• Jaime García-Legaz and Tomás Villanueva have signed the agreement Tuesday in Valladolid
  • Castilla y León attends to the Government's integration proposal

The Secretary of State for Commerce, Jaime García-Legaz, and the Minister of Economy and Employment of Castilla y León, Tomás Villanueva, signed an agreement today in Valladolid on Tuesday to integrate the commercial offices abroad of this Autonomous Community in the network of the State. The Board has a total of 18 commercial offices abroad in which it has at least one commercial promoter whose integration will begin this year.

With the signing of the agreement, the commercial delegates of this Autonomous Community will from now on provide the services of representation, promotion and commercial advice to Castilian-Leon companies from the network of state offices in a more coordinated way and saving structural costs.

Castilla y León will henceforth have greater coordination and complementarity with the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness in matters of foreign promotion and with the full support of the entire state network of commercial offices. The Ministry will actively collaborate through the General Directorate of Trade and Investments and the ICEX (Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade) with which the Ministry of Economy and Employment has developed in a coordinated manner the Business Internationalization Plans of Castilla y León.

Castilla y León carries out in this way, this year, the government integration proposal, which the Secretary of State for Commerce, Jaime García-Legaz, put on the table at the meeting of the Inter-territorial Council for Internationalization held last month February, and which has also been communicated by letter from the Ministry to all the Autonomous Communities.

After the signing, García-Legaz has stated that "the agreement is signed to help companies in Castilla y León to export." "We all come out winning because we are going to save public money and we are going to transmit a stronger and more positive image of Spain," he continued. The Secretary of State for Commerce has specified that "both the Government and the Board are going to be able to provide better services" and assured that "from now on, public money cannot be used for two public administrations to do the same".

Support for internationalization

The integration of the regional commercial offices in the State network is part of the measures to promote internationalization in which the Government is working, including improving coordination to avoid duplication between the different internationalization support agencies. , such as the Economic and Commercial Offices of the Spanish Embassies Abroad and the centers or offices for commercial representation and promotion that the Autonomous Communities keep open outside of Spain.

The measure will allow the Autonomous Communities to reduce costs in their tasks to support the internationalization of their companies, achieve the best coordination in actions outside the State and the Autonomous Communities, contribute to reinforcing the external image of the Spain brand and serve an increasingly widespread demand among the Spanish business community for coordination among the agents supporting internationalization.

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