A Spanish Air Force plane lands in Torrejón with ten thousand individual protection equipment

The shipment responds to the request that the Government made last Monday to the NATO Euro-Atlantic Center for Coordination of Disaster Responses so that the allies could supply medical equipment with which to deal with the Covid-19, such as disposable gowns, respirators, masks surgical and personal protective equipment.

At the air base, the cargo has been received by the Secretary of State for Spain Global, Manuel Muñiz; General José Pérez, of the Army Logistics Support Command (MALE) and General of the Air Force, Pablo Guillén, head of the Torrejón Air Base.

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03-29-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs offers her support in the face of this crisis and demands that the Government "give certainty to the self-employed, workers and SMEs"

"I ask Sánchez for a telematic meeting with the leaders of the Congress parties to agree, evaluate and define measures knowing the real impact of Covid19 on the country's economy". Words from the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, in a video on her social networks. "We are a party with the hand extended to the Government, but that asks that the necessary measures be corrected or improved"Arrimadas has said, who has also pointed out that "all the economic measures that are implemented must be agreed with the social agents and with the parties that we must support in Congress the Royal Government Decrees."

"Now there are two priorities: Saving lives and saving jobs", has also sentenced the president of the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs). "We have to think about how to keep as many jobs as possible for the future after the state of alarm," he acknowledged. In addition, the deputy has asked "Certainty and information to the Government" because "there is uncertainty and uneasiness among the self-employed, workers and SMEs who do not really know the application of the measures and how they will affect their business"

Along these lines, the GPCs president has emphasized that "Politicians have to live up to society" and in what "Cs is and will be a loyal party with a sense of state, an obviously useful party that appeals to political unity".

The president of the liberal party has also wanted to remember the more than 6,500 deaths from Coronavirus, figures that she has described as "terrible". "My first words are for the families of these people who have not even been able to say goodbye", has underlined. In addition, he has sent "Our sincere and constant thanks to the people who continue to fight the pandemic, to the health workers and to those who work so that there is a supply for the population". "We continue to work tirelessly so that this virus defeats it among all", Arrimadas concluded.

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González Laya reiterates the call to avoid trips that are not essential and the return of Spanish tourists

This is the case of the emergency shelter that the Cervantes Institute in New Delhi (India) has put into operation, which, since Saturday night, welcomes around twenty Spanish tourists who were in the north of the country. The group arrived in the Indian capital in a bus chartered by the Spanish Embassy in which a total of 24 tourists traveled, of which five of them preferred to stay in a hotel.

In India, where 21 days of confinement have been decreed, just over 200 Spanish tourists have expressed their intention to return to Spain, for which progress is being made in different options that could come to fruition over the next week.

The Instituto Cervantes de New Delhi has made a huge effort to accommodate the 16 classrooms in the center and provide them with what is necessary to accommodate up to 64 people if necessary. An alternative for those tourists who are waiting to return to Spain and who in other countries has also considered it, although, finally, it has not been necessary to use it.

This has also been the case in Ecuador, where accommodation alternatives were also foreseen in Guayaquil, which, finally, it was not necessary to use when the situation was unblocked after the intensive efforts of the Spanish Embassy with both the Chancellery and the airlines. Precisely, from there a new plane landed today coordinated by the Embassy of Spain in Ecuador and which made the Quito-Guayaquil-Madrid journey with 300 Spaniards on board; many others also arrived today from the Dominican Republic; in addition to 200 from Montevideo (Uruguay) and among which are 37 scientists from the ship Hespérides.

The situation tends to normalize in Europe, where the excellent collaboration between countries continues to be evident. The Spanish Embassies in Croatia and Slovenia, in coordination with the Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, have managed to get six Spaniards, including two Erasmus students, and one Italian resident in Spain, to board a Slovenian flight at no cost. Four Spaniards repatriated from the Emirates also traveled on the flight in an operation managed by the Croatian government and arrived in Zagreb yesterday.

The situation in Asia and the Pacific begins to unblock in Indonesia after Bali, the largest concentration point for Spanish tourists, has left some 62 people in the last hours. To these must be added 22 Spaniards who were able to depart on a flight chartered by France; three on a Portuguese flight and two on a French flight.

Something similar occurs in the Philippines, where most of the Spanish tourists are located on the islands of Cebu and Palawan. In the latter, the number of Spaniards has gone from 120 to 66. Australia and New Zealand are now focusing the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation. The strong air limitations, the scarce offer and the difficulty to make connections in other points of the world geography delay the operations for the Spanish who try to return and who are being assisted by the Embassies and Consulates in the area.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation maintains its 215 Embassies and Consulates permanently deployed with more than 4,500 officials who serve all over the world those Spaniards trying to return to Spain. Through the emergency telephone number +34 913 948 900 and through the different communication channels of the Spanish diplomatic representations (telephone, web and social networks), he maintains permanent contact with all of them to facilitate responses to their situation.

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Assessment of the Government's actions in support of the autonomous communities and cities

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Appearances on coronavirus COVID-19 after declaring the alarm state

  • Appearances or press conferences, 40
  • Question Times with the President and other members of the Government, 390
  • Informative video briefings, 3
  • Interviews of government ministers in national and international media, 64.

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It proposes to relax the conditions required for the concessions of deferrals of the payment of contributions once the state of alarm ceases.

The Popular Parliamentary Group has urged the Government to eliminate the quota corresponding to the month of March for all the self-employed by virtue of a Proposition not of Law registered in the Congress.

With this initiative signed by the spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the PP deputy secretaries Cuca Gamarra and Elvira Rodríguez, the deputy spokesperson, José Ignacio Echániz, the Labor spokesperson for the GPP, Diego Movellán, and the deputy of the Group Popular Llanos de Luna, the GPP claims the Government that, given the dramatic situation of lack of activity and liquidity that the group of self-employed workers and SMEs is suffering, proceed to suspend the collection of quotas from all the self-employed as early as this month of March, "in order to avoid further damage to a group already especially hit by the economic and social consequences of the pandemic caused by COVID-19."

Said initiative also urges the Government "without prejudice to the foregoing, to suspend the terms of entry of contributions to Social Security for SMEs and the Self-Employed while the state of alarm lasts, as well as to make the conditions required for the concessions of deferrals more flexible. (and fractioning) of the payment of contributions to Social Security once the state of alarm ceases in order to favor the resumption of work activity ”.

More Propositions not of Law in favor of the self-employed

This Proposal is part of the battery of initiatives registered by the GPP in favor of the self-employed group, for which the Popular Group has requested the Government to regulate the situation of the self-employed professionals assigned to mutual alternatives to RETA.

In another initiative, the Government is urged to adopt the necessary measures to support street vendor workers in street markets and to develop a plan for the professionalization, revitalization and modernization of street vending.

Finally, support measures are also demanded from taxpayers, workers, the self-employed and companies, such as "the expansion of the means of consultation to solve and facilitate doubts and procedures in the management of ERTE or the regulation of the obligation to file quarterly declarations of taxes, accumulating them to the following quarter and making possible an interest-free deferment ”.

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VOX appreciates the effort that health personnel are developing in these difficult times, with a lack of means, to protect us all from the effects of this disease.

We must also congratulate the staff of our nursing homes for the care they are taking with them, who are the main population at risk.

And congratulate the work of the state security forces, as well as the volunteers who work day by day to alleviate the results of this crisis in the port population.

Benavente has expressed that "in these moments in which everyone is giving their best and working tirelessly, with responsibility and a sense of duty and justice, the government must lead by example and be the first to adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of all and that we will not soon have to regret more deaths due to COVID-19 ».

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El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea, en rueda de prensa

• It transfers all the support and comfort of the PP to the families of those who died from the pandemic and, to the sick, a message of "strength and confidence" in the Spanish Health Service "that is leaving the soul to save lives" from "the helplessness of the government ”

• “In these difficult days, the attitude, sacrifice and courage of the people who are on the front line so that others can stay at home, is a sample of real Spain, that of applause and balconies, to which we aspire to represent ”

• He remarks that the Spanish applaud health professionals "throughout the day, because in the heart of Spain it is always 8 in the afternoon"

• García Egea answers Sánchez that the best tribute that can be paid to the toilets is to put gloves and masks on them

• He affirms that the priority is to get out of this crisis and that for this "it is essential that the Government be right". "The health, military and police can not wait any longer. The Executive cannot continue being late ", he remarks

• It affects the outstretched hand of the PP to eradicate the pandemic, but it demands responsibilities before a government that is not up to it

• He accuses Sánchez of improvisation, of being towed by the Autonomous Communities and of having voted "this very Wednesday" in Congress against the closure of the non-essential activity, which he is putting on the table today

• Remember Sánchez that a week ago Casado proposed to charter military planes to bring material, the President of Murcia, to close non-essential services and, Martínez -Almeida, to limit construction activity

• Considers that the Spanish deserve some explanation for the 640,000 failed tests purchased by the Government without proper approval and for constant improvisations

• He notes that "people should not be concerned about paying taxes but about staying home and beating the disease"

• Demands the Executive to help "those who lift the blind and work for Spain to have a future, to create jobs and prosperity"

• He denounces that the Executive "with one hand gives aid to companies and with the other takes it away through taxes" while demanding that liquidity be guaranteed because if not, Spain will end up without companies and without jobs

• “The Government must guarantee that a self-employed person, a small business owner or a worker can make all the arrangements with the administration automatically”

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The VOX councilor, Leocadia Benavente has stressed that »Once again, the PP has preferred to give its support to the PSOE than to support VOX initiatives to help those who are having a hard time in this crisis from the social and economic point of view. The Pp has missed the opportunity to stand up to Sánchez by supporting these measures, which are common sense, but unfortunately at the moment he is unable to bear criticism for supporting what Vox presents.»

The measures proposed and not supported by the Pp were the suspension of compliance with the tax and social security obligations of the self-employed, and SMEs as well as the VAT discount and other taxes on the electricity bill and the moratorium on mortgage payment while the period of confinement lasts.

Benavente and his party do not understand how in times of so much need, there are those who continue to prefer to absurdly protect the image of their party above the interests of all Spaniards.

Therefore, the municipal group VOX The Port, will demand an explanation from the government team about what happened, since due to the selfish position of the popular people who have preferred to give their support to Pedro Sánchez, many self-employed and families from Puerto Rico will face serious difficulties in these difficult times.

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The Ministry of the Interior carries out a new distribution of 1,125,000 masks between the National Police, the Civil Guard and Penitentiary Institutions

On the morning of this Saturday, a first batch of 75,000 masks of the FFP2 type was received and distributed from the consignment purchased by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and which arrived this past morning by air at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid Airport- Playing cards.

A second batch of 100,000 masks, in this case type FFP1, on loan from the Ministry of Defense has also been distributed this Saturday.

These first two lots have already been delivered to the National Police, Civil Guard and Penitentiary Institutions and will be immediately made available to agents and officials throughout the national territory.

Throughout the afternoon of this Saturday, the delivery of a third batch is planned, this with 950,000 masks, which have been purchased directly by the Ministry of the Interior. This lot will arrive by plane at the Josep Tarradellas-El Prat Airport in Barcelona and is made up of 800,000 FFP1 type masks and 150,000 FFP2 type masks. This cargo will then be transported by land to Madrid for distribution throughout Spain.

The FFP1 and FFP2 type masks are designed and manufactured to protect the health of workers who are subject to the risks derived from the coronavirus.

Over the next few days, as well as in the coming weeks, an important sum of masks and other protective equipment will continue to arrive regularly, in sufficient numbers to guarantee the needs of the National Police, Civil Guard and Penitentiary Institutions.

Planning and provisioning

All these items are added to the stocks that both the National Police and the Civil Guard and Penitentiary Institutions have been assuring as a result of the continuous effort made by both the departments and the Ministry of the Interior to guarantee the supply of individual protection equipment for agents and officials.

In the case of the National Police and Civil Guard, these efforts began in late January, when the Coronavirus crisis began to spread from China to other countries. The first acquisitions were intended to provide the agents who are dedicated to border control with personnel with a higher risk of exposure at that time due to the functions they have been assigned.

In total, without counting the games received this weekend, more than 1,971,300 gloves and more than 546,100 masks have been distributed between their National Police and Civil Guard, as well as other protection elements.

Penitentiary Institutions

In the area of ​​Penitentiary Institutions before this weekend, more than 145,000 masks, 2,000 liquid resistant gowns and one of eye protection had already been distributed among officials.

Likewise, in collaboration with the Military Emergency Unit, 23 penitentiary centers have already been disinfected, a task that will continue in the coming days for the rest of the prisons.

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