10-21-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs explains that in the Senate 'a motion by Cs has been approved to carry out an independent audit of the pandemic and a reserve of medical supplies'

"Beneath the veneer of indignation, the political project that it represents will not serve to unite the Spaniards", the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, has warned from the speakers' platform in the Congress of Deputies during the debate of the motion of censure presented by Vox. “Spain needs leadership and a project that defends the rights and freedoms for which our parents and grandparents fought so hard” and “neither you are that leader, nor is Vox that project because indignation and anger are legitimate feelings, but they are not a political project ”, he asserted.

“Being patriots is not calling people to take to the streets, something that Podemos also does. You have to do the difficult thing and the difficult thing in a tragedy is to help yourself and not just discuss who was at fault, "said the leader of Cs who has sent a warning," the current government has a Frankenstein majority and does not have scruples in using it ”. "The question is what Budgets are they going to approve, how they are going to do it and with whom," Arrimadas stated, once again defending the need to be useful and constructive. "We have to send Europe a reform program and it is not being done because we waste time talking about Franco, Soros and the street signs," the deputy of the orange formation has spoiled, who also considers that "Sánchez and Iglesias they need that confrontation and that polarization ”.

The leader of Cs has argued her vote against Vox's motion of censure, among other reasons, because "its model of Spain and Europe has nothing to do with the one I defend." "He has made an anti-European speech and for me Europe is freedom and the future, not a self-exclusive identity," he reproached Santiago Abascal. Arrimadas has criticized the "false protectionism that they argue because the problem is that protectionism does not protect" and has also shown his concern for the defense that Vox has made of the "Polish Justice model".

“Politics is the art of doing what is possible and being useful. I am not throwing in the towel, Spain has overcome worse things, but not when it has been divided, but when we have all gone together ”, said the president of Cs. In this sense, Arrimadas explained that in the Senate "a motion of Citizens has been approved to carry out an independent audit of the pandemic and a reserve of sanitary material" while in Congress they are debating a motion of censure. The leader of the orange formation has criticized the lack of self-criticism that there is usually in politics and has assured that “if there are things in the governments in which Cs is located that have been done wrong during the pandemic, I want them to come out, let it be known and correct so that it does not happen again ”.

Finally, Arrimadas has promised to “do everything in our power to correct mistakes and avoid cacicadas” because “sometimes it is not necessary to have very large parliamentary groups to do good things and at Ciudadanos we believe that politics of another way".

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The VOX deputy in the General Board of the Principality, Sara Álvarez Rouco, has referred today to the report prepared by the Ministry of Health, in which she discards that the hotel industry is the main source of contagion of COVID-19. "The Asturian Government must abandon harassment of the hospitality industry and stop unfairly incriminating the sector with the sole objective of blaming its poor health management on a sector they condemn, Asturians or young people, but never themselves. ”, Explains the deputy.
"The data is provided by the Socialist Ministry of Health itself: catering is by no means the main source of contagion and while they aim for curfews and confinements, they allow the virus to spread through Residences for the Elderly, putting our most vulnerable at risk ”. According to the report, explains the deputy, made public on October 15, focuses the outbreaks in family gatherings and / or friends of the coronavirus in Spain. “The document indicates that 193 outbreaks and 1,263 new cases were registered in family or friends gatherings, compared to seven outbreaks and 53 cases detected in bars and restaurants. Therefore, it is not the hospitality or nightlife that are the main focuses and, on the contrary, it focuses the infections in family or friends gatherings "

For this reason, the deputy points out that “you cannot permanently create bad press about hoteliers because it is deeply unfair. As we have already said from our parliamentary group, it seems more like they want to end the usual way of life of Asturians ”. In this sense, Álvarez Rouco insists that in Asturias “businesses cannot take any more and will be forced to close. We demand that the Socialist Government base its measures on objective and scientific criteria, instead of being constantly installed in declarations with electoral criteria ”.

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EU leaders have reached an agreement of more than 1.82 trillion euros on the recovery package and the 2021-2027 budget that will contribute to the reconstruction of the EU after the pandemic and support investment in ecological transitions and digital.

After underlining these data in the defense of the Motion of the European Reconstruction Plan, Jose Manuel Marin has affirmed today in the Senate that Spain needs "to recover its institutions, its freedom, social life, economic activity, jobs, traditions and customs", and added: "The money allocated to the European Reconstruction Plan will never arrive into the pockets of the Spanish. It will be aimed at the ecological transition and the process of digital reform of large companies ”.

“At VOX we have voted No to this reconstruction plan because the progressive consensus still does not want to move a single euro of the trillion destined to the so-called green pact, to the false climate emergency of the multinationals and the girl Greta. Right now the priority is saving lives and jobs, ”commented the senator.

Marín has reproached that the members of the Social Communist government continue to say that everything will be fine. "Tell the families of the more than 40,000 deceased, and to all those who have lost their jobs," José Manuel Marín pointed out.

After the statement that the left has stopped being interested in Spanish workers many years ago, Marín asked: "What has the ultra-left done to solve the economic crisis that threatens the middle classes throughout the world?"
VOX will always defend the environment, and will work for its conservation and does not accept, without arguments and transparent objectives, the new model of the "European Green Pact" and the massive investments it seeks.

"In addition, VOX will not settle for patches, and our representatives in the EU have urged the authorities to redirect the trillion euros allocated to the" Green New Deal "towards the social and economic consequences that this crisis will bring to workers, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. ”, José Manuel Marín has specified.

The European Green Pact attempts to criminalize farmers and ranchers, saying that they are far from being a solution to the environmental problem “and no one, except VOX, has lifted a finger to defend the enormous importance of the agricultural, livestock and fishing sectors. and, in addition, that of the chain of elaboration, transformation and distribution of the products of the field, nobody has had the delicacy to pay tribute to all the workers and employers of the Spanish field while trying to do ecological experiments with dangerous political undertones ”, has Marin said.

To conclude, the senator recalled that at VOX “we work and will work for the freedom and prosperity of Spain and the Spaniards, pursuing that there are no Spaniards without employment, for their health and family, and for national sovereignty threatened by the globalism ”.

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– It demands "the implementation of video-monitored areas in public places because we cannot allow a single more outrage and not a single death of any of our young people and this government must be involved in the protection of our neighbors by adopting whatever measures are necessary to avoid these news "

Seville, October 21, 2020. The Municipal VOX Group in the Dos Hermanas City Council demands concrete and urgent measures to avoid new fatal abuses Like the one registered in the Vistazul neighborhood, where a boy of only 14 years old who was going to the school where he studied, died after not being able to overcome the injuries suffered.

The municipal spokesperson for VOX, Adrián Trashorras, has warned that "Dos Hermanas, by its own configuration, has multiple roads, streets and avenues where vehicles can circulate widely exceeding speed limits without deterrents or prevention elements, beyond the placement of traffic signs such as the existing avenues in entrenúcleos or Adolfo Suárez ”.

Given this, Trashorras, has announced that the VOX Group "is going to formally request the respective Delegation to tender for the acquisition of static radar systems perfectly signposted to discourage driving at excessive speed, supplemented by the provision that must be delivered to the Local Police Corps of camouflaged mobile radar devices, so that they can fulfill the mission entrusted to them by the legal system and particularly for the complaint and arrest of those who commit criminal actions for exceeding the maximum speed established on urban roads (more than 60 km / h higher than allowed) ”.

“We will reiterate the plenary request that we put to the Delegate Mr. Morán to know what concrete actions have been carried out in the round of President Adolfo Suárez to illuminate the pedestrian crossings with greater visibility and the establishment of new crossings on that avenue”.

In addition, the VOX spokesperson in Dos Hermanas has announced that “we are going to demand the implementation of video-monitored areas under Organic Law 4/1997 that regulates the use of video cameras by the Security Forces in public places, since We cannot allow a single more outrage and not a single death of any of our young people and this government must be involved in the protection of our neighbors adopting whatever measures are necessary to avoid this news ”.

“They have powers to guarantee safety in public places and they must assume their responsibilities»Added the councilor. Furthermore, «the local Police must be empowered by the government as it turns out to be the competent Body in the investigation of road accidents and the instruction of reports in the city, providing them with the means that allow them to carry out their functions with guarantees for themselves and our neighbors , without sparing public resources because without security there is no freedom and the provision of both static and mobile radars complemented by a video surveillance system will prevent the cause of criminal actions.

VOX will require a drug-alcohol control preventive plan to dissuade their use and locate and detain offenders, without prejudice to enhancing the existing static deployment of agents at the entrances / exits of schools, especially the most conflictive.

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The VOX spokesperson in the Almería City Council, Juan Francisco Rojas, will vote in favor of the initial approval of the modification of the Organic Regulation of the Plenary, after collecting the practice all contributions made by your party.

The VOX claims that the government team has taken into account They are; consolidate the obligation to carry out declaration of assets by all members of the corporation every two years, provide the number of motions by municipal and plenary group up to maximum of two, not limit the number of requests and questions to the government team, guarantee and adapt citizen participation in each session and, finally, the adaptation of the meetings of municipal bodies to the telematic format due to the pandemic.

For the VOX spokesperson in the Almería City Council, Juan Francisco Rojas, these modifications are necessary because with the current plenary format, "The spirit and meaning of it as a body of representation and debate for the adoption of agreements in our entity is distorted". Rojas asserts that "The plenary sessions cannot become mere declarations of intent or rallies on national or regional policies that are beyond our powers."

VOX states that, the reduction of intervention times avoid extremely long and tedious sessions such as those experienced in the last calls for up to eight hours. After the agreement, the debate of the motions will go from seven minutes to five for the proponent and five minutes for each of the groups in their reply and / or reply, as well as three more minutes for the closing by the promoter formation.

Juan Francisco Rojas explains that, "It is a priority for our training to provide agility and transparency to municipal bodies."

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José Manuel Marín, VOX senator for Murcia, has stated during his speech at the Motion urging the Government to create an independent expert committee, that the overall management of the Government in the face of the health crisis caused by Covid-19 "has been disastrous, and a real failure."

He has reproached the members of the Government who discouraged masks "when Spain counted a thousand deaths a day, they bought late and bad protection materials with the result that our country is today the one that registers the highest number of infected toilets in the world", and has added: "They also paid shameful surcharges for sometimes useless equipment, they have erased compromising documents and have not presented any scientific report to support their terrible decisions."

A Government in which the protection of the health of its population must prevail, cannot make these mistakes, so "we can only describe this Government as shameless, helpless, misgovernance and lack of coordination," Marín pointed out.
The result of the disastrous management has been 936,560 infected and more than 48,730 deaths, of which more than 19,000 in nursing homes, and being the country with the highest mortality rate.

Marín has made reference to the echo of the international press on the late reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic by the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias and the meeting by a score of prestigious Spanish epidemiologists and public health experts to urgently request an evaluation committee that can analyze the response that the central government is giving to the pandemic.

José Manuel Marín has pointed out that in our country we have “a record of deaths, infected health personnel, unemployed persons, ERTEs, hunger lines, the effect called for their vital income and you continue to lie despite the catastrophic consequences of the mixture of his clumsiness, recklessness and insolvency ”.

I National Congress Covid-19Between the 13 and 19 of last month, the I National Covid-19 Congress was held. From which came a Manifesto signed by a total of 55 National Scientific Societies, representing more than 170,000 health professionals. In it they established a decalogue on how the pandemic in Spain should be faced in the face of the growing number of new cases and the political class was insisted on accepting, once and for all, that to face this pandemic the dominant decisions must be based “on the best scientific evidence available, completely detached from the continuous political confrontation ”.

But the situation requires a dispassionate and rigorous review to understand what has happened, according to the senator. "If something has become clear in this tragedy, it is that society as a whole has had an exceptional behavior, that its sense of solidarity has prevailed and that its business fabric has shown efficiency and capacity for sacrifice", stressed Marín, who has affirmed that if this Government has shown something in the management of this crisis, it is great ineptitude, a complete lack of leadership, a continuous lie and a total inability to recognize mistakes.

Finally, and after presenting several amendments, VOX has voted in favor of this motion.

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The Vox Group at the Santander City Council will ask in October's plenary session about the replacement deadlines for the pole of the Spanish flag installed in Puertochico and if the national flag will fly again in the Parque de las Llamas.

This was announced by the mayor of the formation, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, after receiving several emails and questions from neighbors about the situation of these flags.

The councilor has indicated that "on September 4 it was reported that the flagpole of Puertochico was being removed, after more than a month has passed since this announcement, the deadlines for its replacement are not known."

On the other hand, the municipal representative of Vox points out that “in 2015 the flagpole was broken in Las Llamas, which was placed in commemoration of the day of the Armed Forces. in Santander in 2009. After five years the rojigualda has not waved again in the aforementioned park and we do not know if the Government team intends to replace it ”.

"These questions that we will ask in the next plenary session are the result of the campaign that we started last week for the people of Santander to send us their concerns, complaints or doubts," he indicated.

To conclude, Pérez-Cosío recalled that "as we already committed ourselves during the electoral campaign, Vox is the voice of the neighbor in the City Hall and we will transfer their concerns or problems to be able to solve them."

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The Vox Spokesperson in the Parliament of Cantabria, Cristóbal Palacio, has been critical of the document presented by the Executive, considering that "Only two projects have been proposed" because the rest of the ideas shown by the Government are "Smoke, air". “The PSOE has asked for the MUPAC and the PRC, La Pasiega; the rest, there is nothing ”.

The Deputy of Vox affirms that La Pasiega "It is the only project that the PRC has underway because they have been with it for 15 years and still have not processed”And notes that they will be "Incapable" to manage the project and make it effective "On the dates provided by Europe."

Regarding MUPAC, Palacio reflects that Cantabria "In a moment of crisis" like the current "You cannot afford to spend 80 million euros on a museum that already exists."

“We are gambling all the European economic recovery funds at two tricks and if we lose them we are left with nothing. It is irresponsible on the part of the Government because we will not be able to receive funds and, if we do, it will be in the initial phase and in a minimal amount ", underlines the Speaker.

Palace points out that "Other autonomous communities"They have been working on new proposals for years and these European grants"he has caught them working on them " while Cantabria "He does not have projects underway and he has to invent them." "The Government has not done its job when it should, which was four years ago, and it was the same Executive headed by Revilla. They are incompetent ”.

Finally, Cristóbal Palacio has harshly criticized the way in which the Government has presented the projects capable of attracting European funds, leaving Parliament as "A television set" when measurements "They should have been discussed in the House."

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10-21-2020 | Cs

The GPCs deputy spokesperson regrets that time is wasting instead of taking the opportunity to "provide solutions to the problems that concern Spaniards."

"This motion is useless and the speeches we have just heard are empty of content," said the deputy spokesperson for the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, during his speech at a press conference in which he referred to the debate on the motion of censure that is being held in the plenary session of the Congress of Deputies. "When this ends, we will find that not a single seat will have been eroded from the Frankenstein majority that supports the Government and, worst of all, we will continue to have the same problem because people will continue to die and no solutions will have been provided to the problems. that concern the Spanish ”, he added.

“We could have taken advantage of the government control session to stress the need for an independent committee of experts that can analyze the mistakes made in the first wave of the pandemic so that they do not repeat themselves or to talk about the pandemic and the crisis. that Spain suffers ”, insisted the Liberal deputy who has defined this motion of censure as“ opportunistic and partisan ”. Likewise, Bal has defended that "the modern vision that Cs of Spain has and the reforms that we want to propose, have nothing to do with the image that Vox of Spain has" therefore "we are not going to support this motion," he asserted.

Bal has also criticized that there are political groups that are dedicated to "increasing tension" when the orange formation intends the opposite, "to unite political forces to find solutions together" and has labeled "inadmissible" that from the Parliamentary Group Vox "try to ridicule the European Union." “When someone appears before the Spanish and tells them that he wants to be president of the Government, he has to present a program and offer solutions. Nothing about that has been heard here ”, concluded the deputy spokesperson for the GPCs.

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VOX Senator Jacobo González-Robatto today made a harsh criticism of the Government's abandonment of the tourism sector during the debate on theMotion urging the Government to present to the European Commission an economic reactivation plan to specifically support the tourism sector to alleviate the negative effects of the pandemic .

González-Robatto has denounced that the Executive "has only presented an Impulse Plan for the tourism sector that has meant another strong setback for tourism professionals." And he justified this sentence because the document "was created for a very optimistic situation, with a clear recovery from the opening of borders and it was supposed to be aimed at promoting competitiveness, sustainability and training of operators in general." "At the same time", he pointed out, "our European neighbors imposed quarantines on tourists who came to Spain and worried their citizens not to visit us." "Again, given the passivity of the Government," he lamented.

Instead, the GP VOX presented in the Government a National Recovery Plan and promotion of the tourism sector, that "they have presented, not VOX, but the workers of these sectors, that is to say, the true experts".

"The Government lives in its parallel world," González-Robatto has reproached, who explained that "in the real world, in that of workers and the self-employed, things are not going well." “To prove it, they only have to take a walk and see closed hotels, closed bars, closed businesses. And if they walk a little more, hunger queues, "he pointed out.

Job destruction

"Workers and the self-employed need security, support from the Government," claimed the senator, who has criticized that the Government "destroys jobs without shaking his pulse."

Along the same lines, he explained that "it is not the time to raise taxes", but to "lower them", even at the cost of closing "useless ministries and not placing friends as advisers, which, by the way, do not work for them either very good".

The senator has also criticized the Executive requesting unity "when you are responsible for this crisis that directly attacks the tourism sector."

To this Motion, VOX has presented an amendment in which it proposes a specific and concrete plan for each period of the tourist campaign affected by COVID -19 bridges, Christmas campaign, Easter and other holidays.

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