfano, the Castile he has remained unbeaten in 16 of the 19 games, with 12 wins and 30 goals in favor. Some numbers that demonstrate the solidity of those of José Manuel Díaz as local. At home, in addition, the subsidiary does not lose when it scores first.


Three seasons ago that the team does not get into the promotion phase and this circumstance causes a common feeling in the locker room: illusion. This was reflected by his captain, Javi Sánchez, in statements to Realmadrid TV: "Before Cartagena you have to play with joy and without fear. We are very excited and that is thanks to the trajectory of the season. "


Second classified of Group IV of Second B, the Albinegros had a doubtful beginning of course with four parties without gaining but they became strong in the Cartagonova, where they accumulate 15 consecutive unconquered parties, and reached the second position in the last day. Thanks, in part, to the 42 goals they have achieved between Elady, Aketxe, Moyita and Santi Jara, of the 62 that the team adds, the same as the Castile.

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