Jaén, August 5, 2020. Salud Anguita and the provincial team of VOX in Jaén have held a working meeting with the president of AVAPA Antonio Figueroa and his secretary Diego Amezcua, to discuss the different issues that plague the sector and that they are leading in the words of their president “to a extreme and disastrous situation for many families ”.

Antonio Figueroa has transferred to Salud Anguita, the main problems of a sector that only in the province of Jaén has four thousand street vendors, with 103 markets and five thousand two hundred stalls. A sector continues, which has been displaced from any kind of help or support from the institutions in the face of repeated requests for help and little or no fortune that these claims have had.

On the other hand, the president of AVAPA has regretted that measures such as ICO loans have not been a solution to their problems because they have not been accepted for fear of not being able to pay them in the future due to the growing fear of future outbreaks and the vision that The sector has a lack of support from the Junta de Andalucía and the central government.
Lack of support points out, which translates into losses of 70% in the sector and that almost 80% of colleagues have had to go to Cáritas or the Red Cross to be able to survive.

Anguita Health has shown them the most unanimous support of the municipal group VOX and he has reiterated that from this group proposals for financial aid and incentives have been sent to merchants in Jaén that have had no reception from the City Council.

Anguita has lamented a lack of sensitivity shown by the authorities to help to overcome an economic sector such as street vending that could well be described as historical and that feeds many families and that contributes with its fees to the functioning of municipalities .

During the meeting, the laziness or lack of interest of local administrations was also discussed, as in the case of the Jaén city council, when studying extensions or revision of rates due to the lack or decrease of the activity that have come supporting as established by Law 8/1989 of April 13 on public rates and prices, in which its article 12 expressly establishes that “the tax that may have been demanded will be returned when the taxable event is not carried out for causes not attributable to the taxpayer ”.

The provincial president of VOX in Jaén has also conveyed to the representatives of this group the necessary and urgent meeting with our parliamentarians Benito Morillo and Manuel Gavira, the latter who chairs the Andalusian Economic and Social Reconstruction Commission, within the framework of sending these proposals directly to the Junta de Andalucía and they are taken into account in such an important commission.

The President accepts this proposal and appreciates the great work of the Municipal VOX Group for the help and interest shown in this group and its problems. Reiterating that they will attend said meeting to address directly with the representatives of this group all these problems and thus be able to alleviate as much as possible the consequences of the terrible situation in which they find themselves

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The 2019 Judicial Report of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla (TSJA) refers to the problems that affect the different judicial offices under its jurisdiction in Ceuta, stressing the lack of appropriate facilities, as well as the need to that the city has a unique headquarters. A problem that has dragged on for years and that should have been solved years ago with the unification of some branches in the former Bank of Spain in Ceuta. However, the project is paralyzed. For this reason, the national representative of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, has asked the Executive about "the reason why they have not yet promoted the completion of the new building" that would lead to this unification.

The Ceuta parliamentarian assures that “the unification of some judicial offices in the old Bank of Spain should have begun to materialize in November 2017, and it is still unknown when the sixth section of the Provincial Court of Cádiz and different Courts of the city may move " For this reason, López has questioned the socialist government if "he plans to retake this project and launch the new Palace of Justice in Ceuta in the old Bank of Spain."

Currently, the Hearing Section is kept in the Ceuta Center building "with serious deficiencies and quite negligent maintenance, in addition to the Courts being located in three different venues," says López. The award of the second phase of the work in the former Bank of Spain was made for an amount of 972,218.65 euros without taxes, with a term of execution of ten months, which was to be carried out by Estudios y Ejecuciones, S.A. But "what has caused the paralysis of the project and the delay in its implementation?" asks the Ceuta parliamentarian.

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Attacks on VOX in Olite since last July 4.

The time has come to tell the very serious events that have been taking place in Olite since last July 4th.
This is no longer just about VOX. This has to do with freedom and justice!
As you know, on July 4 VOX Navarra members and supporters suffered an unpleasant episode of physical and verbal violence after visiting some wineries in Olite. The aggression was organized by groups from the extreme left of Spain, calling themselves "anti-fascists."
Therefore, as confirmed by the townspeople, most of the violent ones were NOT from Olite, but they did seriously damage the image of the city, since the altercation was published in all media. And we are talking about a city that lives mainly on tourism.
This attitude could be expected from radical anti-system groups, incapable of measuring the consequences of their actions "for ordinary people" and for the prosperity of a city. The surprising thing is that among the violent we saw a COUNCILMAN from the city council of Olite . Well, a month has passed and the attacks on VOX continue in their most totalitarian line by the Olite city council (Podemos + Bildu + PSN).
This time, the wick has been lit by the request for a plenary session by Na + to "condemn what happened on July 4".
At this point, we are forced to clarify some things:
VOX is a Spanish political party founded in late 2013, which has NOTHING to do with historical figures from the past.

At VOX we advocate the conciliatory spirit of transition.

They cannot say the same "other parties" that make up "Let's group" those who so much like to talk about human rights, but …
– Arnaldo Otegui, coordinator of EH Bildu, was convicted of kidnapping the director of a factory to whom he NEVER paid the compensation he owed.
– Three Bildu leaders sentenced to prison for their links to ETA terrorism, have reserved a seat in the Basque Parliament (Jul 2020).
– Remember that ETA imposed terror with more than 800 murders, 86 kidnappings (10 of them murdered) and thousands of extortions.
Similarly, we must not forget the exaltation of communism by the leaders of Podemos. That makes them a communist-style party.

"As we know, the European Parliament in 2019 condemned communism and its crimes, equating them to those of Nazism"

Therefore, from VOX Navarre we extend the sentences proposed by «Let's group and PSN» and condemn:
Any terrorist act (as well as tributes to terrorists who have murdered and who are convicted)
Any type of totalitarianism: abertxale, nazi or communist, that uses terror and violence to persecute the dissident and implant his unique thought.
Does this behavior sound familiar to you? We do, but we are no longer afraid!
The racism:
– Defending legal immigration and denouncing the mafias that traffic in people and that endanger the safety of the Spanish.
– Taking measures against immigrants who are not integrated.
– At VOX we care for ALL Spaniards, regardless of their sexual orientation.
– We represent all those homosexuals who do not submit to the dictatorship of the lobby "LGTB …"
– At VOX we do not instrumentalize homosexuals for ideological purposes
The male chauvinism:
– At VOX we want to truly protect women, and therefore we ask:
. Reviewable permanent prison for rapists and murderers.
. Immediate expulsion of immigrants convicted of a crime against women.
The VioGen law has been shown to be unfair and ineffective!
At VOX we will always remain LOYAL to the CONSTITUTION. Even to reform it, if the Spanish want.
What if. We think that autonomies are a source of inequality and tension between Spaniards, as well as a waste of bureaucratic and political parallels.
We are not going to allow it to give us lessons: whoever "ties" the flag of Spain during the medieval festivals, does not condemn the attack on its visitors for not agreeing with their ideas and seeks the "euskaldunización" of Navarre society, in order to popicia their annexation to vascongadas.
At VOX we have come to stay !!! You will ALWAYS find us next to FREEDOM and DEFENSE of SPAIN and the Spanish !! We will NEVER stop giving the cultural battle against the ideological impositions of the left and we will NEVER NEVER be afraid of you !!!

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Valladolid, August 5, 2020 – Jesús García-Conde, attorney for Vox in the Cortes of Castilla y León and Deputies Pablo Sáez, Victor González, Georgina Trías, Pedro Requejo, Rodrigo Jiménez, Pablo Calvo and Ricardo Chamorro, have referred to President of the Junta de Castilla y León a letter in which they urgently request effective measures to alleviate the serious crisis that the bullfighting sector is going through, in a season marked by the pandemic.

In the letter they remember that the pandemic is assuming a very difficult stage for all Spaniards. Many families have lost a loved one, work, business, modus vivendi … which is causing numerous irreparable damages. The outlook for some sectors is especially bleak. A clear example is the bullfighting sector in the Community of Castilla y León of which some 14,000 families live and who see their future with uncertainty because the present is preventing them from working.

Similarly, quoting the President's own words, "… the bullfighting sector is very important in our community due to its cultural value, the wealth it generates and the tourist, environmental, economic and employment repercussions it brings." It should be noted that Castilla y León hosts more than 2,000 bullfighting celebrations each year, it is the second Community with the most bullfighting herds, Salamanca standing out as the province of Spain with the largest number of livestock farms.

For all these reasons, it is urgent that political parties seek urgent solutions to the celebration of celebrations, respecting sanitary measures and allowing the sector to work in the same way that other cultural activities are being carried out in our community. It is necessary to remember that bullfighting activity is developing in other autonomous communities such as Extremadura with complete normality.

Finally, they urge consensus and the search for truly effective agreements and solutions, proposing to allow employers to organize celebrations while respecting the corresponding sanitary measures. It is obvious that the aid approved by the Junta de Castilla y León to livestock farms is not sufficient for their maintenance, and they request that consideration be given to all families that have not been able to benefit from an ERTE.

From VOX and as the third political force in Spain, we express our support for the claims of the bullfighting community as well as any measure taken by the Regional Government in this regard.

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El portavoz del GPP en el Senado, Javier Maroto

He assures that Sánchez is "delighted" because "while talking about the King emeritus, there is no mention of his disastrous management in the Government and of the coronavirus health crisis."

Stresses that the Monarchy "is not in question" and "does not need protection because it is a constitutional and safe institution in our country."

He denounces the insecurity generated by the coalition government that is in “permanent crisis”, because “it permanently has a crisis that affects its different ministers or different policies”.

The popular spokesman in the Senate points out that "the most important thing for the PP is what the Government is going to put in the Budgets, and what translates into the public accounts for all Spaniards."

“Is Sánchez going to come with Budgets that raise taxes? If it does, the PP's response will be negative. The PP does not want to raise taxes, it is in the genes of the PP, "he says.

Mark as a red line of the PP that "you cannot put your hand in the savings bank of the municipalities to finance the Government." "You cannot reach into the savings of the municipalities to cover up the government's mismanagement," he stresses.

Remember that "Sánchez went to Europe to seek the support of the PPE so that Spain could have the funds for the coronavirus," and the PP gave it to him. "Or do they think that Merkel is from the European Socialist Party?" Asks Maroto, to point out that Casado was in contact with the chancellor.

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The VOX Provincial Group in the Granada Provincial Council has expressed its disagreement with the agreement the agreement signed between the central government and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) for the disposal of municipal remnants by the Executive, when considering it « blackmail for Spanish municipalities, especially for those who have complied with responsible fiscal and spending plans ».

Cristina Jiménez, VOX provincial deputy, has denounced that “the PSOE once again shows that it believes that the money is theirs and not that of the Spanish, since the signed agreement is not only unfair, it is unsupportive, as it works as a blackmail against the municipalities: those who do not deliver the remaining municipal treasury will be left out of the distribution of aid and transfers, "and has criticized that the president of the Granada Provincial Council, José Entrena, has not defended the interests of our province.

"From the PSOE-Podemos Government they want to confront us again and create first-class Spaniards (municipalities with remnants that accept blackmail), second-class (municipalities with remnants that do not accept it) and municipalities without remnants, which they definitely condemn", Cristina Jiménez has insisted.

With this agreement, the Executive uses the municipalities where the PSOE governs as a lifeline, alone or in coalition with podemites or separatists, as any non-servile government sees this agreement as a robbery. "Its only objective is to launder its painful economic management and do accounting engineering with the money of the Spanish."

«It is curious that the FEMP is chaired by a socialist, Abel Caballero. As always, socialism shows that the sectarian interests of its party are above the good and prosperity of the nation ", and also" the present agreement mortgages the future of the Spanish: indebted to the future government, not only against Brussels but in front of the municipalities. They are capable of indebting the nation for a decade in order to maintain power for a few more months, "stressed the VOX provincial deputy.

For VOX, this pact is ineffective, «since it will require modifying the Organic Law of Budgetary Stability, with absolute majorities. There we will see again the dependence on the separatists of the PNV and ERC and Bildu. Separatists and communists are the ones who really rule in Spain while this government is in charge, so we intend to kick them out in September with the motion of censure.

"They intend to launder their accounts before September 15, 2020 in order to prepare a false document to deliver in Brussels and try to avoid a rescue that they know is going to take place and that will cause cuts in pensions, salaries of public personnel and social aid. With this appropriation of the municipal treasury remnants, they want to deceive the EU countries that demand from Sánchez a program to reduce spending by presenting falsely sanitized accounts, "criticized Cristina Jiménez.

Furthermore, the agreement is an example of socialist hypocrisy and constitutes an attack on municipal autonomy that is hidden in empty words about strengthening the role of municipalities. The only thing they seek to strengthen is their tyranny over any institution, in this case the municipalities: either they are given funds that they have neither earned nor have the right to ask for, or they are left out of any reconstruction plan, to which all Spanish people.

To conclude the VOX provincial deputy, she said that «Sánchez and Iglesias see the economic and health crisis as an opportunity to modify municipal action priorities, and cut social services. In the line of the decree of the new normality and the European reconstruction fund, the government agrees the loans with the municipalities of its rope, because any administration outside of social communism or servility will see this agreement as blackmail ”.

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Seville, August 5, 2020. The municipal group VOX in the City of Sanlúcar la Mayor has denounced the total paralysis suffered by that city.

VOX municipal spokesman Féliox Macías has stated that «immobility in decision-making and the lack of projects for Sanlúcar la Mayor is the dominant trend in the current government team, avoiding the structural problems and necessary reforms that our consistory".

«From the municipal group VOX we ask ourselves what are the plenary sessions for, and what are the agreements reached in them, if later most of them are not executed, complied with or put into operation by the municipal councilors. "

In this sense, Macías pointed out that “it has been months since the municipal plenary session approved some of our proposals, and even today, we are waiting for their execution: the work table to prepare some local civic ordinances in the absence of these, still pending municipal aid for travel and maintenance for cancer patients or patients with serious illnesses who regularly go to health centers for treatment, the cleanup plan and roundabout cleaning, and the modification of urban elements and spaces in our historic center ».

"We also continue to hope that several motions presented by our group will be taken to plenary session more than 5 months ago, consisting of a battery of extraordinary economic and fiscal measures to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. ″

For his part, the deputy spokesman for the Municipal VOX Group in Sanlúcar la Mayor, Antonio Salado, recalled that "there are as many motions waiting in the drawer, such as the approval of the justification model that audits and accounts for the public money received by the municipal groups, or the request to sign an agreement with OPAEF for the management, processing, resolution and collection of sanctioning files ».

“Even some motion that our group did not present and that we support with our favorable vote, such as the installation of pictograms in pedestrian crossings designed for children with different degrees of autism and with similar diagnoses, are still not implemented today, having passed many months since its approval ».

Salado has asserted in this regard that »the group proposing this motion, Adelante Sanlúcar Avanza, seems not to be due to the task of demanding anything from the current government team, we take advantage of our group, an identical compliance with that of our own measures already approved , not to mention the different writings and requirements that we have registered requesting solutions to the problems cleaning, security, illegal occupations, the need for rehabilitation of municipal offices, the urgency in the restoration and conservation of our heritage, etc. "

«Our group from the first moment that it had representation in the Sanlúcar la Mayor town hall, thanks to the neighbors who trusted in our project, decided not to be a partner of anyone. Our main and inescapable partner is the general interest of our people and its citizens, without half measures. First, being honest with ourselves and our voters, and second, denouncing what we believe does not benefit a positive and future evolution for our people, "he concluded.

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El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

He criticizes that the government is "sitting idle" in the face of outbreaks, that its president lives in a "parallel world" and that yesterday it did not even apologize for the "ghost expert committee". "We have the worst government in the most difficult circumstances," he says.

He denounces that Sánchez did not disavow his vice president yesterday and affirms that "with his silence he is endorsing the attack of his minister to the Monarchy and to the constitutional system that we have all given ourselves."
He highlights that Pablo Iglesias is vice president because Sánchez has wanted him and, therefore, "there is only one government and Sánchez is ultimately responsible for his action."

He remembers Rajoy's “fluid and constant” dialogue with Rubalcaba “for institutional loyalty” in the abdication of King Juan Carlos I and criticizes that Sánchez has not now counted on the main opposition party. “Sánchez has been portrayed. All is said. Let everyone draw their own conclusions ”.

He assures that the PGE are a "sounding balloon" of the Government and wonders how, being so urgent, nobody knows them.

He affirms that "the Spaniards do know Pablo Casado's economic, legal and health shock plan" and reiterates "the outstretched hand" of the PP to reach great consensus.

He asks the government "a little measure and respect for the Spaniards who are having a really bad time" and recalls that many are on the unemployment lists and others still do not receive the ERTE while the Executive "does not provide solutions." "We cannot go back to green shoots because the situation is very complex," he says.

"Yesterday Sánchez did not speak of any plan in the face of outbreaks that gives confidence to the Autonomous Communities, he said nothing about a health State Pact, nor in economic matters despite the more than 700,000 jobs destroyed," he criticizes.

He highlights "the road map of the PP": an opposition effort denouncing what the government is doing wrong and proposing solutions and proposals such as the plan Let's activate Spain of Casado.

"We are the responsible government alternative and the Spanish are understanding our opposition work as many polls already say," he points out.

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The Parliamentary Group Vox Cantabria has valued that "Nobody can give for good" the unemployment data known today in our region because "We have 40,000 people in Cantabria who want to work and cannot do it."

For Cristóbal Palacio, Vox parliamentary spokesman, the situation in Cantabria is "review" as there are 8,042 unemployed more than in July 2019 and cannot be considered "Consequence of coronavirus" when Cantabria "It has been adding unemployed for a year."

“The climbing of unemployed in Cantabria has been taking place since last summer. We have been adding unemployed each of the months for a year. There is a problem and it is serious ” Palacio has remarked.

For Vox, the figures certify the “Ineffectiveness of the socialist regional government of Revilla, expert in creating ad hoc jobs for its affiliates in public companies” while it is "Unable to implement policies that allow employers and freelancers to generate employment".

"If Revilla had the same interest in generating employment-creating policies as in placing its affiliates in public companies, in Cantabria we would have full employment", Vox spokesman stressed.

Palacio has stated that Revilla and his partners "They have no strategy" and neither "capacity" for "revive" to Cantabria from "lethargyIn which is "Engulfed" and of which they are "Guilty".

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The councilor of Vox in the Santander City Council, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, has requested the extraordinary and urgent convocation of the Economy commission to know the terms of the agreement between the central Government and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) on the use of the surplus of the municipalities.

For the councilman, this agreement, adopted only with the favorable vote of the socialist municipalities, the abstention of Podemos and the vote against the rest of the municipal representatives present in the federation "causes more reasons for concern than satisfaction."

Pérez-Cosío considers that "the Government wants to appropriate the savings that come from the Santander taxes to return their amount little by little within 10 years." He also criticizes the government for demanding that said savings "be used to develop the agenda progress, assumed as their own by the Popular Party, a formation that really shows itself as incapable as the socialists to reduce a single penny of unnecessary political spending ”. The mayor adds that "the surplus can only be used in more bike lanes, sustainable mobility and support for culture, once again neglecting tasks as important at the moment as social protection, job preservation or support for economic recovery "

The municipal representative of Vox also denounces that "the left sells the agreement as an opportunity to overcome the financial balance that the Government of Mariano Rajoy imposed on the municipal accounts and that so far good results have been given in reducing the indebtedness of municipalities."

Since our formation "we have been maintaining and defending" that the municipalities can allocate the surplus in a higher percentage than the current 20% to social and health policy expenses related to the Covid-19 pandemic, such as proximity services and attention to people, acquisition of means of prevention or the reinforcement of items destined for families without income or with insufficient resources.

"From this point of view, the government measure has to be considered as an abuse and an expropriation of savings from taxes, with which it is intended to hide the consequences of the disastrous economic management of the Government carried out in recent years. months, "he insists.

To conclude, Pérez-Cosío dares to venture that the Santander City Council's economy commission will reject the agreement “for pure dignity”.

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