Meeting with the artistic team of «The Cherry Orchard»

The spectators who come this Thursday to see The Cherry Orchard You can enjoy a meeting with part of the artistic team that has been responsible for this production of National Dramatic Center. The objective will be to give some keys to the attendees about the scenic proposal carried out in Chekhov's theater.

In the words of Ernesto Caballero, author of the version and director, "Chekhov was a great observer of human nature, whose behavior he was able to reflect in his theater. Therefore, the protagonist of the work is life and human beings ».

At the meeting, speakers will participate:

  • Ernesto Caballero: author of the version and director.
  • Nanda Abella: assistant director.
  • Paco Azorín: scenographer.

The dialogue with the artistic team will be held prior to the representation, at 18.30, at Valle-Inclán Theater of Madrid (Plazuela de Ana Diosdado s / n, Plaza de Lavapiés).

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Open the registration for the Workshop «National Discourage»

The Rivas Cherif Laboratory of the National Dramatic Center (CDN) has opened the registration for the inclusive theater research workshop «National Discourage», which will be taught by the actor and social anthropologist Mateo Rubistein of The Young Company.

The objective of the workshop is to create and share visions of what it means to be young today, based on the difference between people. For this, the participants will work on texts, images, exercises and daily improvisations.

The activity is aimed at young professionals of the performing arts, between 18 and 35 years old, with and without diversity. It is part of the festival "A different look. Challenge 2019 »of the CDN.

The Registration period is from March 6 to 22. You can find all the information in the following link:


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