The Secretary General for Infrastructure, Sergio Vázquez Torrón, participates in the CEOE Infrastructure and Urban Planning Commission

This morning the meeting of the CEOE's Infrastructure and Urban Planning Commission was held, under the chairmanship of Juan Lazcano and with the intervention of the Secretary General for Infrastructure, Sergio Vázquez Torrón.

The president of the Commission has exposed the great concerns and concerns of the sector and the need to reverse the investment deficit of the State in recent years.

For his part, the Secretary General has highlighted the excellent image of infrastructure in Spain, an efficient sector that runs at efficient costs. He highlighted the opportunity represented by the recovery and resilience fund, for which the Ministry has a wide portfolio of mature projects to present to European bodies. Likewise, it has indicated as investment axes the modernization of the transport system, intermodality and the railroad, as well as digitization.

The Department of Digitization, Innovation, Trade and Infrastructure, on which the Infrastructure and Urban Planning Commission depends, is coordinating the different proposals of the business fabric in this area to overcome the difficult situation generated by Covid19.

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CEOE-CEPYME statement 09-25-2020

From CEOE and Cepyme we insist once again that legal certainty is essential for the proper functioning of the economy because it provides the necessary confidence for Spanish companies to carry out their activity in a predictable framework. This stability necessarily depends on everyone's respect for the institutions of the State.

Those who do not walk in this direction will only postpone and make more difficult the economic and social recovery that we all long for.

Therefore, CEOE and Cepyme today express their unconditional support for the Spanish Constitution, which has protected the most prosperous years in the recent history of our country, and therefore for the Parliamentary Monarchy, symbol of our Democracy.

In this sense, Spanish companies expressly want to convey our support to S.M. King Felipe VI, whom we thank for his dedication to our country and his fundamental and indispensable role in supporting our companies, especially in these last months of crisis.

On the contrary, we show our most absolute rejection of the fact that some instances of our country, with statements against the Head of State, seek to divide and confront Spanish society.

As we have always defended, we reiterate that Spain, more than ever, needs unity, stability and trust in these moments of crisis.

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# 5ODSEmpresasespañolas

# 5ODSEmpresasespañolas

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ICEX Interterritorial Council for Internationalization

The president of CEOE Internacional, Marta Blanco, has participated in the Interterritorial Council for Internationalization, inaugurated by Izaskun Goñi, general director of Business Policy, International Projection and Labor of the Government of Navarra, and by María Peña, CEO of ICEX Spain Export. and Investments. This Council, whose presidency is held this year by the Navarrese Government and first virtual due to the pandemic, is an instrument in which all the participants, CEOE, Chamber of Commerce of Spain, ICEX Spain Export and Investments – Secretary of State for Trade and Organizations of Commercial Promotion of the Autonomous Communities, value the common interests in the field of internationalization of the company, mainly at a time such as in the current crisis generated by Covid-19. Given the insecurity framework, the importance of working in public-private partnerships and the crucial role of the foreign sector in economic recovery was highlighted.

The president of CEOE Internacional intervened in the session of the Foreign Promotion Committee, whose theme focused on the measures and services of the Trade Promotion Bodies of the Autonomous Communities during Covid-19. Marta Blanco highlighted the importance of these organizations and the Administration in joint collaboration with the private sector, aware of the importance of the foreign sector, as a lever to address this economic and social crisis, in areas such as the multilateral, the European Union and at the national.

In the multilateral sphere, he valued the continuous relationship with counterpart business organizations in other countries – through international business organizations – to know the state of the situation, as well as the need to reverse protectionist measures (80% are still in force) and the importance of international governance. At the level of the European Union, it is collaborating in the review of the EU's trade and investment policy, also transferring concern about the situation with the United Kingdom. At the national level, CEOE is working on providing knowledge in facilitating trade and investment, financing, training, promotion and market intelligence. Finally, it offered the collaboration of CEOE in the identification of measures that respond to the needs of companies.

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The CEOE Foundation and the General CSIC Foundation promote the science-business approach to promote R + D + i

The CEOE Foundation and the General CSIC Foundation have signed an agreement in order to promote public-private collaboration actions that promote R & D & I applied to the social and business impulse of our country. The signature was carried out by Fátima Báñez, president of the CEOE Foundation, and Álvaro Giménez Cañete, general director of the Fundación General CSIC, and Rosina López-Alonso, vice president of Organization and Institutional Relations of the CSIC, was also present.

The agreement also contemplates the joint work of both organizations to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology between the centers and research groups of the CSIC and the companies associated with CEOE, as well as the retention and attraction of young research talent, or training in entrepreneurship, with the aim of improving the employability, capacity and competitiveness of the Spanish productive system.

Another goal of the signed agreement is to channel philanthropic and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives of companies and business organizations, oriented towards science, through support for research projects or programs to respond to the challenges of the productive sector and society, such as those contemplated in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In the opinion of Álvaro Giménez Cañete: “This agreement was born from a deep reflection between both foundations, with the spirit of generating bridges of rapprochement between science and business, and with the aim of developing public-private collaboration actions to promote research as a driving force, competitiveness and social development for our country ”.

For her part, Fátima Báñez has stated that "this agreement will allow us to marry the growing commitment to CSR by Spanish companies with the essential boost of R & D & I, and to do so in the hands of an actor of recognized prestige in this area as is the FGCSIC ".

About the General CSIC Foundation

The Fundación General CSIC is an entity constituted at the initiative of the Higher Council for Scientific Research and a group of private organizations, whose objectives include contributing to increasing the economic and social value of the investigations of this organization in order to achieve greater effectiveness and penetration into society of the results of its activity, as well as transferring to society the importance of scientific research for the economy and progress, and serving as a vehicle for private initiatives to contribute to the development of public or public-private research.

About the CEOE Foundation

The CEOE Foundation is the Foundation of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, which brings together more than 4,500 grassroots business organizations. Its main areas of action are social welfare, access to culture and training for employability. Most of its activities, plans, projects and programs are focused on them, in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

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CEN and CEOE promote the Technical Support Office for European Projects in Navarra

The Navarra Business Confederation (CEN) and the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) have agreed to promote the Technical Support Office for European Projects in Navarra. By signing a collaboration agreement, signed this morning at the CEOE headquarters in Madrid by Juan Miguel Sucunza, president of CEN, and Antonio Garamendi, president of CEOE, both entities reinforce their commitment to support the business network in the search and raising European funds.

Both CEN and CEOE share the purpose of accompanying and preparing business organizations and companies so that they can apply for the European aid recently approved for Spain, which will be conditional on the presentation and execution of public-private projects that are relevant and Of future. To this end, the Technical Support Office for European Projects (hereinafter Technical Office) arises, an instrument created by CEOE, supported by PwC Spain, with the aim of informing and advising to make the most of the European Recovery Plan and be a voice of the business community in the configuration of the National Plan for Reforms and Investments.

With the signed agreement, CEN becomes the interlocutor, channel and single link for channeling initiatives and transmitting information from this “Technical Office” in the Autonomous Community. The agreement establishes two-way commitments, by which CEN will promote the activity of this entity, disseminating all the information from the “Technical Office” to companies located in Navarra through the Community's associative network. In addition, it will analyze the investment priorities and profitable, innovative projects aligned with European priorities and with those included in the national sector plans for inclusion in the National Plan for Reforms and Investments that arise in the Community of Navarra.

For its part, CEOE will share with CEN those initiatives or projects that arise in the "Technical Office" that may be of interest to Navarran companies or may have an impact on the Autonomous Community.

During the signing of the agreement, Juan Miguel Sucunza pointed out that it is urgent to prepare and present projects adjusted to real needs that "contribute to solving the current difficulties, but also lead us towards a new, more sustainable economic model." In this sense, it has stressed that there is no time to lose “and we must anticipate the future with solid, innovative projects in line with the guidelines established by the Next Generation.

For his part, Antonio Garamendi has highlighted the importance of public-private collaboration in this process, as well as “the identification of tractor projects that are capable of recovering and transforming the main economic sectors of the territories, based on the sum of efforts between different companies and public institutions ”. In addition, it has ratified CEOE's commitment and active involvement in the recovery of the Spanish economy, with various initiatives such as the recent launch of the “CEOExEuropa” digital platform.

For operational purposes, CEN has opened an online channel to deal with the proposals through the email and has defined the interlocutor who will act as a link for the information exchange network of the "Technical Office".

On the other hand, a Technical Monitoring Committee will be created between CEN and CEOE to carry out the correct supervision and coordination of this agreement, which will remain in force until December 31, 2021, its extension being linked to the duration of the existence of the own "Technical Office".

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Meeting of the European Union-United Kingdom Trade Negotiations Working Group

The Director General of Trade Policy, Juan Francisco Martínez García, has held a meeting with the representatives of companies and business organizations involved in the Working Group on Trade Negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom of the International Relations Commission (CEOE Internacional) and the Council of Tourism, Culture and Sports.

The meeting, led by the president of CEOE Internacional, Marta Blanco, has been a great opportunity to learn about the current situation in which the negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom are, as well as the prospects of reaching an agreement at the end of year.

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Authorities of the Government of Guatemala present investment opportunities in the country and in third markets

Authorities of the Government of Guatemala presented the country as an investment destination for Spanish companies and also analyzed the possibilities of cooperation in third markets during a bilateral business meeting, opened by the Guatemalan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pedro Brolo, and closed by the Secretary of State of Commerce, Xiana Méndez, and the Minister of Economy of the Central American country, Antonio Malouf. The president of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi; his counterpart from the Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Financial Associations-CACIF (Guatemalan business organization); the president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, José Luis Bonet; and the Director of Financing and Investor Relations of ICEX-Invest in Spain, Alberto Sanz.

In the virtual meeting, organized by the Secretary of State for Commerce, CEOE and the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, in collaboration with the Government of Guatemala, the importance of the Central American country as a destination for investment and opportunities was highlighted and the strategic business relationships and public-private collaboration as a link. To address this last question, the director of the National Competitiveness Program of Guatemala, Rolando Paíz; the president of Cox Energy, Enrique Riquelme; and the partner and director of Business Development in Europe at Finotex and CEO at ENDI, Diego Ricardo Martínez.

Opening session

CEOE president, Antonio Garamendi, highlighted the investment opportunities and projects developed by Spanish companies in key sectors, such as telecommunications, energy and agribusiness and highlighted the commitment to long-term permanence in development. The institutional and regulatory framework, resulting from the excellent relations between the European Union and Spain with Central America and Guatemala, has also contributed in a very positive way, he stressed. In this sense, he assured that the Economic Association Agreement between the European Union and Central America deserves special attention, which came into force in 2013 and which has allowed, among other aspects, to boost trade between Spain and Guatemala above 40% in the last six years.

Garamendi stressed that these commercial exchanges had received renewed momentum since the inauguration of President Giammattei and his government team. And is that, in recent months, he reported, Spanish businessmen have witnessed the progress that has been made in improving the institutional and regulatory framework to boost investment; governance and transparency; of security; and digitization, through modernization and innovation processes in the Public Administration. Finally, he conveyed the CEOE's full willingness to strengthen bilateral business relations, in collaboration with the institutions of both countries and with CACIF, an organization with which there is a strong relationship in the International Organization of Employers (OIE) and within the of the Ibero-American Business Council-CEIB, "which we put at the service of Guatemala to collaborate in regional integration and turn this country into the engine of the Central American economy," he said.

The president of CACIF, Nils Leporowski, highlighted the important role that Spain plays within Europe in relations with the old continent, and a clear example of this is relations with Guatemala, whose exports to our country amount to 158 million dollars in 2019, while Spanish imports to the Central American country reached 264 million in the same period. Leporowski also highlighted the Agreement for the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments between both countries that entered into force in 2004, as well as the Inter-institutional Collaboration Agreement with ICEX since 2015.

"We are strengthening relations and not only in economic matters, but also in the cultural sphere, where there is a wide presence of Spanish cooperation, whose programs have helped the development of the country," he explained. In this sense, he stressed that it has been a very tough year due to the pandemic, but he hopes to overcome this situation with the strength that characterizes entrepreneurs. For this reason, he reported that the Organization has worked on an Economic Reactivation Plan to promote growth in the next ten years. "It is time to give a boost to investment, among many other axes that are part of this Plan," he added. Spain, he continued, has been a great investor in key sectors of the country, and he hopes that it will continue to maintain its interest in the opportunities that exist there.

According to the president of the Spanish Chamber, José Luis Bonet, relations between Spain and Guatemala are excellent, also in economic and commercial matters. “Spain is positioned as the main European investor and exporter to Guatemala, and we believe that this privileged condition of partners has been reinforced by instruments such as the European Union-Central America Association Agreement, which entered into force in 2013, and which should boost trade between both regions, favoring greater economic integration and opening our markets to new companies, particularly SMEs, ”he said.

Finally, José Luis Bonet also referred to the health crisis that is being experienced today in all countries and stated that “we are aware of the difficulty that we are facing at the moment, Spain and Guatemala share the concern about the effects of this crisis and because of the importance of a decisive response from the public powers that requires not only short-term responses, but also a long-term vision and in this response, public-private collaboration is essential ”.

The director of CEOE Internacional and permanent secretary of CEIB, Narciso Casado, acted as moderator throughout the bilateral meeting and introduced the various speakers of the day. For his part, he stressed the importance of public-private collaboration, especially at a time like the present, and recalled as an example the promotion of the Business Meeting that was held within the framework of the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government in Antigua, Guatemala. At that time, the representatives of the country's ministries, in coordination with CACIF, CEIB and SEGIB, undertook an intense promotional roadshow in Latin America, which made the business meeting a success, since it had the participation of more than 800 entrepreneurs from all over the Region.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, Pedro Brolo, stressed that this type of meeting constitutes a symbol of rapprochement and good harmony between both countries and will lay the basis for increasing trade and bilateral investment, which at this time the economies demand so much . This year 2020 has been a challenge for many sectors, but the Central American country continues to be, without a doubt, a destination of great opportunities, since "Guatemala does not stop", he declared. The Government, he explained, is committed to development, innovation and the construction of solid bases so that the world knows the advantages that this destination can offer.

Spain, he said, is a priority and strategic partner, with a bilateral trade that exceeds 472 million dollars. "Guatemala has a lot to offer, with a very valuable exportable offer in terms of quality and competitiveness," he said. Spain, he continued, is a supplier partner of large value chains, of unique products such as machinery, cosmetics, electrical appliances, textiles, pharmaceutical products ”. In the last decade, the manufacturing industry and the vehicle trade, logistics, telecommunications, infrastructures, renewable energies and construction, are some of the key sectors that present important opportunities in the Region, and that are intended to be further promoted through of the National Competitiveness Plan 2018-2032, where the creation and development of 11 clusters in all the country. In addition, it has a strategic location and represents a point of reference with markets such as the United States, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, with outlets to the Atlantic and the Pacific, and where human talent and productive competitiveness abound, he stated.

Expert Panel: Strategic business relationships and public-private collaboration as a connecting link

The director of the National Competitiveness Program of Guatemala, Rolando Páiz, explained that this program aims to help students who go out to the labor market in search of a formal job, ensure that local companies reinvest in the country and attract foreign investment. The main objective, he pointed out, is to bet on more development and less poverty. To do this, they have focused on four basic pillars that revolve around Guatemala as an investment destination. It is intended to help companies that arrive to take off, accompanying them, advising them on legal aspects to validate their business model and, once established, follow up to ensure that the reality they live corresponds to their expectations.

The Director of Financing and Investor Relations of ICEX-Invest in Spain, Alberto Sanz, sent an optimistic message when observing how Guatemala has continued to bet, despite the pandemic, to maintain a stable environment and a favorable regulatory framework for investors, despite the fact that investment has retracted globally and a 40% drop is expected this year. In his opinion, it is only a turning point until the outlook improves, as investments and projects remain in place but are temporarily on hold due to current mobility issues. Sanz explained that, from ICEX, multiple actions are also carried out to attract investment projects and projects greenfield, assist SMEs and startups in investment issues, position themselves in global business indices, research programs and others to attract foreign entrepreneurs.

The president of Cox Energy, Enrique Riquelme, highlighted that the company developed a business project that was committed to sustainable development within renewable energy and has come a long way, since they created a solar park in Guatemala and where the first photovoltaic project, with an investment of more than 120 million dollars. “The environment has changed, the situation discourages investors a bit, as they remain prudent; even so, it is not a bad time to invest in a great country and in a great project, as it is a stable destination, and where foreign investors are strongly supported ”, he considered.

The partner and director of Business Development in Europe at Finotex and CEO at ENDI, Diego Ricardo Martínez, explained that the company is dedicated to technology projects and startups and, four years ago, it moved to Spain, through Invest in Spain, by sharing the legal legal framework to support investments. Spain, he assured, is an access platform not only for Europe, but also for the Latin American market, and tax aid and initiatives on entrepreneurship and startups are the best option to initiate business relationships. Guatemala, on the other hand, he continued, represents an excellent gateway to the north, to countries like Mexico, and to the south, accessing the rest of Latin America. In his opinion, the key sectors in Spain that can be transferred to Guatemala are energy, textiles, start-ups, food processing and the tourism sector.


The Minister of Economy, Antonio Malouf, stressed that under the presidency of Alejandro Giammattei steps are being taken in the right direction to ensure the prosperity of investments. To this end, he reported, they are working in a coordinated and joint way to guide the country's Economic Recovery Plan, which considers the attraction of foreign investment as one of the central axes. In this sense, he added, a series of actions are being carried out to create a favorable legal framework for investment and improve the business climate. "Continue betting on Guatemala, since the country offers a privileged strategic location, a capable and trained young bond, a stable macroeconomy, and the will to continue being strategic allies for the mutual benefit of both countries," he concluded.

The meeting was closed by the Secretary of State for Commerce, Xiana Méndez, who addressed in her speech the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the economy and commercial exchanges. He also highlighted the measures implemented by the Spanish Government to face the economic effects of this pandemic. Regarding the recovery, the Secretary of State stated that "the strength of the foreign sector will be an engine of economic growth and employment as it was in the previous crisis."

During his speech, Xiana Méndez pointed out the good moment of bilateral trade relations: "Guatemala is for Spain a fundamental strategic partner in Central America, both from the institutional point of view, as well as in the economic and commercial sphere." Spain, he continued, “has positioned itself as one of the main European suppliers in the country where Spanish exports have grown by more than 40% since the entry into the Association Agreement between Central America and the EU. In addition, it is the main European investor in the country, something that fills us with great satisfaction and makes clear our interest in Guatemala. We believe that there is still enormous potential to intensify the flow of investments and we must join forces to make it a reality ”, he concluded.

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The Radia Program of the ONCE Foundation, the CEOE Foundation and the Conference of Social Councils of Universities begins

A total of 50 women with disabilities This Tuesday they begin their training to access technological positions thanks to the Radia Program, an initiative promoted by ONCE Foundation, the Conference of Social Councils of Spanish Universities (CCS) and Foundation CEOE, whose objective is to favor the inclusion of people with disabilities in digital work environments.

The president of the CEOE Foundation, Fatima Banez; the president of the Conference of Social Councils of Spanish Universities, Antonio Abril Abadin, and the CEO of Fundación ONCE, Jose Luis Martinez Donoso, were in charge of presenting this program.

As they explained, it is about offering employment opportunities to women with disabilities, who are the group with the fewest options for professional development in technological fields.

In his speech, Fatima Banez He stressed that "the greatest strategic asset that companies and also Spain have are people, and that talent, in its rich diversity and regardless of their capabilities, we need to have more competitive companies and a better society for all."

For its part, April Abadín He stressed that "being able, in a circumstance like the one we live in, to implement this Program is the confirmation of everyone's commitment to promoting diversity and equal opportunities in our society." He added that the 50 elected have the challenge of cementing the necessary commitment to STEM knowledge areas. "We have the talent and we have the training capacity in our universities. We only need to show, in the previous educational stages, the enormous possibilities of science, technology, engineering and mathematics for both men and women ”.

Finally, Martinez Donoso recalled that, according to all the analyzes, 90% of jobs will require digital skills in the future and that, at the same time, there is a gender gap in relation to access to and use of technology. For this reason, he continued, “and knowing that in the case of our group the gap is even greater, we have designed a very powerful technological training project for university students with disabilities, with which we want you to do a deep immersion on digital technologies, essential today for technical and qualified jobs ”.

“We like no one”, concluded the CEO of Fundación ONCE, “we know that talent is not incompatible with disability and that we can reach the highest levels of training and leadership and professional development if we try to do so ”.

The training period is divided into three phases, which combine face-to-face and virtual modalities, on the most burning issues of digital transformation, such as artificial intelligence, fintech, esport, e-commerce, cybersecurity, biotechnology, blockchain or Green teach. In addition, they will have mentorship and inspiring training with mentors from different companies and internships in technology companies.

The first phase, Brain Storm, begins this Tuesday with a talk on artificial intelligence given by Carlos Santana. The Mentor Women phase will be developed over 12 weeks in which the scholarship recipients will learn about the real contexts of the technological field from the hands of professionals who work in the digital world and will show them their day to day, in order to teach, inspire and empower them.

In the last phase, called Real Work, those selected will receive a digital training in 100 sessions of 4 hours and will be supported by mentors to carry out internships in companies selected. It is scheduled to end on June 30, 2021.

RADIA program

Radia Perlman's story inspired the name of the show RADIA WOMEN’S DIGITAL INCLUSION. Radia is the creator of one of the most widely used communication protocols in the world that makes networks work properly, stable, robust and secure.

Currently, only one out of every six ICT specialists incorporated into the labor market is a woman. This fact is also compounded by the circumstance of disability, which hinders the inclusion of women with disabilities in the field of higher education and employment. That is why the purpose of the program is to offer training and employment that includes more women with disabilities in the digital sector, recognizing both the value of their contributions and their talent, something essential to build an inclusive, competitive and dynamic digital society.

From this perspective, RADIA establishes a series of steps aimed at increasing the number of university students with disabilities sitting in jobs based on the use of digital technology.

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  • The changes update the terms referring to the Royal Household and include both appellations of origin and geographical indications

The Council of Ministers has updated the list of reserved and blocked terms under the Internet domain “.eu”. This measure complies with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2019/517 and repeals, among others, Regulation (EU) 733/2002, of similar content. The blocked terms are those that are temporarily or permanently unused and the reserved ones are those whose use is limited to their specific owner.

In 2004, a list of second-level domain names was already communicated to the European Commission, the registration of which had to correspond only to Spain because it affected its political or territorial organization. Once the new Regulation (EU) 2019/517 has been published, it is now time to update the aforementioned lists of blocked and reserved terms, and communicate them to the European Commission before September 30.

Regarding the previous list, the approved changes are limited to updating the terms referring to the Royal Household and to include appellations of origin and geographical indications.




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  135. Jaen Oil
  136. Alcarria oil
  137. AceitedelaComunitatValenciana
  138. Rioja oil
  139. Lucena's Oil
  140. Oil of Mallorca
  141. Oilmallorquin
  142. OlideMallorca
  143. Olimallorqui
  144. Navarra Oil
  145. TerraAlta Oil
  146. OlideTerraAlta
  147. BaixEbre-Montsia Oil
  148. OlidelBaixEbre-Montsia
  149. Bass OilAragon
  150. OilMonterrubio
  151. OilSierradelMoncayo
  152. OliveAlore AddMalaga
  153. Olive from Mallorca
  154. OlivesMallorquina
  155. OlivadeMallorca
  156. OlivaMallorquina
  157. AfuegalPitu
  158. Galicia Herb Brandy
  159. AguardientedesidradeAsturias
  160. Purple Garlic from Las Pedroñeras
  161. ArtichokeBenicarlo
  162. Carxofade
  163. ArtichokeTudela
  164. Alella
  165. AlfajordeMedinaSidonia
  166. Alicante
  167. Almansa
  168. AlmendradeMallorca
  169. AlmondMallorquina
  170. AmetlladeMallorca
  171. AmetllaMallorquina
  172. AltiplanodeSierraNevada
  173. AlubiadeLaBañeza-Leon
  174. AnisePalomaMonfortedelCid
  175. Antequera
  176. AperitifCafedeAlcoy
  177. ArabakoTxakolina
  178. Txakolide Alava
  179. Chacolide Alava
  180. Arlanza
  181. Arribes
  182. ArrozdeValencia
  183. ArrosdeValencia
  184. ArrozdelDeltadelEbro
  185. ArrosdelDeltadelEbre
  186. Arzua-Ulloa
  187. Hazelnut from Reus
  188. Ayles
  189. Saffron stain
  190. Baena
  191. Dance
  192. Low Aragon
  193. BarbanzaeIria
  194. Almagro Eggplant
  195. Betanzos
  196. Bierzo
  197. Binissalem
  198. BizkaikoTxakolina
  199. ChacolideBizkaia
  200. TxakolideBizkaia
  201. BotillodelBierzo
  202. BrandydeJerez
  203. BrandydelPenedes
  204. Bullas
  205. MackerelAndalucia
  206. Cabrales
  207. Cadiz
  208. Calasparra
  209. Calatayud
  210. CalcotdeValls
  211. Calzadilla
  212. CampodeBorja
  213. CampodeCartagena
  214. CampodeLaGuardia
  215. Cangas
  216. CantuesoAlicantino
  217. CapondeVilalba
  218. Carignan
  219. Carnede Avila
  220. CarnedeCantabria
  221. CarnedelaSierradeGuadarrama
  222. CarnedeSalamanca
  223. CarnedeVacunodelPaisVasco
  224. EuskalOkela
  225. CasadelBlanco
  226. Chestnut Galicia
  227. Castello
  228. Castile
  229. CastillayLeon
  230. Catalonia
  231. Catalunya
  232. Digging
  233. OnionSourcesofEbro
  234. Cebreiro
  235. Cebreros
  236. Lion smoked beef
  237. Jerte cherry
  238. Mountain CherriesAlicante
  239. Chinchon
  240. ChirimoyadelaCostatropicaldeGranada-Malaga
  241. ChorizodeCantimpalos
  242. ChorizoRiojano
  243. ChoscodeTineo
  244. HutsCarrascal
  245. ChufadeValencia
  246. Cigales
  247. CitrusValencianos
  248. CitricsValencians
  249. ClementinasdelasTierrasdelEbro
  250. ClementinesdelesTerresdelEbre
  251. CochinilladeCanarias
  252. Cauliflower Calahorra
  253. ConcadeBarbera
  254. County of Huelva
  255. CorderodeExtremadura
  256. CorderodeNavarra
  257. NafarroakoArkumea
  258. Lamb Manchego
  259. LambSegureño
  260. Cordova
  261. CostadeCantabria
  262. CostersdelSegre
  263. CumbresdelGuadalfeo
  264. DehesadeExtremadura
  265. DehesadelCarrizal
  266. Almeria Desert
  267. Domain of Valdepusa
  268. The iron
  269. ElTerrerazo
  270. The vicar
  271. Emporda
  272. EnsaimadadeMallorca
  273. Ensaimadamallorquina
  274. Huetor-Tajar Asparagus
  275. Asparagus of Navarra
  276. Steppe
  277. Estremadura
  278. FabaAsturian
  279. FabadeLourenza
  280. FesolsdeSantaPau
  281. FincaElez
  282. Formentera
  283. GalldelPenedes
  284. Gamoneu
  285. Gamonedo
  286. ChickpeadeEscacena
  287. ChickpeaFuentesauco
  288. Gata-Hurdes
  289. GetariakoTxakolina
  290. ChacolideGetaria
  291. TxakolideGetaria
  292. GindeMahon
  293. GofioCanario
  294. GranCanaria
  295. Pomegranate
  296. GranadaMollardeElche
  297. GranadadeElche
  298. GrelosdeGalicia
  299. Pebbled
  300. Guijuelo
  301. HerberodelaSierradeMariola
  302. HierbasdeMallorca
  303. HerbsIbicencas
  304. Ibiza
  305. Ibiza
  306. Idiazabal
  307. IllesBalears
  308. Island of Menorca
  309. IlladeMenorca
  310. Canary Islands
  311. Jabugo
  312. JamondeSeron
  313. Jamonde Teruel
  314. PaletadeTeruel
  315. Jamonde Trevelez
  316. Sherry
  317. Xeres
  318. Sherry
  319. Jijona
  320. Beans of El Barcode Avila
  321. Jumilla
  322. KakiRiberadelXuquer
  323. LaGomera
  324. LaJaraba
  325. LaMancha
  326. The Palm
  327. LaconGallego
  328. SlopesofGenil
  329. Lanzarote
  330. Laujar-Alpujarra
  331. Lebrija
  332. LechazodeCastillayLeon
  333. LentildeLaArmuña
  334. LentejadeTierradeCampos
  335. Lion
  336. LesGarrigues
  337. LicorcafedeGalicia
  338. HerbLiquor ofGalicia
  339. Liebana
  340. LosBalagueses
  341. LosCerrillos
  342. The palaces
  343. LosPedroches
  344. Mahon-Menorca
  345. Malaga
  346. Majorca
  347. Manchuela
  348. Mantecadasde Astorga
  349. MantecadosdeEstepa
  350. ButterofAltUrgellylaCerdanya
  351. MantegadelAltUrgellilaCerdanya
  352. Butter of Soria
  353. Girona Apple
  354. PomadeGirona
  355. AppleReinetadelBierzo
  356. Manzanilla-SanlúcardeBarrameda
  357. Chamomile
  358. MazapandeToledo
  359. MusselGalicia
  360. MexillondeGalicia
  361. Peach Calanda
  362. MelondeLaMancha
  363. MelondeTorrePacheco-Murcia
  364. Melvade Andalusia
  365. Mentrida
  366. MieldeGalicia
  367. MeldeGalicia
  368. Honeydegranada
  369. MieldeLaAlcarria
  370. HoneydeLiebana
  371. HoneydeTenerife
  372. HoneyVilluercas-Ibores
  373. MojamadeBarbate
  374. MojamadeIslaCristina
  375. Mondejar
  376. MongetadelGanxet
  377. Monterrei
  378. MontesdeGranada
  379. Montes de Toledo
  380. Montilla-Moriles
  381. Montoro-Adamuz
  382. Montsant
  383. Black pudding
  384. Murcia
  385. Navarre
  386. LoquatsCallosadEnSarriá
  387. North Almeria
  388. OlidelEmporda
  389. OildeLEmporda
  390. OrujodeGalicia
  391. PadePagesCatala
  392. Pacharannavarro
  393. PagodeArinzano
  394. PagodeOtazu
  395. PaymentFlorentino
  396. PalodeMallorca
  397. PandeAlfacar
  398. PandeCea
  399. PandeCruzdeCiudadReal
  400. PanGalego
  401. PanGallego
  402. Old Potatoes of the Canary Islands
  403. RaisinMalaga
  404. PotatoGalicia
  405. PatacadeGalicia
  406. PotatoesdePrades
  407. PatatesdePrades
  408. PementodaArnoia
  409. Herbon Pement
  410. PementodeMougan
  411. PementodeOimbra
  412. PementodoCouto
  413. Penedes
  414. PeradeJumilla
  415. PeradeLleida
  416. PerasdeRincondeSoto
  417. PiconBejes-Tresviso
  418. Paprika
  419. PimentondeMurcia
  420. Bell Pepper AsadodelBierzo
  421. Pepper of Fresno-Benavente
  422. Gernika pepper
  423. GernikakoPiperra
  424. Riojan pepper
  425. SludgePiquillo Peppers
  426. PladeBages
  427. PlaiLlevant
  428. Canarian banana
  429. PolloyCapondelPrat
  430. PolvoronesdeEstepa
  431. PonienteofGranada
  432. PradodeIrache
  433. PriegodeCórdoba
  434. Priorat
  435. Priory
  436. Camerano cheese
  437. CheeseCasin
  438. Castilian cheese
  439. CheeseofFlordeGuia
  440. CheeseofMediaFlordeGuia
  441. Guide Cheese
  442. LaSerena cheese
  443. CheesedelAltUrgellylaCerdanya
  444. Cheese of Murcia
  445. QuesodeMurciaalvino
  446. Cheese of Valdeon
  447. CheeseIbores
  448. CheeseLosBeyos
  449. CheeseMajorero
  450. Manchego cheese
  451. CheeseNatadeCantabria
  452. Palmero cheese
  453. QuesodelaPalma
  454. CheeseTetilla
  455. QueixoTetilla
  456. Zamorano Cheese
  457. QuesucosdeLiebana
  458. Ratafiacatalana
  459. RíasBaixas
  460. RibeiraSacra
  461. RibeirasdoMorrazo
  462. Ribeiro
  463. RiberadelAndarax
  464. RiberadelDuero
  465. RiberadelGállego-CincoVillas
  466. RiberadelGuadiana
  467. RiberadelJiloca
  468. RiberadelJucar
  469. RiberadelQueiles
  470. Rioja
  471. Roncal
  472. RonmieldeCanarias
  473. RoséedesPyreneesCatalanes
  474. Wheel
  475. SalchichondeVic
  476. LlonganissadeVic
  477. SanSimondaCosta
  478. SerradeTramuntana-CostaNord
  479. SidradeAsturias
  480. SidradAsturies
  481. SierradeCadiz
  482. SierradeCazorla
  483. SierradeSalamanca
  484. SierradeSegura
  485. SierraMagina
  486. SierraNortedeSevilla
  487. SierraSurdeJaen
  488. SierrasdeLasEstanciasandLosFilabres
  489. SierrasdeMalaga
  490. Siurana
  491. SobaoPasiego
  492. SobrasadadeMallorca
  493. Somontano
  494. Tacoronte-Acentejo
  495. Tarragona
  496. Santiago's cake
  497. TernascodeAragon
  498. Veal Asturian
  499. Veal
  500. Veal from Extremadura
  501. CalvesPyreneesCatalans
  502. VedelladelsPirineusCatalans
  503. VedelldesPyreneesCatalanes
  504. Veal of Navarra
  505. NafarroakoAratxea
  506. Galician beef
  507. TerraAlta
  508. TierradelVinodeZamora
  509. TomatoLaCañada
  510. Bull
  511. Torreperogil
  512. TortadelCasar
  513. TurrondeAgramunt
  514. TorrodAgramunt
  515. TurrondeAlicante
  516. Ucles
  517. Utiel-Requena
  518. Vinalopo bagged table grape
  519. Valdejalon
  520. Valdeorras
  521. Valdepeñas
  522. Valencia
  523. ValledeGüimar
  524. ValledelaOrotava
  525. ValledelCinca
  526. ValledelMiño-Ourense
  527. ValdoMiño-Ourense
  528. Vallegarcia
  529. VallesdeBenavente
  530. VallesdeSadacia
  531. Valtiendas
  532. VeradeEstenas
  533. VillaviciosadeCordoba
  534. Sherry vinager
  535. Vinegar from Montilla-Moriles
  536. VinagredelCondadodeHuelva
  537. Orange Wine of the County of Huelva
  538. Wines of Madrid
  539. Ycoden-Daute-Isora
  540. Yecla
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