Because yes, we all know that the holidays are very good, that it is a wonderful period of swimming pool and mojito, of children on the beach, of disconnected phones only suitable for Instagram selfies that make you envious – and you die when you look at them later from the office . 😭

Because this is so: then comes the mood end of summer depression. And it is inevitable. The days seem gray, we look nostalgically at the swimsuit, the brown mark is disappearing little by little and we only have …

September! Because the return to the routine means that there are a lot of things to do! And if the return to the routine has something good, it is that there are a thousand plans that await us, meals with friends, personal projects, books to discover, afternoons of terrace and afterwork and everything that comes to mind, go! ! So if you do not want to miss anything, do not miss the agendas full of shine and salt that brings us Tantanfan… And choose with what style you are going to eat the world in the coming months. 😎✨

Daily School Agenda 2020-2021 La Vecina Rubia

Perhaps the best day schedule on the market, and if not, the one that will make you shine the most due to the high quality of its finishes. Blonde word!

The agenda is bound in hard cover with round edges and wiro. It has a rubber seal, several pages of stickers, a page with post-it plugs, a double pocket and a removable laminated cardboard bookmark.

2020-2021 school agenda La Vecina Rubia

With La Vecina Rubia's weekly schedule you will stand out in glamor and elegance.

An agenda that stands out for the quality of its finishes and because it will make you shine every day. So that all your plans have a day and date and you don't miss anything at all.

2020-2021 Modern Village School Agenda

La Moderna de Pueblo has it clear: everything is pussible. And we are also sure that your schedule will make you smile (and more than one laugh) every day.

It includes several post-it blocks, eight pages of stickers to unleash your creativity or kill boredom and a practical envelope to store papers and papers. It also comes with a lot of humor.

2020-2021 school agenda María Hesse

Alert the artists of the house: the illustrator María Hesse has created a beautiful inspiration agenda art deco. Do you want to know how it is? 😜

Well, it's like the art of Mary. A delicate, demanding agenda, full of fragile characters and fighters that will not leave you indifferent.

It is bound in hard cover with round edges and wiro. It has a rubber seal, several pages of stickers, a page with post-it blocks, a double pocket to store papers and a lot of freshness and sensitivity.

2020-2021 school agenda Isa Muguruza

With this Isa Muguruza agenda you will let out the universe that is in you. It's that simple.

Isa Muguruza is a young artist on the rise. After her time as a creative director, she takes off on her solo flight and already has more than 99,000 followers on Instagram and a published children's book.

Bring this beautiful agenda to dazzle and invite you to let out all that world of bright stars that is inside you. A delight that we will not miss, go.

2020-2021 school agenda Àngela Mármol

And if there is an important message now that many are returning to school or institute, it is respect, the need to put an end to bullying.

Àngela Mármol is a young woman influencer with very clear ideas and a strong message: Smile, even if it costs you! Her fight against bullying has made her one of the influencers most loved and admired of the networks.

His diary is bound in hard cover with round edges. Includes two pages of stickers and a pocket for storing papers.

School Agenda 2020-2021 Elite

Elite is a Spanish web series that has already become a worldwide phenomenon. It was viewed by more than 20 million viewers in its first month of release and a fourth season has already been confirmed on Netflix.

Go back to class with Cayetana, Ander, Carla, Guzmán, Nadia, Omar, Lucrecia and the rest of the characters in the series and their most memorable phrases. Las Encinas are waiting for you.

2020-2021 School Agenda The Call

With this school agenda you will feel "the call" of the Lord. Mother Bernarda de los Arcos and Sister Milagros will help you organize so that at the end of the year you receive all the blessings. Amen!

This hardcover bound diary includes four pages of stickers and a pocket to hide your entries. The Fashion and other little things.

2020-2021 school agenda Defreds

Offreds brings you an agenda full of inspiring phrases that will help you start the routine with strength and energy. And with the beauty with which Offreds always captivates us.

Drop everything on this agenda full of beautiful ideas and start a new year smiling every day with the company of urban poetry, of Offreds.

Lyona 2020-2021 school calendar

Illustrator Lyona has designed a monstrous soft stuffed diary for Tantanfan. Can you think of something better? Neither do we! 🤩

We present to you this pink stuffed monster. It can only be Anitram, the endearing monster created by Lyona. Nothing will scare you in the new course and, if you get stressed, you can always stroke it to reduce tension.

The planner includes two pages of stickers and a pocket for storing papers, and it has a plush cover that you won't be able to stop cuddling.

2020-2021 school agenda Croqueta and Empanadilla

There are superheroes on the big screen. And then there are day-to-day superheroes, who are the ones we like the most. Like Croquette and Empanadilla.

And they have come to accompany you throughout the course with their sympathy. Because the purpose of Empanadilla this year is to be more decisive and stop being empanada all day with the help of this agenda. The same can also go well for you …

Mark exams, job deliveries, doctors, but also meet up with your friends, trips or birthdays with the stacks of stickers included. Also, the diary has an inside pocket to keep papers and secrets. Can you think of better companions for the return?

If it is that the return to the routine is inevitable, but with agendas as cool as these, it is easier to put our best face on September, October, and everything that throws us in front of us! And if you are still not sure what you are going to do with all the opportunities that the new course brings you, we leave you some suggestions here.

Pssst! And don't tell anyone but… we have always liked this month of the year. He has that noséqué of comfort, of an old friend, and the electricity of having a whole year in front of us to carry out all those projects that put a silly smile on our faces.

# FulfillYourPurposes 🦜

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The best books to achieve your purposes

There is something inescapable. Our calendars tell us that it is September and that means that everything is starting over. That the children go back to school, that the students go back to their universities, that many of us rejoin the routine and re-engage in the rhythm of normal life. Although this "normal" is a little different these days.

And we love that feeling that everything is still to be done, that we have infinite possibilities ahead of us and that we enjoy a new opportunity to continue growing and expanding horizons to reach a little higher in our level of happiness.
If you are like us —and we know that you are— you will not want to miss the books we bring you. Books to eat better, to learn to be happy, to live in a more sustainable way … Are you really going to miss them? 😜

1) 12 rules for living

Jordan peterson, "The most controversial and influential thinker of our time" according to eSpectator, proposes an exciting journey through the history of ideas and science – from ancient traditions to the latest scientific discoveries – to try to answer an essential question: what basic information do we need to live fully.

What are the essential rules for living that we should all know?

Rule # 1: Stand tall with your shoulders back… like lobsters; rule # 8: tell the truth, or at least don't lie; rule # 11: do not disturb children when they skateboard; Rule # 12: When you meet a cat on the street, pet it.

With humor, amenity and an informative spirit Booket brings us one of the most impressive authors of recent times and a work that will make you set new goals for this return to routine.

2) You are a wonderful mother

New book of «Lucia, my pediatrician»After the success of The best of our lives, from the hand of Booket.

Because Lucía Galán's practice is not only the territory where she cares for her little patients and faces all the medical challenges as a pediatrician – stories that have left an indelible mark on her heart and that she has decided to share in this book – but also it is also the space where you meet women and men who are learning, on the fly, to be parents.

A wonderful journey that is not always easy. As she herself has discovered in the first person. So in You are a wonderful mother She teaches us about motherhood without filters, naked, with honesty and self-criticism, which no one tells us but that we all feel. Let yourself be accompanied by the reference pediatrician.

3) Unleash your success

This book of Booket It is aimed at normal people with extraordinary dreams. You feel identified?

Unleash your success helps you audit your current life and design a new one that completes you in every way. With this objective, Victor Martin puts at your fingertips all the theories, tools, applications and practical exercises that will help you to achieve your goals.

And what kind of goals does it allow you to set yourself? The content of these pages is aimed at increasing your productivity, creating healthy habits and eliminating harmful ones, forging an adequate mentality, discovering new skills and enhancing your personal and professional development. In summary, that with this book you are more within reach than ever to squeeze your full potential to conquer that peak that you have been considering climbing for a long time. Are you ready?

4) Trading school

If there is one goal that we all often set ourselves, it is to learn to better manage our economy. To waste less. To invest better. And with this short-term investment guide that brings us closer Booket, we have all the necessary information to finally carry it out.

What should I know before investing? What type of investor am I? Do I invest in the stock market with trading, better gold or maybe real estate? What is the advantage of investing in the short term versus the long term? How do I control risk? How do I trade on-line?

Francisca Serrano gives us all the guidelines to invest in the short term without risk, from a trading plan to organizing an investment portfolio; crowfunding, crowlending, business angels and cryptocurrencies.

5) eat real food

At present, the majority of the population lives deceived regarding their diet. Using the movie metaphor MatrixWe live in a world where "we don't eat real food, but products that have been put before our eyes." An environment perfectly designed for the consumption of unhealthy edibles: the ultra-processed ones.

In this book, Carlos Rios offers us the scientific knowledge necessary to question, investigate and deepen our diet and everything that surrounds it so that you can become the owner of your own diet and introduce healthier habits in your day to day.

In addition, the author has just published a second part, Cook real food, where he teaches us to carry the realfooding up to the stove and enjoy a healthy and delicious diet. You sign up?

6) Now it's your turn to be happy

Discover the new book of Curro Cañete, the author who has helped more than 200,000 readers with The power to trust you.

You are strong. Make up your mind to be happy… And get it! In Now it's your turn to be happy you will find the guidance and drive you need to fulfill new dreams while making the most of every day, every hour, and to understand, finally, that the past is behind you; You learned from him and now is the time to trust yourself more, step forward and bet the most for what you love. And you, what are you going to propose? 🙌🏼

7) How to make good things happen to you

Uniting the scientific, psychological and human point of view, the Dr. Marian Rojas offers us a deep reflection, sprinkled with useful advice and with a didactic vocation so that we can achieve a full and happy existence.

How do you get something like that? It is necessary to know and optimize certain areas of the brain, set goals and objectives in life, exercise the will, activate emotional intelligence, develop assertiveness, avoid excessive self-criticism and self-demand, claim the role of optimism …

All the tips for a happier life are waiting for you in this book.

8) believe in yourself

We throw you some questions: why are there people who easily get what they want and others not? Are you sick of your life not changing?

Ruth Nieves affirms that as long as you do not become aware of who you are and do not take care to know yourself, you will be a puppet of your subconscious. And in ‘Believe in you’ he explains to us how his self-empowerment process was.

«When I was 35 years old, I gave up everything to go in search of myself, of what I was missing so much. I left my job as an architect, my apartment, my city, my country and the people I loved the most. And I went to the forests of the Black Forest in search of answers. There I began to connect with my essence and with what I really loved. And from there, all the answers came together. A year before I started writing this book, I understood why my life had come to this point. Why hadn't I managed to live my big dreams. I understood how the beliefs that absorbed my mind during the first seven years of life had directed and conditioned the rest of my life. "

In this book Rut Nieves shares all her learnings so that you too can discover what it is that makes you beat and go for it!

9) The secret of good digestion

We sit at the table, prick a piece of food with a fork, put it in our mouths, chew it, swallow it… And then what?

We eat at least three times a day throughout our lives, but we know almost nothing about what happens inside us when we eat a food. As a consequence, we often don't understand how our body reacts to what we have eaten. Why are there things that suit us and others that don't? What is the relationship between what we eat and the diseases we develop throughout life? What does the stomach tell us when it makes noise? Bad breath, migraines, bloating, allergies, obesity, and even depression can all be caused by poor digestion.

In this book full of curiosities Angela Quintas touches on every relevant aspect of our digestive process, because understanding the complexity of the intestine in a simple way will make us more aware when deciding what we are going to eat tomorrow to feel better.

10) alone

And with this book, reader, we throw you a very important challenge: discover the pleasure of being with yourself. Are you ready to know what he wants to tell you Silvia Congost?

Desired, sought after, provoked, unnoticed, loneliness can take many forms, but in most cases it is a situation that scares us, generates rejection and we try to avoid it at all costs. In today's world and especially after a certain age, it seems that loneliness is understood as a failure: being single, divorced or separated is something that must be overcome at all costs. However, knowing how to be alone is actually a sign of maturity, of autonomy, of personal wealth.

Congost, one of the best known psychologists in our country, breaks in this book with preconceived ideas about not having a partner and invites us to lose fear of the monster of loneliness from her own experience. To remain in silence listening to our body, connecting with the beating of our heart.

11) Life is waiting for you

And in this list could not miss Javier Iriondo. The author of the bestseller Where your dreams take you comes to move us with a novel about optimism and renewal.

Sofía is a middle-aged woman intensely dedicated to her professional life. After fainting in front of a large group of people when she was about to begin her speech at a public event, she must be admitted to hospital. The next day, they communicate terrible news to him. From that moment, Sofía begins a path of personal transformation and what at first is tragic news becomes a life lesson in which her whole world takes on a new meaning.

With the deep and emotional style to which Javier Iriondo has us accustomed, this novel full of sensitivity confronts us with ourselves, reveals fundamental affections of life and how our fears and expectations prevent us from enjoying the only thing we have: the present.

12) The biology of the present

And delving into this topic comes the book of Sergi Torres and David del Rosario so that we learn to activate the "presence mode" and experience the pleasure of living.

Because there are two ways to live. From the biology of survival, when we reject what happens to us and refuse to live certain experiences. Or from the biology of the present, when we welcome everything that life brings and we get closer to our true nature as human beings.

Can you imagine an existence far from suffering and fear, that welcomed with curiosity and openness all life situations that arose, even the most complicated? Sergi Torres and David del Rosario invite us to stop surviving and start living, showing us that honesty to observe our thoughts and our organism holds the keys to enjoying the pleasure of living free.

13) Life in four letters

Starting from an extraordinarily difficult time in the author's life, this book begins with a fascinating question: do we carry happiness written in our genes?

Carlos López-Otín, one of the most internationally relevant Spanish researchers, offers us a great popular science book to explain the secrets of the origin of life, the human genome and the tireless struggle of humanity to defeat disease and achieve happiness on earth .

With López-Otín we will discover that beyond the messages written in our genes there are other biological, dynamic and fascinating languages ​​that depend on our interaction with the environment and from which we are learning unsuspected lessons. Ready to surprise you?

14) The seven keys

And this book is one of the great reasons we were dying for September to come. Because it brings us a new book of Álex Rovira and Fernando Trías de Bes!

After the success of Good luck, the authors return with the keys to get rid of limiting beliefs and that we obtain the seven keys to live according to our essence: the key of belief, the key of judgment, the key of achievement, the key of enjoyment, the key of surrender, the key of identity and the key of being. On this journey of liberation he accompanies us at the beginning of each chapter "The enigma of the seven keys", an inspiring story in the style of Arabian Nights.

Because the secret is not to be free, but not to be a slave. A full life is only possible from vital freedom. In your bookstore from 09/15!

15) The great book of Lucia, my pediatrician

The most complete and updated guide on the health of your child from birth to adolescence. That is the book that we bring you from the hand of Lucia Galán.

The great book of Lucia, my pediatrician will accompany fathers and mothers on the journey of their lives. With a lot of information on the health and well-being of the baby up to his adolescence, this work will become a reference manual, informative and entertaining.

In this book you will find everything you need to understand the most common diseases and the answers to all those questions that assail parents every day. Is it normal for my baby to cry? What are the most frequent reasons for consultation? How do I answer a teenager's questions about sex?

These and many more questions are analyzed here, with the unmistakable kind and hopeful tone of one of the best pediatric prescribers in Spain. A must for any parent seeking guidance.

16) It's easy to quit if you know how

And if we talk about purposes for the new course, you could not miss purpose number 1 on any list: to leave smoking behind. Because it is one of the most difficult things to achieve. No matter how many times we have tried, relapse is so easy …

Now we bring you the system recognized worldwide as "the most effective to quit smoking", from Allen Carr. Whoever follows the EASYWAY method will not only stop smoking immediately, but will find it easy and even enjoy the process. Because the method in this book works for everyone, even the heavy smoker. And anyone who follows his instructions will remain a non-smoker and will be happy to be for the rest of his life.

Do you think that the time has come to finally quit smoking in the past?

And after all these recommendations, reader, we only have one message for you: if you want you can. And we are convinced of it. It does not matter that the circumstances are somewhat different than usual, that you have obstacles ahead or that the time you have is short. We believe that with willpower every goal is achievable. And with our books to achieve your purposes, maybe a little more affordable.

After all, the Nobel Prize for literature already said T. S. Eliot: "Only those who risk going far can find how far they can go."

And you, how far are you willing to go in the next few months? #IfYouWantCan 💪🏻📚

Source of the new

He said Machado that of "Walker, there is no path, the path is made by walking". And the same thing happens to us as readers. That every book read, every story lived, every place (real or imagined) that we have visited through reading … our love for books has become a little bit bigger.

Because books are our refuge, no matter under what circumstances.

Statistics say that during the days of confinement weekly readers have grown by 7% —in data from the Federation of Editors Guilds of Spain— or that 82% of the confined population affirms that reading has helped them cope better with this complicated period. And although the figures are positive, they only confirm something we already knew: reading evades us, reading makes us live other lives. So we are in love with books. Because they take us to other worlds when we don't want to be in ours, because they allow us to see things from a completely new point of view.

And because, although we are in a context dominated by the audiovisual, with series and films constantly calling our senses … we will always keep a special corner (in our hearts and in our schedule) for literature. 💙📖

So in this post we want to share with you, readers, 10 phrases of famous writers that inspire us and that we trust that they will also tickle your greedy minds. Enjoy them and read, read and read! Now and always.

1) Jorge Luis Borges

«Of the various instruments invented by man, the most amazing is the book; all the others are extensions of his body … Only the book is an extension of the imagination and memory». Do you agree with Jorge Luis Borges?

2) Emily Dickinson

«To travel far, there is no better ship than a book».

3) John Steinbeck

"By the thickness of the dust on the books of a public library, the culture of a people can be measured."

4) William Nicholson

«We read to know that we are not alone».

5) Cervantes

«He who reads a lot and walks a lot, sees a lot and knows a lot», Used to say the noble writer Don Miguel de Cervantes.

6) Victor Hugo

«Learning to read is lighting a fire, each syllable that is spelled is a spark», Commented the author of The Miserables or Our Lady of Paris, the essential Victor Hugo.

7) Ray Bradbury

«You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. You just have to stop people from reading them».

No one would dare to rebut Ray Bradbury, especially after reading your Fahrenheit 451. 🙊🔥

8) Franz Kafka

«A book must be the ax that breaks the frozen sea within us».

9) Mario Vargas Llosa

«Learning to read is the most important thing that has happened to me. Almost 70 years later I clearly remember that magic of translating words into images». This affirmed a whole Nobel Prize for Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa.

10) Gustave Flaubert

«Do not read, as children do, for fun, or as the ambitious do, for the purpose of instruction. No, read to live».

Gustave Flaubert, one of the feathers with the greatest literary strength in the 19th century, was of this opinion about what a reader should look for in a work.

And with the author of Madame Bovary we come to the end of this post, dear readers. We hope that these phrases stimulate you and make you want to devour a new book, or to discover a new author, to take a notebook and pen for yourself and try the craft of writing in first person … And if you lack a little more inspiration, do not hesitate to consult this list of essentials to spend a luxurious (literary) summer.

# ReadYourSummer 📚🍦

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Attention book eaters! We know that on summer days you read at a good pace and any book is short, long and wonderful as it is.

Since we want you to enjoy this well-deserved rest and we do not like the idea that you run out of stock and face the reading panic of "not having to read" … we bring you a magnificent shipment of trilogies and literary sagas that you will not be able to unhook this summer. What will be your choice? 😜

1) Bevilacqua series, detective novel.

If there is one thing we like in detective or police series, it is those character duets that are like ying and yang, those characters that contradict but complement each other. And those of us who want to read case after case, no matter how complex and obscure the mission they face.

That happens to us with the saga of the great Lorenzo Silva, starring the unforgettable Bevilacqua and Chamorro. Recently the new case of the agents came to our bookstores and… well… we can't stop reading ‘Corcira's evil’.

A middle-aged man appears naked and brutally murdered on a lonely beach in Formentera. According to various testimonies collected by the Civil Guard of the islands, in the previous days he had been seen in the company of different young people in gay venues in Ibiza. When his bosses call Bevilacqua to take care of the investigation and inform him of the peculiarity of the dead man, a Basque citizen convicted at the time for collaborating with ETA, the second lieutenant will understand that this is no longer a case.

We will only tell you something. "Lorenzo Silva portrays the Civil Guard with a care similar to that of Le Carré when he writes about British espionage." Antonio Muñoz Molina comments. Are you really not going to dive into the murky waters of Bevilacqua and Chamorro this summer? 😏

2) Shadowhunters, fantasy.

A summer without adventure is not a complete summer. So fans of fantasy and magic can not resist giving themselves a good saga. And we with them, of course. Why Cassandra Clare She is the author of one of the most successful youth series in recent times, a saga that accumulates as many volumes as loyal fans who are waiting hand in hand when a new book is announced.

So we are going to take advantage of this summer to catch up with de Shadowhunters ’. If you do not know it yet, these are the basic data that you should know. 👇🏼

At the Pandemonium, New York's hottest nightclub, Clary follows an attractive blue-haired boy until he witnesses his death at the hands of three young men covered in strange tattoos. Since that night, his destiny joins that of those three shadow hunters, warriors dedicated to freeing the land from demons and, above all, that of Jace, an angel-like boy with a tendency to act like an idiot …

36 million readers cannot be wrong. 😉

3) Trilogy of the White City, thriller.

The myths and legends of Álava, archeology, family secrets and criminal psychology draw the absorbing plots of this trilogy formed by 'El silencio de la ciudad blanca' (2016), 'Los ritos del agua' (2017) and 'The lords of time' (2018).

The protagonist of these thrillers, the young inspector Unai López de Ayala —alias Kraken— will try to uncover some ritual murders that terrify the city and that in the last installment are intermingled with a historical plot. As it says David Zurdo in What to Read: «If you want to enjoy and suffer with a book –enjoy the hypnotically interesting and suffer for not being able to read more quickly–, your novel is The silence of the white city».

4) Baztan series, crime novel.

Inspector Amaia Salazar returns to the Baztán valley, from which she has fled her entire life, to investigate the appearance of the corpse of a teenage girl. This dark novel and fast-paced trilogy, consisting of formada The Invisible Guardian ’(2013),‘ Legacy in the Bones ’(2013) and‘ Offering to the Storm ’(2014), is only suitable for suspense lovers.

And if you fall in love with the protagonist who gave us Dolores Redondo do not miss the last part of the Baztan series, ‘The north face of the heart’, a trip to the past of Amaia and to the origin of “the composer”. Are you really going to resist this phenomenon?

5) The Invisible Girl Trilogy, youthful.

Blue jeans, alias of Francisco de Paula, is a literary reference and on social networks, where he joins a legion of followers. His trilogy The Club of the Misunderstood marked a milestone in children's and youth literature. Now he returns with the same talent and more desire if possible to consider a series full of mystery that we will not be able to part with.

It all starts with Aurora Ríos, a girl who is invisible to almost everyone. The events of the past have made him isolate himself from the world and that he barely relates, fed up with the inhabitants of that town talking behind his back. One May night her mother doesn't find her at home when she returns from work. Aurora will appear dead the next morning in her high school locker room, with a blow to the head and a compass that someone has left next to her body. Julia Plaza, her classmate, will become obsessed with finding out who is hiding behind the crime.

The trilogy is composed of the volumes ‘The Invisible Girl’ (2018), ‘The Crystal Puzzle’ (2019) and the last part, ‘Julia's promise’, which was published this 2020. Get hooked on this thriller and discover why Blue Jeans has thousands of readers around the world.

6) María Oruña Series, police.

Maria Oruña It has no readers, it has fans. And is that his book series formed by escond Hidden port ’(2015),‘ A place to go ’(2017) and‘ Where we were invincible ’2018)– you It will captivate not to let you go.

In its pages we discover the story of Oliver, a young Londoner with a peculiar family situation and a sad loss inherited by a colonial house on the Cantabrian coast. During the remodeling works, the corpse of a baby is discovered along with an element that is completely anachronistic. And crimes begin to occur in the area. Thus begins a police investigation that will immerse Oliver in a dense personal journey and a race against the clock to discover the murderer.

In the following episodes of this series – which, by the way, you can read without any specific order – new murders and new anachronisms question reality beyond what seems possible, along with new characters who will try to restore peace to the people of Suances .

And if after this wonderful series you still feel more like María Oruña, write down: her new book is getting closer to bookstores The forest of the four winds. ’

📘 In Galicia in 1830 a woman will face the conventions of her time. New crimes, new mysteries, new characters that will remind you why you are fans of the police genre.

7) Saga ‘Me, Julia’, historical novel.

Two proper names push us to include this saga in the readings that you cannot miss these days. One is that of Santiago Posteguillo, winner of the Planeta Prize with this work that we present to you. The other name to keep in mind is Julia Domna, the magnetic protagonist of the books.

A.D. 192 Several men fight for an empire, but Julia, daughter of kings, mother of Caesars and wife of emperor, thinks of something more ambitious: a dynasty. Between tensions and conspiracies, a fire devastates the city of Rome. Is it a disaster or an opportunity? Five men prepare to fight to the death for power. They think the game is about to start. But for Julia the game has already started. He knows that only a woman can forge a dynasty. Discover his steps in ‘Yo, Julia’ (2018).

‘And Julia challenged the gods’ (2020) is the second part of this wonderful historical novel and represents an even greater challenge for our protagonist: when the enemy is your own son… is there victory?

Sit back in your hammocks and enjoy reading. 🍹

8) Tetralogy The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, contemporary novel.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon He is the author of the greatest international success of the Spanish novel, and a sad loss we have had this year. But readers will not forget him and if his tetralogy was already a classic of literature, now more than ever we want to give him love and continue paying tribute to this beloved author.

Does 'The Shadow of the Wind' ring a bell? Of course. It is the first part of this tetralogy and introduces us to a literary mystery set in Barcelona in the first half of the 20th century, from the last splendours of Modernism to the post-war darkness. The enigmas and the plots intertwine to form a story about the secrets of the heart and the spell of books … an intriguing story that will keep you on edge until the last page. Do you want to know what is hidden in The Cemetery of Forgotten Books? The books await you. 😉

9) The Millennium phenomenon, crime novel.

And it is time to shoot the adrenaline with one of the essential sagas of recent times, with a brutal protagonist who clings to our skin and does not abandon us, with our beloved Lisbeth Salander.

And with a story that you can not stop reading even if you have already seen the movies in the cinema. The reading experience is unmatched. one00 million readers would like to start again this saga based on family conflicts, crime, sexual perversions and financial traps.

Stieg Larsson The plot began with 'The men who did not love women' (2015), 'The girl who dreamed of a match and a can of gasoline' (2015) and 'The queen in the palace of drafts' (2015 ). After his death, David Lagercrantz continued with ‘What does not kill you makes you stronger’ (2015) and ‘The man who chased his shadow’ (2017).

And finally last year we were able to read the book that thousands of readers longed to have in their hands: ‘The girl who lived twice’ (2019). Learn about the fate of our heroine Lisbeth Salander, put the finishing touch on the Swedish phenomenon of the thriller. Because every great story deserves a great ending. Are you ready to join one of the most powerful literary heroines of recent times?

And if every book you read this summer fades like sand between your fingers… take note of these recommended books that will make you read with premeditation and treachery until dawn.

Do we read summer? 😎

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Before we embark on a vacation worthy of a dystopian novel, it's time to announce the Minotaur novelties for September. A trio of classic aces will reign in the Essential Collections and Author Libraries. Ursula K. Leguin will return with a reissue of The left hand of the darkness and the promise of more recoveries in subsequent months. Ray Bradbury will continue celebrating its year with a luxury edition 100th anniversary of Fahrenheit 451 and a new publication of Zen in the art of writing. The imaginary of Philip K. Dick will be represented by The clans of the moon Alfana.

The replacement of these Greats of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Terror literature is ensured thanks to the pen of another international triplet of writers. C. A. Fletcher will sign A boy and his dog at the end of the world, a post-apocalyptic novel with a hopeful twist, surprising twists, and an unconditional love for pets. Sofia Rhei will present Newropia, a tale of political fiction and adventure, a dystopia mixing soft science fiction from the near future and sociological. David Ouimet It will be the third authorial bet with Silent. It is an illustrated book full of great beauty, with a tender and light-filled message that has caught personalities of the stature of Neil Gaiman or Philip Pullman.

Finally, lovers of epic and video games will be able to enjoy more plots of The Wheel of Time, Warhammer and Assassin’s Creed.

Happy summer full of good readings! Take care!

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The time has come, reader!

We have released the to-do lists, the formal clothes, the obligations … and we are already by the pool with our shorts, a cool drink and ready to sign up for any plan that is proposed to us. And, like you, we are more than willing to devour toooodas those readings that have been pending for us during the year. 💃🏻

And as summer gives us plenty of time to enjoy other formats, from the sofa, from the fan, from bingeing on series and movies … we we have proposed to bring all the passions together. Therefore We bring you a list of series and movies based on books that will make you enjoy this summer. Do you want to know what books it is? 🍿⚡📖

1) Offering to the storm

Dolores Redondo arouses passion. Its readers devour everything that comes out of the author's mind and, if you still don't know the Baztan TrilogyWe recommend that you take advantage of these hot days to immerse yourself in one of the most addictive readings of the moment.

In addition, the film adaptation of Offering to the storm. And we will only tell you one thing: the previous installment, Legacy in the bones, was one of the greatest successes in the history of the platform.

The rational and the scientific, the legendary and the mythical collide again in the Baztan valley. This time it has been a month since Inspector Amaia Salazar recovered her son and was able to arrest Berasategui. But despite the fact that both the Civil Guard and Judge Markina consider Rosario dead, Amaia feels that she is not without danger, a distress that only Jonan understands. The sudden death of a girl in Elizondo will raise suspicions, as an impressive storm approaches and threatens to bury the most devastating truth …

2) Love at a distance

Live a movie love! Because if there is a time that lends itself to romances, that is the summer. Enjoy the long-awaited continuation of My first kiss, one of the great phenomena of Netflix, and let yourself be caught by the most intense emotions.

Elle Evans and Flynn face a new challenge: Noah leaves for Harvard, making them a long-distance couple. And that is hard, because talking on the phone and chatting cannot satisfy some needs … So when Elle sees a post that shows Noah in a quite affectionate attitude with another girl, she feels fatal. To make matters worse, it is difficult to ignore the new boy in the class: he is so kind, sweet, cute … and obviously interested in her.

In addition, this edition contains a extra story, The beach house, which bridges the first installment of the series and the second part, in which we will find Elle, Noah and Lee spending their summer holidays. Are you really going to miss it? 😏

3) The silence of the White City

The saga of Eva García Sáenz from Urturi It is another of the readings that you cannot miss this summer! Because you will start reading and you will not be able to drop the book or refill the glass of your drink. Let it not be said that we have not warned you. What awaits you?

A city terrified of the return of ritual killings. An expert in criminal profiles who hides a tragedy. A hypnotic thriller whose keys rest on mysterious archaeological remains. All this is what awaits you in the White City Trilogy.

Tasio Ortiz de Zárate, the brilliant archaeologist convicted of the bizarre murders that terrorized the quiet city of Vitoria two decades ago, is about to be released from prison on his first leave when the crimes resume again: at the iconic Old Cathedral of Vitoria. , a twenty-year-old couple appears naked and dead from bee stings in the throat. Shortly after, another twenty-five-year-old couple is murdered in the Casa del Cordón, a well-known medieval building.

The young inspector Unai López de Ayala —alias Kraken— is obsessed with preventing crimes before they occur, although a still fresh personal tragedy does not allow him to approach the case as one more. Meanwhile, her unorthodox methods unnerve her boss, Deputy Commissioner Alba. Time is running against him and the threat lurks in any corner of the city. Who will be next?

Also in this edition you have a Map not to miss one of the scenarios and their keys for that matter. And it is not to tempt you but … the adaptation of the first installment can already be seen on Movistar: The silence of the White City awaits you. 😉

4) To all the boys I fell in love with

Fall in love with the books on which the Netflix phenomenon is based: the wonderful trilogy of Jenny Han.

Lara Jean keeps her love letters in a box. They are not letters that have been sent to her, she has written them, one for each boy she has fallen in love with. In them he shows himself as he is, because he knows that no one will read them.

Until one day someone sends them by mistake and Lara Jean's love life goes from "imaginary" to being totally out of control.

And if the body asks you to know more about Lara Jean, don't miss the second part P.S. I still love you. Lara Jean did not expect to fall in love. Much less seriously fall in love with Peter. At first it was a fantasy. But suddenly it is not just that and now Lara Jean is very confused. Another boy from the past returns to his life and what he felt for him also resurfaces.

Can a girl be in love with two boys at the same time? It is the perfect time to find out. And if you want to make popcorn in hand, the first and second installments are already available on Netflix. And you can skip to the end of the story on Netflix by reading Jenny Han's third and final book now.

5) Elite

In this book of April Zamora You will find the intrigues, love stories and envies that you would never see on the screen. Are you ready to find out everything from one of Netflix's greatest hits?

Paula suffers from an impossible love, of which she cannot speak to anyone, and Janine, the girl in size 40, keeps a secret that, if known, would put her in danger. His friend Gorka, obsessed with sex, begins to feel something more for the wrong person, and Mario, the repeater who does bullying, suddenly finds that it is he for the first time who is being blackmailed. María Elena is called Melena in Las Encinas because on one occasion she lost hair due to emotional problems, and nobody knows that, behind a facade of opulence and glamor, she lives a sad family history. His problems are not few, but at the end of the course, at the party, the unexpected happens. Marina appears dead at the edge of the pool, and the inspector receives a mysterious diary full of hateful phrases towards the murdered teenager.

Someone hated her and everything points to her going to the same class … Don't miss the first official novel from the Netflix series.

6) Shadowhunters Series

And if we told you that the followers of Dolores Redondo do not miss a novel by their favorite author… enthusiastic fans of Cassandra Clare and its Shadowhunters series.

A dark story of love and demons that will thrill fans of Stephenie Meyer and L. J. Smith.

At The Pandemonium, New York's hottest nightclub, Clary follows an attractive blue-haired boy until he witnesses his death at the hands of three young men covered in strange tattoos. Since that night, his destiny joins that of those three shadow hunters, warriors dedicated to freeing the land from demons and, above all, that of Jace, an angel-like boy with a tendency to act like an idiot …

Are you curious to know how Clary's story continues? Well welcome to one of the literary phenomena of the moment. 📚

7) Classics

Because those universal classics could not be missing from the jewelry list that we will devour this summer. And if we can also enjoy them in audiovisual format … we do not need more excuses to delve into the stories of Jane Eyre, Dracula or The Miserables.

They will be those stories that you enjoy as few, that surprise you, that make you laugh alone … and that you will look at with longing once you have finished, while these precious editions look back at you from the shelf.

Ready to discover why your stories have marked entire generations? 🤩

And if you are worried about not having a story to enjoy when the summer days are over … take note because we have great news!

In September comes the series of Homeland

Readers of Fernando Aramburu They are biting their nails since it was announced that the novel was going to be adapted for the screen. And although the pandemic has postponed its release … HBO recently announced the final date for its release: Sunday September 27! 🎉

The greatest literary phenomenon of recent times, now it will surprise us with the flesh and blood faces that tell us the moving history of the last 30 years in the Basque Country.

If you enjoyed with the Aramburu bookYou can't miss the HBO adaptation. And if you have not yet realized the novel, we leave it highly recommended as a reading for the summer, so that you arrive with the homework done for the premiere on the 27th.

And if the summer is long and your bookcase falls short, do not miss our recommended books so you can thoroughly enjoy your free time. # ReadYourSummer. 😜📚🍦

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In the shadow of the suffocating heat, it is time to announce the Planeta Comic news planned for September. From the US, a wonderful series will land Image. Is about Isola, an epic, fresh and visually spectacular fantasy. The spin off of Animosity, one of the main headers of Aftershock. The last volume of the odyssey of the Paper Girls will put the final boche to your adventures. Star wars will provide staples of the current series.

The Graphic Novel will be represented by The Mennulara. Simonetta Agnello Hornby's debut work, a great international success translated worldwide and edited by Tusquets, is adapted thanks to the clear and evocative outline of Massimo Fenati. Finally. Manga will be led by the mythical Captain tsubasa. The match of the Japanese team with the most volumes of Dragon Ball, Samurai 8, Octave, The sword of the immortal or Astro Boy.


Captain Tsubasa departure: 8/25

· Departure USA / Star Wars / Graphic Novel: 8/9

Manga Departure: 9/22

Check the libraries here

Thanks for reading and good summer! Take care of yourself! 🌼🏖

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Do you already have the fourth volume of Planet Manga? Here we leave you a previously of the ongoing series to refresh your memory …


Desiring to solve the mystery surrounding her brother's disappearance, Ann returns to her adoptive family's village. But all you will find is a desolate place inhabited by strange monsters. Just when they are about to attack her, a military convoy appears to pick her up and take her to the military base where Thomas -the captain of the section- will interrogate and imprison her. But Ann's luck will turn around when that same night she discovers that one of the soldiers is Eiden, a childhood acquaintance who will help her escape.


Although Noah and his friends have finally been able to flee from the hunters, this mishap has forced them to stray from the path. They are lost, time is running against them and it seems increasingly impossible for them to achieve their goal, but Noah's brother's journal may be his last hope to find a shortcut that will lead them directly to the Gryphoon Academy. Along the way they will meet Rain, a silvana who will join the team and guide them along the dangerous route of "The Forbidden City of Garnata". But what they don't know is that a real threat lies in wait for them among the ruins: the fearsome "Black Wind".

Alter ego

Thanks to Elena's efforts, the relationship between her two best friends is improving to such an extent that Noel begins to feel confused about her feelings towards June. Her pride doesn't allow her to see what she really feels towards her former enemy, but her concern about June's family past will uncover the passion that exists between them.


Although the situation on Earth is still not good, the work to clean up the atmosphere is beginning to bear fruit, but Shion's coexistence with the rest of the crew of the ship is increasingly conflictive. Also, investigations into its origins are being very hard for her. Finally, after being unfairly blamed for an explosion in the purification systems, the situation becomes so unsustainable within the colony that Koro decides to flee to Earth with Shion.

Meadow Queen

After being called up, Kethrylia decides to defect and leave the Mainread kingdom. The main roads are full of soldiers, so you will be forced to enter a lush forest. Lost among these unknown lands, she will meet a young merchant who will not only help her overcome the dangers of the forest but will also show her that her whole life has been a great lie.

Aron fire

A group of dissidents infiltrates the scientific laboratories of the Roch Corporation in order to steal secret files. During the mission, by accident, they released Experiment BH-29 or also known as Aron. Although it seems that Aron's problems end with his release, the truth is that they will only begin. Although he does not know it, the truth is that it is a potential destructive weapon and that is why he is persecuted by the organization and watched by the rebels.


Eriko has already searched in every corner of her room, but her sketchbook is nowhere to be seen. What you can not imagine is that whoever has his notebook is his mysterious boy and he does not fit in his amazement when he sees that he is in the living room of his house with the intention of giving it to him. Apparently, this boy turns out to be Yuusuke Kenji, a promising young rugby player in Japan. After a pleasant chat between them, in which Yuusuke praises Eriko's talent, Eriko decides to draw a picture in gratitude and go to deliver it in person to the athlete's university.

Good game

After a jury approved the demo for their video game, Enishi and Yuki are now officially participating in the Good Game Academy contest. Although they know that the road will be difficult, even more so with a somewhat strange and enigmatic instructor, both are eager to start their project and meet their peers and opponents.

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If you're a book lover like us — and you're reading this blog for a reason, right? Seguro— surely you know that there has never been a more faithful friend or more secure shelter than a book.

And in these days of uncertainty and not making plans because we do not know if we can carry them out … we have learned to value little things more, to value moments, to enjoy the company of those people who we take for granted will be there. Because we have learned that this is not reality.

If you want to express to your family how special they are to you, our proposal is clear: give books away. 📖✨

Because when we decide to give a book away we are not only giving a conglomerate of pages, letters and words. We are sharing with someone a worldview of the world, interpreted by literary characters that provide our brain with thousands of possibilities. But they can say a lot about us and our most intimate way of thinking. And sharing that connection is magical.

And what is the best complement for a book? Well, a special dedication, of course.

Some of the most sincere and most powerful words have been written in dedications of books, because it is something intimate, protected by the covers of the book and by the possibility that the person never reads those sentences … time to choose the right words to tell that person why we have loved that bit of history of Literature and not another, why for him and why now … Those words can accompany a person to the depths of his heart for longer than we think.

So in this post we introduce you 10 different styles of dedications depending on who is going to receive it, the type of dedication or the occasion. So you can convey everything you feel and want to say and you don't have to face the panic of the blank page. 😜

one. Dedication for lovers

No chocolates or anything. Conquering the stomach is easy, but getting to the intellect of the person you want to fall in love with or with whom you are in love is only a challenge for the most daring.

This is a very personal type of dedication and we would advise you to set aside recurring images and phrases of the type Without you I am nothing de Amaral … to give it an original and much more personal touch (which is what counts). If you give a book to someone you love, the book has a connection to both of you. Use it. For example: "Maybe the Odyssey that I lived when I missed the train that had to take me to our first date was not so long, but of course, it was just as hard. ”

2. Author's dedication

If a book is itself a fantastic gift, imagine what an illusion to receive it with the dedication made by the author himself! If you have the possibility of obtaining it, it is, without a doubt, the perfect gift.

You can try catching a writer's coveted lyrics at Book Fairs or Presentations. And we are sure that it will make you crush it melts. Let it not be said that you have not tried!

3. Dedication for occasional readers

It may be that your gift is addressed to someone who lives the passion for reading with a more leisurely intensity. In that case, the title or author of what you give them will tell you little or nothing about the reason for your selection. Here the best option can be to emphasize the interests that the person may have and that are in the book, so that they understand the reason for the gift. Something like "I know your passion for mysteries and how you love solving them, that's why I give you this crime novel… ”.

4. Dedication for the advanced reader

For those with whom you share a passion for literature. Here it may be interesting to focus our dedication on the reason for the gift rather than its justification. For example: "I hope this novel expands or destroys the horizons of your own world of Science fiction… ” or "Here goes the philosophical essay on aporophobia that was overlooked. I hope it will enrich you… ”.

In this case we can be as specific or convoluted (see the second dedication) as we want because, after all, we already know that this person has very specific interests and, with our gift, we are only fanning that bonfire that we already know that exists. And believe us, it is a very good thing that we have that level of knowledge of the other person. It could bring great things to us together.

5. Dedication in story

Maybe you also like to write. In that case, if you have a clear message and an interesting idea, you can dare with a dedication in which you explain a mini story that synthesizes everything you want to communicate.

Let's say, for example, you give a meditation book to a friend so they can learn to relax. Well, nothing better than creating a mini story where your friend is the protagonist and where you narrate a scene in which he enjoys complete stillness and inner peace. You will feel identified and relax before even reading it!

6. Poetic dedication

Similar to the story dedication, a poetic dedication can capture powerful images and metaphors to make the quote a literary "product" itself. In this case, unless you dare with your own poetry, you can search for a poem that has a close relationship with the theme or content of the book. For example, if we talk about literature, we could quote the great Pablo Neruda in a poem like this:

"So when the teeth of the literature   they tried to bite my honest heels, I passed, without knowing, singing with the wind towards the rainy warehouses of my childhood (...) "

Although if you are a real brave we encourage you to let your imagination run wild and write your own verses. They probably don't look like Neruda's but you can talk about more personal things, which have more meaning for both of you, and above all it will be much more valuable that you have put the personal effort to create something for that special person. You know what they say about "worth a try"? Well in this case, it's very worth it.

7. Dedication to launch hints

Exactly. How well are those books that serve as an excuse to throw hints or advice to friends or family.

And if you accompany it with a dedication that has just underlined the message (more than anything in case it has not been made clear), then better than better. Let's say someone you know doesn't cook very well. You could dedicate the following:I trust this book so you can carry out the most important mission of your life: not starve ourselves (that or let me cook). ”

Do not miss a sense of humor in this type of dedication. 😉

8. Direct dedication to the heart: memory

Ok, yes, we already know that this title may sound somewhat ambiguous and that with all the previous dedications we also wanted to win the heart of that special person. OKAY. But we will explain what is special about this type of dedication. It is no longer just about the dedication, but about the gift itself.

We will tell you with an example. Do you know those muffins you used to eat when they were little that they sold in the oven under your house and that on Sunday mornings your father would look for you to have breakfast together? And the great sensations that still come over the years as long as you accidentally smell a batch of freshly made cupcakes?

Well the same but with the books. If that person has ever told you that a book marked his childhood or that he read something that touched his heart at a certain point in his life … bringing that little piece of his life and his memory to the present is a gift in capital letters, which will make him See that you listen to what he tells you, that you look at the details, that you have bothered to look for that book so old that they do not even edit it anymore and that you have also put a dedication that has just made clear how special that person is for you.

For example: “So that when you reread the stories of this bunny, you would be the baby who jumped from puddle to puddle without caring what he should or shouldn't do. I would love to jump in puddles with you one day;) ”.

9. Short dedication

They say the good if short … And you know how the saying ends. If you don't have a clear idea about what to say or, on the contrary, you want to say too much, maybe cutting for the sane is the best option.

A dedication of a phrase is more than enough if your words encapsulate a good message. It is not easy, but the result is worth it.

An example could be: "May each page resist you in existence ” or "May this book be tender bread to bite loneliness. " And depending on the trust we have with that person, we can always add a more fun touch: "That this book is tender bread to bite loneliness … And if it is not, I let myself bite a little bit. Whatever it takes to bring out that smile. ”

10. A great dedication for a small reader

How important are the first contacts with literature and what a wonderful power they have when creating new readers.

So if you are going to give a book to a child who has just started in the literary universe, we recommend that you make a dedication that motivates him to continue reading and that he remembers fondly after a few years.

In these cases, something brief and special may be the best way to dedicate: “May this book be the first of the many lives and adventures that await you in the world of literature. ” Once that little reader grows up and remembers that his love for literature began with a gift that you gave him, you will know that it will have been worth any time you have invested in thinking of the best dedication for him.

And since we also love our readers very much, don't think you're going to leave this post without our dedication to you:

"Between rose and rose, your majesty choose"

Francisco de Quevedo

Why this one? Because it belongs to one of the Castilian classics and we believe that it reflects very well our purpose when it comes to talking about books, writing about books, breathing books. ♥

There are a thousand options out there for each of us. We just have to choose. And we are very lucky to have centuries of great literature. So we believe in love to first page.

For that reason and because the previous quote is not without humor, hehe. They say that Quevedo told the queen when he wanted to win a bet with his friends and should insult nothing more and nothing less than his royal persona. So he dedicated those words to him: "Between pink and pink, his majesty is-LAME. And is that the classics, the great stories that sometimes intimidate us a little … they are still real and human stories, with humor, stories that are waiting to be discovered by the reader of any time.

# ReadYourSummer 💕

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Do you smell it It is freedom floating in the air, because summer is already here. 😍

It is likely that this summer will be different from the others but that does not take away the illusion of knowing that we have toooodo the time in the world to do what we like the most, that for a week we will live without alarms and without meetings, that we do not have to carry children to nowhere more than where we have planned to go with the family and that, ultimately, the time is ours.

And what do we do when we have time? Read! That is why we bring you this list of authors and works that you will not want to miss, because they are those readings that leave their mark. Ready to discover a universe of readings that will sweeten your summer? 🥳

one) Extraordinary thingsby Brays Efe

This is the story of a boy who brought together for his mother all the good things in the world. Because … how does a child react when he finds out that his mother has tried to kill himself? He makes a list of the extraordinary things worth living for: ice cream, water wars, letting you stay on TV when it's time to go to sleep, the yellow color, the things with stripes, the roller coasters, the people who stumble.

This Duncan Macmillan text filled with innocence and tenderness has traveled the world for years, relieving anyone who has ever had a losing streak at some point in their life.

Brays Efe He has been in the role of the protagonist for months and now he shares with us his experience to make us appreciate much more those little things that do not seem to matter … but are the really important ones. A book delight that cannot be missed in your plans for these hot days.

two) Felix. A man on earthby Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente

This is a perfect book for those who take advantage of the summer to escape nature and get in touch with a greener (and less gray) life. Because if there is a figure that has contributed to creating generations much more aware of the importance of the environment and its preservation, that is the Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente.

In this book we discover an illustrated compendium of man's thinking that sparked the environmental awareness of an entire country. Ten chapters divided by thematic areas with texts by Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente and the transcription of his main radio and television interventions. The selection of the texts and the introduction to each chapter are the responsibility of Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente, biologist, daughter of Felix and main disseminator of her legacy. A final chapter with the testimony of personalities from all areas that will gloss his figure: Andreu Buenafuente, Rosa Montero, Jesús Calleja, Juan Luis Arsuaga.

If you want to delve into one of the most influential, loved and respected characters in Spain, this is the definitive work that reflects his legacy as a humanist, naturalist, ecologist and communicator.

3) The good thing about having a bad dayby Anabel González

We ask you a question: if it is clear that what we want is to be happy, why do we put so many obstacles to achieve it?

Few sayings have been more damaging than the one that says that "in bad weather you have to put a good face on it." In bad weather you have to put tears or sadness. And to the good, smiles and joy. Because knowing how to manage our emotions is not hiding or suppressing them, it is recognizing and managing them with meaning.

After many years of consultation, the doctor Anabel González It provides us with this little guide to emotional survival that will help us better manage our emotions and learn to live with bad times.
Because the key to feeling comfortable with ourselves and with our life is precisely knowing how to cope with bad days.

4) The sky of your daysby Greta Alonso

And we continue this list of essentials with a novel that will make us stay up late because we will be unable to fulfill that "just one more chapter". What is it about?

A lock of hair and nine words: «This was her. This one, his hair. I, his murderer ». The appearance of a lock of hair next to a disturbing anonymous causes the reopening of the "Alicia case", the young woman murdered fifteen years ago in a mountain in Cantabria; the fact could confirm a terrible suspicion: what if the author of the crime was not the man imprisoned for it more than a decade ago?

The efficient and methodical Inspector Herreros will be forced to lead the investigation between an oppressive Bilbao and a frenzied Madrid as we follow in the first person steps of Inspector Brul, his boss and mentor, the man who maintained a relationship with the victim months before the event. .

Two overwhelming characters, a strong physical attraction, a crude web of power, lies and violence. Do we have to say more for you to get caught by the pen of Greta Alonso? 😜

5) First lineby Gabriel Heras

If there is a reason why this summer will be different, it is summarized in five letters and two figures: Covid-19. And although we are all aware of news and cases, there is a reality that we do not know. What health professionals have experienced, that is, how the worst global pandemic in recent years is experienced from within.

In pages full of tension and fear, but also of hope and companionship, the intensive care doctor Gabriel Heras offers an example of the ability of health workers to overcome the unpredictability and lack of humility of those responsible for managing the worst health crisis in the history of Spain. At the same time, his story highlights the shortcomings of a system that needs profound changes to adapt to the realities of the 21st century and guarantee the well-being of citizens. "With this crisis we have discovered that Spain does not have the best healthcare system in the world, but it does have the best professionals."

A great book to see things from another point of view and reflect.

6) The older cousinby Laura Gost

And this is a summer book par excellence: because many of us have had our first contact with the affective and romantic world when the sun was brightest, and Laura Gost It brings us a story that will connect with all of us.

The older cousin It talks about the awakening of a girl as a woman with the clarity and narrative intelligence of a Goya-winning screenwriter. That is why we like this work so much.

Rosa is only twelve years old when her older cousin is orphaned and is forced to share a room with her. After the hasty move, the protagonist soon finds that her cousin represents everything she cannot tolerate: Tina is an irresponsible, ungrateful and problematic girl.

But, little by little, Rosa will begin to realize that behind the things that repel her from Tina hides something that she longs for herself: to be an extroverted, overwhelming and sexy young woman capable of altering the daily life of the Mediterranean town in which they live. It will be precisely these differences that will determine the adolescence of both, that time when ingenuity and maturity mix so crudely. A clash of mentalities that will be fully unleashed with the arrival of the three members of the Montsó family in the neighborhood.

Can a love triangle shake the relationship of the two cousins ​​with the world, femininity and themselves?

7) Aloneby Silvia Congost

And this is the other side of the coin of the topic that we were just talking about: do we need to be in a couple to feel good?

Silvia Congost teaches us that not having a partner does not mean being alone. Learning to be alone can be the greatest adventure of your life and a fascinating journey into yourself that will connect you with the world and with yourself.

Desired, sought, provoked, unnoticed, loneliness can take many forms, but in most cases it is a situation that scares us, generates rejection and we try to avoid at all costs. In today's world and especially from a certain age, it seems that loneliness is understood as a failure: being single, divorced or separated is something that must be overcome at all costs. However, knowing how to be alone is really a sign of maturity, autonomy, and personal wealth. This book will help us conquer that important summit and become our best ally.

8) The power to trust youby Curro Cañete

Maybe the name of Curro Cañete but surely you've heard of his book The power to trust you. He is one of the figures of the moment, a coach who is helping to change lives.

Cañete affirms that "the greatest act of generosity that you can do for yourself and for those around you is to be happy". And that happiness is not a destination, but a path that we must walk step by step. In this way it is essential that we trust ourselves and that, dear readers, is a power that can only be achieved through practice. 😉

With energy and a desire to share what he himself has learned, Curro teaches us to conquer our fears and overcome obstacles to be happier than ever. Also in his previous book A new happiness we will be able to read his own story of liberation and search, how he got rid of his mental blocks and limits. Inspiring, isn't it?

9) How to make good things happen to youby Marian Rojas

And we close this post recommending the Dr. Rojas, which proposes us to enjoy the present, overcome the past and look forward to the future. Sounds promising but you don't know where to start? Don't worry because Marian Rojas is going to guide us step by step.

Because it is clear that not everything in life is good news but … do you know that your emotions and your thoughts have a direct impact on your organism, on your perception of reality and even on your own genes? Or we put it to you in another way: are you aware that your way of managing conflicts can predispose you to suffer anxiety or depression, the most frequent diseases of the 21st century?

For Dr. Rojas, happiness consists of living healthy installed in the present, having overcome the hurts of the past and looking forward to the future. Because happiness is not what happens to us, but how we interpret what happens to us. With this book we will understand the importance of learning to focus our attention and we will discover guidelines to combat fears, anxieties and channel negative emotions that physically and mentally block us. Ready for this summer more good things happen to us than in any other? ✨

And with these 9 titles and authors, we close our list of essentials that you will be glad to have discovered during the days of relaxation and sun. But psst … if the reading runs out too quickly, don't worry, because we have prepared a whole list of literary suggestions so you don't lack company. 😜

# ReadYourSummer 🍦📚🍉

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