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This fall we are living a little more aware of the news than usual, of the new measures that are taken to combat the pandemic and how it affects us as citizens. But. There is something indisputable. Either because it is cold or because the health situation recommends it, this fall we are going to spend time in a house. So … put to spend time under cover, we are very clear that we will take advantage of it to read and read and read even a little more. 💙📖

If you follow us, in this post we discover you 8 novels that will make you disconnect from everything this fall. 🍂

one. The forest of the four winds

In the Galicia of 1830, a woman faces the conventions of her time. The forest of the four winds is the most ambitious novel of Maria Oruña, a fully established author.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Dr. Vallejo traveled from Valladolid to Galicia together with his daughter Marina to serve as a doctor in a powerful monastery in Ourense. There they will discover some very particular customs and they will experience the fall of the Church. Marina, interested in medicine and botany but without permission to study, will fight against the conventions that her time imposes on knowledge and love and will be immersed in an adventure that will keep a secret of more than a thousand years.

In our day, Jon Bécquer, an unusual anthropologist who works locating lost historical pieces, investigates a legend. As soon as he began his investigations, in the garden of the old monastery the corpse of a man dressed in a Benedictine habit of the nineteenth appeared. This fact will make Bécquer go deep into the forests of Galicia looking for answers and descending the surprising steps of time.

2. The green haze

He Fernando Lara Novel Prize 2020 is this wonder signed by Gonzalo giner: a story of love and fight for a better world. A great adventure in the heart of Africa.

The author of The horse healer with an exciting novel that will steal your soul.

Bineka, born deep in one of the last green lungs on the planet, is captured by Maxime and his men, who have razed her village. But, after suffering an accident, the jungle mother protects her and is adopted by a clan of chimpanzees, with whom she will live for several months. At the same time, Lola Freixido, a successful manager, travels to Congo to rescue her best friend, Beatriz Arriondas, an environmental aid worker who has been kidnapped.

Bineka and Lola will face a complex plot of corruption and will be led to an adventure full of adventures that will run in the company of Colin Blackhill, a British aid worker who crosses their path and who will help the young Congolese to fight for conservation of your world.

A dizzying thriller. A moving green plea. A hymn to conservationism and a great love story in the legendary African jungle.

3. The murder of Plato

After the success of The murder of Socrates came back Marcos Chicot. And we couldn't be more excited to read his new novel!

We give you some clues: tension, intrigue, betrayals and a love that defies its time. You want to know more? ⬇️

Altea, daughter of Perseus and one of Plato's most brilliant disciples, does not know that her life and that of the baby she is expecting are in danger, nor that she has the enemy in her own home. For his part, his friend and teacher Plato risks his life to try to make his great project come true: to unite politics and philosophy, so that reason, justice and wisdom rule, instead of the empty rhetoric of the demagogues, corruption and ignorance.

As a backdrop, the rise of a new power and a general with an invincible aura put the survival of Sparta and of Athens itself at stake. An impeccable tapestry of classical Greece and the thought of the greatest philosopher of antiquity await you this fall.

4. Fireproof

Our next essential is Javier Moro and brings us a fascinating story: the American adventure of Rafael Guastavino, the Spanish architect from New York.

New York 1881: in one of the most popular neighborhoods, little Rafaelito and his father, Rafael, a renowned Valencian master builder who struggles to demonstrate his talent in the great city, live poorly. Absolute ruin lies in wait for him, but thanks to his indefatigable genius, this man will achieve fame and fortune by building the iconic buildings that have given New York its profile.

Javier Moro introduces us to the unique Rafael Guastavino, a true construction genius who dazzled the great North American magnates, conquered by the techniques he used in his works to prevent fires, the greatest evil of the nineteenth century megalopolises. From his study came constructions as "New York" as Central Station, the great hall on Ellis Island, part of the subway, Carnegie Hall, or the American Museum of Natural History. Ready to discover him this fall?

5. Release

For the allies, a woman in love. For the Nazis, a shadow. For history, a legend. Imogen kealey brings us an incredible novel inspired by Nancy Wake, the greatest heroine of WWII.

Marseille, 1943. "White Mouse" is the name that the Gestapo has given to one of the most difficult members of the Resistance to catch. What the German secret police do not suspect is that a woman, Nancy Wake, hides under that pseudonym. A woman with an indomitable character and unusual courage. A happy woman with the love of her life, Henri Fiocca, a rich French businessman completely in love with her who supports her in her fight.

When her husband is captured and tortured by the Nazis, Nancy must escape from France. In her quest to save the man she loves and turn the tide of war, she will overcome any obstacle that stands in her way. In a world dominated by men, Nancy Wake will earn the respect of the maquis and lead the forces of the French Resistance in a tireless fight against injustice and horror.

6. End of season

Family is not a good place to keep a secret. We will discover it together with Ignacio Martinez de Pisón in his new novel.

A road along the Portuguese border, June 1977. Juan and Rosa, just teenagers, have an appointment at a clandestine abortion clinic, but an accident will prevent them from reaching their destination. Almost twenty years later, Rosa and her son Iván begin what will be the project of their life, the recovery of a campsite on the Costa Dorada, at the other end of the peninsula. Since Iván was born they have lived in different places, always provisionally, always alone, fleeing a past that will soon catch up with them.

End of season is a novel about the force, sometimes poisoned, of blood ties – About family secrets that make each generation doomed to repeat certain mistakes, and about how knowing transforms us into other people.

7. Frankenstein's mother

The gripping story of a woman and a man who chose to endure in the most difficult times. The most intense and emotional novel of the series of Episodes of an Endless War, by Almudena Grandes.

In 1954, the young psychiatrist Germán Velázquez returned to Spain to work in the Ciempozuelos women's asylum. After going into exile in 1939, he has lived in Switzerland for fifteen years, hosted by the family of Dr. Goldstein.

In Ciempozuelos Germán meets Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira, a paranoid parricide, extremely intelligent, who fascinated him at thirteen, and meets a nursing assistant, María Castejón, whom Doña Aurora taught to read and write when she was a child. Germán, attracted to María, does not understand her rejection, and suspects that his life hides many secrets. The reader will discover her modest origin as the granddaughter of the asylum gardener, her years as a maid in Madrid, her unfortunate love story, as well as the reasons why Germán has returned to Spain. Soulmates who want to flee from their respective pasts

The signing of Almudena Grandes already promises us a great novel and a book from which we will not want to look away for hours.

8. And Julia challenged the gods

We finish our list of essentials with Santiago Posteguillo. The winner of the Planeta Prize brings us the bilogy of a fascinating woman who closes with this volume. If the first installment of this saga was set in 192 AD, when several men were fighting for the empire, but Julia Domna had something more ambitious in mind: founding a dynasty.

In this second part we will discover a Julia Domna with new challenges. Staying high is much more difficult than reaching. Julia is at the height of her power, but betrayal and family division threaten to spoil everything. To make matters worse, the doctor Galen diagnoses him what the Romans call Cancer. Meanwhile their children star in a brutal confrontation. In the midst of physical and moral pain, the august will cling to a love story stronger than death.

The game for control of the empire continues to bring us to the end of this wonderful saga and discover the outcome of the magnetic Julia Domna.

With these readings we are sure that you will have the odd one crush reader and that ultimately you are going to enjoy reading a lot. If you want to continue devouring literature this fall, do not miss the most recommended books of 2020. 🔝✨

Happy reading!

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We interviewed Senshiru, the #PlanetaManga author of Wing 😍, in #PlanetaGeek. In it he tells us, among other things, how he became part of the magazine. Shall we start?

How did you get into the world of illustration / comics?

I began to be interested in comics when I was twelve years old. By entering high school and meeting new people, they taught me the wonderful world of manga. I watched anime (which I called cartoons) from a very young age, being a big fan of series like Pokémon, Detective Conan, Shin-chan … But it wasn't until that age that I discovered that those series (or almost all) came from manga. Once the door was open, I started collecting them non-stop.

Your first contact with Planeta Manga was …

Six months before the publication of the first issue, the existence of the aforementioned one reached my ears from some already registered in the magazine. I loved the idea so much that I certainly wanted to be part of it, so at the Barcelona Comic Fair and thanks to Claudio Stassi, former professor of the Joso school I attended, I met David, Planeta editor. Once the project was presented, everything else was shot.

How did Wing's plot come about?

I'm always creating stories that I'm storing up, waiting to be fully developed, but WING was the first project I decided to do from start to finish.

The truth is that I began to watch Spokkon anime and read manga of the genre, and although I loved them, from my point of view I always believed that something was missing … And that something was the daily life of people, their chores and their concerns more beyond a high school sport. That added to the fact that I am a hopeless romantic and I always like love interests in stories, regardless of gender. So I thought I'd take it all and mix it up nicely.

Therefore, WING was born from my need to tell a story that did not focus only on a specific topic but, like everything in life, went through several things at the same time, including experiences that I think we have all lived in some moment.

What did you do first: character creation or the script? How is your usual work circuit?

I first came up with the script, but only the basis of what I wanted. A slightly more developed type of synopsis. Once I had that raised, I started with the creation of characters but in a very detailed way, not just the physical one. I made a complete list of what they like, what terrifies them, their hobbies … And in the end the character himself creates the path his story takes, even though I know what I want to tell and how I want to tell it.

How do you rate the reception that the magazine has had and what would you highlight about it?

The reception it has had for me has been amazing. I think it's great how people are connecting with the magazine, the story, and the authors. From time to time someone always talks to me on my social networks to tell me that he liked WING, that he already has the magazine … Or even to complain that it has not reached him yet! And I think that's what I would highlight about her, that finally the reader has a real way of communicating with that manga author that he likes. I love that people come to talk to me, and not just to tell me what they liked, to tell me everything they think about it. Sometimes they tell me what they didn't like, or what they would change. And what I hear most, I wish it wasn't quarterly, so I guess that's good news. People want to keep reading it.

Your favorite Planet Manga series is …

It is a difficult question, because the good thing about this magazine is the amount of so varied genres and so diverse styles that it has. I think they all have their point …

Would highlight Gryphoon, with that mega story full of adventures. Backhome, which always leaves me intrigued and wanting more. And Alter Ego, which although brief has been very intense and entertaining.

Next projects.

Right now I'm preparing a project with a more adult nuance, it's actually about to come out of the oven, and I'm looking forward to presenting it to publishers, including Planeta of course.

The truth is that I have many stories saved in the inkwell, and it is clear that making comics with what that implies, telling my own stories, trying to convey certain messages, that people feel identified, etc. is what I really love, so I hope I don't stop.

Your social networks:

Instagram: @senshiru

Twitter: @senshiru_

Twitch: @senshiru_

Thank you Senshiru for your enthusiasm for the magazine! 🙂

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The calendar leaves fall like deciduous trees and it's time to announce the Minotauro news for November. And what news to close the year!

Two referential authors will reign with their respective fantastic universes: Ursula K. Le Guin Y J. R. R. Tolkien. K. Le Guin will shine with The books of Earthsea, a magnificent edition complete and illustrated by Charles Vess. The splendid launch has been created to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of A wizard from Earthsea and includes all the novels and short stories based on this legendary world. Reissue of The Dispossessed It will be another of the contributions of the North American writer, within the Minotauro Esenciales collection.

The catalog Tolkienian will be enriched with three bets to give away or give away: The 40th anniversary edition of CUnfinished Stories (with drawings of Alan Lee, John Howe Y Ted nasmith), the comprehensive encyclopedia Tolkien. Creator of Middle Earth and the luxurious and Christmas I take from Letters from Santa Claus.

The Author Libraries will publish the novels of two other great pens of genre literature, Ray Bradbury Y Philip K. Dick. Is about Death is a lonely affair and of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Finally, both Minotauro Games and Fantasy titles will have the flavor of great sagas: Assassin's Creed Valhalla (novel and art book), The Wheel of Time (The path of daggers) Y Warhammer (Carve).

Thanks for reading us and take care!

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Like autumn leaves, we flew to León to visit one of the most traditional specialized bookstores in the town: Elektra Leon. We put the mask and gel on our hands and open the door of the store, which has been under the current owner for 23 years. Are you coming with us?

Upon entering, we are greeted by the lovely Alicia, who started in the “bounce business, since I started working at Elektra Madrid, which had this store in León. After a year, I kept it and I couldn't have had a better profession ».

The interior of the beautiful bookstore is full of light, colors and music and you can enjoy a bit of everything: »we not only sell comics, we also sell records, vinyl records, and a wonderful music book section. Also books on illustration, film, photography and selected novels. Here everything is chosen to offer the best ».

Alicia is clear that the customer is the protagonist of her store: «we do everything possible to achieve what the customer is looking for. Personal attention is a trademark of the house ». The visitors to his reign are varied, such as the genres that the comic plays “we have a great audience that ranges from very young kids looking for their manga and superheroes to collectors dedicated to their hobby of years ago. There is a loyal audience but people we don't know anything about come in every day, which I think is absolutely great.

Thank you very much, Alicia, for your kindness and attention. See you soon at Elektra León!

Your favorite series or comic edited by Planeta Cómic is …

Everything from Alan Moore or Taniguchi. And the Creepys! (I'm a classic)

Social networks: Facebook // Instagram

Physical address: Calle Comandante Zorita, 4, 24004 León

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Do you already have the copy of Manga Planet 5 with the cover of Laia López? Do you want to refresh the thread of the series in progress? Here is a summary ^ __ ^


It is a miracle that Noah is still alive after his encounter with "Black Wind", but due to this incident now his secret has been exposed. Noah is not a candidate and therefore should not have auditioned to become Gryphoon. So, in order not to harm the rest of her classmates, she will decide to separate from the group and arrive alone at the doors of the academy. There he will again have a tough fight with "Black Wind", but thanks to the help of his friends the victory will be for the aspiring heroes. At last they are just one step away from achieving their goal, but the clock has reached zero and that means they have failed to pass the test.


Taking advantage of the fact that the entire military camp is busy organizing the expedition abroad, Eiden and Ann decide to organize their escape. Everything seems to be going well until Studs, a faithful follower of Thomas's orders, suspects that something out of the ordinary is happening. After a struggle, it seems that the only option for the protagonists is to return to ground zero; your home and the place where it all began.

Good game

The first votes are getting closer and closer and all the contestants are working hard to present their video game. And although Yuki is very excited about the contest, she can't help but think about how to get a friendship with her secret brother. On the other hand, Alex's only goal is to win the contest at all costs. You will even be able to boycott the work of others.

Meadow Queen

The King of Rian is, in reality, a vile assassin who has usurped the throne of Mainread and now that Kethrylia knows this horrible truth, she will not be able to abandon her destiny or leave behind everything she loves. So he must again brandish his sword to defend the rightful queen and save Violen.


Little by little Eriko is realizing that the institute in which she studies may not be the best place to achieve her dream of becoming a mangaka. In addition, his relationship with Hitoshi is increasingly tense as his friend's lack of empathy for his passion for drawing is putting their friendship at risk.


After the unexpected fight in a bar, Aura and Aron decide to take shelter at Burt's house. He, who loves the girl with the rainbow hair like a daughter, is worried about her as he considers Aron to be too unpredictable and therefore highly dangerous. But the conversation is interrupted by a huge explosion that will completely destroy the entire building.

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Autumn has entered in style and it is time to announce the novelties Planeta Cómic for November. Literary adaptations will continue to provide great gems with the graphic novel by Good morning sadness, based on the homonymous work by François Sagan (Tusquets) and by Frédéric Rébéna. The Star Wars saga will present the novel Thrawn: Traction and a staple delivery of the series in progress. The best Comic USA will be nurtured with a new installment of Animosity, Aftershock's flagship collection.

Finally, the manga will continue to offer high doses of adventure, mystery, magic, love and action thanks to more volumes of My Hero Academia Vigilante Illegals, One Piece, Boruto, Bloom into you, Dragon Ball or Fist of the North Star.

More information and news by clicking here.

Single departure date: 11/10.


Thanks for reading us and take good care of yourself!

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Eva García Sáenz de Urturi has obtained the Planeta 2020 Prize with the novel Aquitaine Y Sandra Barneda has been a finalist with An ocean until it reaches you. The ceremony that proclaimed the winners was held yesterday in a different format than usual, at the Palau de la Música Catalana. The Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, the Government Delegate in Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera, the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau and the President of Grupo Planeta, José Creuheras attended.

The Jury was made up of José Manuel Blecua, Fernando Delgado, Juan Eslava Galán, Pere Gimferrer, Carmen Posadas, Rosa Regàs and Belén López.

This sixty-ninth edition has once again confirmed the great interest that this award arouses in the field of literature beyond our borders: 582 originals were received from different parts of the world.

The Planeta Novel Prize has a prize of 601,000 euros for the winning work and 150,250 for the finalist.

The awarding of the Planeta Prize and the subsequent press conference could be followed in streaming on the web pages:, and Also live on the Twitter and Instagram accounts of @PremioPlaneta and @Planetadelibros.

Aquitaine Y An ocean until it reaches you They will be on sale in bookstores throughout Spain next Thursday, November 5.

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Attention, book eaters! That time of year has come when we don't need excuses to stay home reading. Because the weather no longer invites you to go out like it did in summer …

And because we come up with a much better plan! And we are sure that you are also going to love it. Couch, blanket and a warm drink to taste it little by little, while we let ourselves be trapped by the characters and the plot of a book.

Take a seat and choose which drink you are going to taste because in this post we bring you the trilogies and sagas that will catch you this fall and that you will not want to stop reading nor to refill the coffee cup. ⤵️🍁

1) Bevilacqua series, detective novel.

If there is one thing that we like in detective or police series, it is those duets of characters that are like ying and yang, those characters that contradict but complement each other. And of those of us who want to read case after case, no matter how complex and obscure the mission they face.

That happens to us with the saga of the great Lorenzo Silva, starring the unforgettable Bevilacqua and Chamorro. Recently the new case of the agents arrived at our bookstores and… well… we cannot stop reading 📚 Corcira's evil.

A middle-aged man appears naked and brutally murdered on a lonely beach in Formentera. According to several testimonies collected by the Civil Guard of the islands, in the previous days he had been seen in the company of different young people in gay clubs in Ibiza. When his bosses call Bevilacqua to take over the investigation and inform him of the peculiarity of the dead, a Basque citizen convicted in his day for collaboration with ETA, the second lieutenant will understand that it is not just another case.

We will just tell you something. "Lorenzo Silva portrays the Civil Guard with a care similar to that of Le Carré when writing about British espionage." —Comments Antonio Muñoz Molina. Are you really not going to dive into the murky waters of Bevilacqua and Chamorro this fall? 😏

2) Shadowhunters, fantasy.

A summer without adventure is not a complete summer. That's why fans of fantasy and magic can't resist giving themselves a good saga. And we with them, of course. Why Cassandra clare is the author of one of the most successful youth series in recent times, a saga that accumulates as many volumes as loyal fans who wait at face value when a new book will be announced.

That is why we are going to take advantage of this summer to catch up with Shadowhunters. If you still do not know it, these are the basic information you should know. 👇🏼

At New York's trendy nightclub, Pandemonium, Clary follows an attractive blue-haired boy until she witnesses his death at the hands of three young men covered in strange tattoos. Since that night, his destiny joins that of those three Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to freeing the land of demons and, above all, that of Jace, a boy with the appearance of an angel and a tendency to act like an idiot …

36 million readers can't be wrong. 😊

3) Trilogy of the White City, thriller.

The myths and legends of Álava, archeology, family secrets and criminal psychology draw the absorbing plots of this trilogy formed by The silence of the white city (2016), The water rites (2017) and The time lords (2018).

The protagonist of these thrillers, the young inspector Unai López de Ayala (alias Kraken) will try to uncover some ritual murders that terrorize the city and that in the last installment are interspersed with a historical plot. As it says David Zurdo in What to read: «If you want to enjoy and suffer with a book – enjoy the hypnotically interesting and suffer because you cannot read faster – your novel is The silence of the white city».

4) Baztán Series, crime novel.

Inspector Amaia Salazar returns to the Baztán valley, from which she has been fleeing all her life, to investigate the appearance of the corpse of a teenage girl. This thrilling-paced crime thriller trilogy, made up of The invisible guardian (2013), Legacy in the bones (2013) and Offering to the storm (2014), is only suitable for lovers of suspense.

And if you fall in love with the protagonist who has given us Dolores Redondo don't miss the last part of the Baztán series, The north face of the heart, a trip to Amaia's past and to the origin of “the composer”. Are you really going to resist this phenomenon?

5) The Invisible Girl Trilogy, youthful.

Blue jeans, alias Francisco de Paula, is a literary reference and on social networks, where he adds a legion of followers. His trilogy The club of the misunderstood marked a milestone in children's and youth literature. Now he comes back with the same talent and more desire if possible to propose a series full of mystery that we will not be able to get rid of.

It all starts with Aurora Ríos, a girl who is invisible to almost everyone. The events of the past have made her isolate herself from the world and that she barely interacts, tired of the inhabitants of that town talking behind her back. One night in May her mother does not find her at home when she returns from work. Aurora will appear dead the next morning in her high school locker room, with a blow to the head and a compass that someone has left next to her body. Julia Plaza, her classmate, will become obsessed with discovering who is behind the crime.

The trilogy is made up of volumes The invisible girl (2018), The crystal puzzle (2019) and the last part, 📚 Julia's promise, which was published in 2020. Get hooked on this thriller and discover why Blue Jeans has thousands of readers around the world.

6) María Oruña Series, police officer.

Maria Oruña it has no readers, it has fans. And it is that his series of books formed by Hidden port (2015), A place to go (2017) and Where we were invincible (2018)– you it will captivate so as not to let you go.

In its pages we discover the story of Oliver, a young Londoner with a peculiar family situation and a sad loss who inherits a colonial house on the Cantabrian coast. During the remodeling works, the corpse of a baby is discovered along with an element that is totally anachronistic. And crimes begin to happen in the area. Thus begins a police investigation that will plunge Oliver into a dense personal journey and a race against time to discover the murderer.

In the following episodes of this series (which by the way you can read in no specific order) new murders and new anachronisms question reality beyond what seems possible, along with new characters who will try to restore peace to the town of Suances.

And if after this wonderful series you still have more desire for María Oruña, note: 📚 The forest of the four winds Already waiting for you in the bookstores!

In the Galicia of 1830 a woman will face the conventions of her time. New crimes, new mysteries, new characters that will remind you why you are fans of the police genre.

7) Saga ‘I, Julia’, historical novel.

Two proper names push us to include this saga in the readings that you cannot miss these days. One is that of Santiago Posteguillo, winner of the Planeta Prize with this work that we present to you. The other name that you should take into account is Julia Domna, the magnetic protagonist of the books.

192 AD Several men fight for an empire, but Julia, daughter of kings, mother of Caesars and wife of emperor, thinks of something more ambitious: a dynasty. Amidst tensions and conspiracies, a fire ravages the city of Rome. Is it a disaster or an opportunity? Five men prepare to fight to the death for power. They think the game is about to begin. But for Julia the game has already started. He knows that only a woman can forge a dynasty. Discover his steps in Me, Julia (2018).

And Julia challenged the gods (2020) is the second part of this wonderful historical novel and represents an even greater challenge for our protagonist: when the enemy is your own son… is there victory?

8) Tetralogy ‘The Cemetery of Forgotten Books’, contemporary novel.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon is the author of the greatest international success of the Spanish novel, and a sad loss that we have had this year. But readers will not forget him and if his tetralogy was already a classic in literature, now more than ever we want to give him love and continue paying tribute to this beloved author.

Does it sound like The wind's shadow? Of course. It is the first part of this tetralogy and it introduces us to a literary mystery set in Barcelona in the first half of the 20th century, from the last splendors of Modernism to the post-war darkness. The enigmas and plots intertwine to form a story about the secrets of the heart and the enchantment of books…. a story full of intrigue that will keep you in suspense until the last page. Do you want to know what is hidden in The Cemetery of Forgotten Books? The books await you. 😉

9) The Millennium phenomenon, crime novel.

And now is the time to shoot the adrenaline with one of the essential sagas of recent times, with a brutal protagonist who sticks to our skin and does not leave us, with our beloved Lisbeth Salander.

And with a story that you will not be able to stop reading even if you have already seen the movies in the cinema. The reading experience is unmatched. one00 million readers would like to restart this saga based on family conflict, crime, sexual perversions and financial traps.

Stieg Larsson started the plot with Men who did not love women (2015), The girl who dreamed of a match and a can of gasoline (2015) and The queen in the palace of drafts (2015). After his death, David Lagercrantz continued with What does not kill you makes you stronger (2015) and The man who chased his shadow (2017).

Finally last year we were able to read the book that thousands of readers longed to get their hands on: The girl who lived twice (2019). And with him know the fate of our heroine Lisbeth Salander, put the finishing touch to the Swedish phenomenon of the thriller. Because every great story deserves a great ending. Are you ready to join one of the most powerful literary heroines of recent times?

And if every book you read this fall fades faster than the cream of a Swiss chocolate … take note of these recommended books that will make you read with premeditation and treachery. Make yourself comfortable in your homes and enjoy reading. ☕📖

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