Ecological Transition and autonomous communities address the device for extinguishing forest fires

This is the first meeting of this technical body since the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) assumed the responsibilities for forest fires.

The meeting was chaired by the general director of Biodiversity, Forests and Desertification, Jorge Marquínez, and was attended by representatives of the fire prevention and extinction services of all the Autonomous Communities and the General State Administration, as well as representatives of the Military Emergency Unit, the Air Force, Civil Protection, the Civil Guard and the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency.

Firstly, a review of forest fire statistics from last year and the elapsed period of this 2020 has been made. Thus, in 2019 the number of claims reached 10,883 (89% of the decade average), affecting 83,962 69 hectares (85% of the decade average). So far in 2020 (with statistical data as of April 30), 2,032 claims have occurred, affecting 12,947 hectares. Both 2020 values ​​represent half of the average values ​​of the last decade. A decline that is largely explained by some

favorable weather conditions and confinement due to the alarm state.

In relation to the health crisis, the plan against the coronavirus of the device for the prevention and extinction of forest fires of the Sub-Directorate General of Forest Policy and Fight against Desertification of MITECO has been shared with the members of the Committee. This plan includes the operational guidelines to resume the support service to the autonomous communities in the area of ​​prevention and extinction of forest fires, both in the territory and in the Coordination Center of National Information on Forest Fires (CCINIF), taking into account all the pertinent hygienic and sanitary measures, and in coordination with the Occupational Risk Prevention services of the different companies and organizations involved.

State and autonomous community media

Likewise, at the meeting the fire managers of the autonomous communities presented the main novelties of the different extinguishing devices in their territories, while from MITECO, for their part, the regulations and the details of the deployment of the means of state extinction. The competence in extinguishing forest fires belongs to the autonomous communities, but the State has a national operation of extinguishing forest fires, with a significant deployment of aerial means and fire fighting brigades, which provide support to all the autonomous communities in this task.

Thus, during the period from June 1 to October 31, the device will have 73 aerial means (18 amphibious aircraft with a 5,500-liter discharge capacity, 8 4,500-liter bomber helicopters, 10 ground-based cargo aircraft of 3,100 liters, 6 amphibious aircraft of 3,100 liters and 19 transport helicopters from the 10 Forest Fire Reinforcement Brigades (BRIF) with a discharge capacity of 1,500 liters). It also has 4 surveillance helicopters and 4 remote-controlled civil aircraft (RPAS) and 7 mobile analysis and planning units (UMAP), to support extinction tasks.

Also like last year, MITECO has signed an agreement with the European Commission to provide air support, within the rescEU Transition program, with two amphibious aircraft.

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• The deputies and senators of the GPP have ended their interventions urging the Sole Administrator to resign

The deputies and senators of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Control Commission of RTVE have called on Tuesday for the resignation of the sole Administrator of RTVE, Rosa María Mateo, for manipulation and sectarianism at the head of the Corporation. This was claimed during Mateo's appearance before the Mixed Commission, which took place after several months demanding his presence in Parliament.

The GPP spokesman in said Commission, Eduardo Carazo, stressed that "Spain does not deserve a government that lies to them at all hours, but neither does public television broadcast the government's lies at all times", and has denounced the lack of objectivity of public television pointing out that “there is no balance of information when only one story is offered, that of the Government and without a time limit, but not a minute is devoted to a press conference by the leader of the
opposition, as happened yesterday with Pablo Casado ”.

Likewise, the Deputy Speaker of the GPP in Congress and Vice President of the Commission, Macarena Montesinos, has criticized Rosa María Mateo, noting that “RTVE is absolutely devoted to the Sánchez empire and directed, not by you, who is a mere puppet, yes very well paid, if not by the PSC sanchistas who have achieved control of RTVE and whose television model is TV3 ”.

Montesinos has addressed Mateo by assuring that “the Government is the main danger and the most active agent of disinformation, false news and hoax, and you are one of its great accomplices. The Spanish are fleeing this RTVE that you have described as appalling and that has made it so because of the manipulation and sectarianism that you practice ”.

Along the same lines, Senator Javier Lacalle has stressed that “TVE is not neutral when it pays discredit campaigns towards some institutions or political parties; it is not when it hides the pain of tragedy; when it omits or minimizes the protests against the Pedro Sánchez government; when presenters confront guests if they say something they don't like; when the second Vice President has a privateering license to launch his messages when he feels like it; or when it has become a battering ram of the Government, and not a free and rigorous channel at the service of all citizens ”.

On the other hand, senator Sergio Ramos has reproached the sole Administrator for not having put the black tie as a sign of respect for those killed by COVID-19. "That you put it now, shows that you are not independent from the Government and that there was no other reason than to obey the Government's order, in its strategy, these two months, to hide the tragedy, hide that in Spain they were dying many people, the pain of their families and the tear of not being able to fire them, "he said.

For her part, deputy Carmen Riolobos has stated that “Mateo has put RTVE at the service of the Moncloa social communist government with government overdose, manipulation, lack of pluralism, gas light to the opposition and minimize criticism of Sánchez, as signs of identity " In addition, he considers that the hallmarks of RTVE during this time have been "the Government overdose with 150 press conferences and 13,500 minutes, the rallies of 90
minutes of Sánchez and cut the press conferences of President Casado ”.

As for the bad data of the public body's audience, deputy Andrés Lorite has ruled that "in the measurement of audience quotas there is an equation that never fails: the lower the quality, the lower the audience quota", noting that "the bump of TVE's news audience is directly proportional to the loss of news rigor, lack of pluralism, poor neutrality, misinformation, and the renunciation of independence. ”

In addition, Senator Antonio Silván has rejected the "indoctrination of children" and "the sectarian use of RTVE's public resources that all Spaniards pay for self-promotion by the Government." Silván has defended the professionals of RTVE and has instructed the Government not to manipulate RTVE, turning it into a "transmission belt for political dictation". The senator considers the government's "use and abuse" of RTVE intolerable, "destroying the prestige of its workers and the history of the public environment."

Finally, Silván has denounced the "impudence with which the Government teaches children in the We Learn at Home program from absolute manipulation, disrespecting, plurality, and professional deontology."

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Spain allocates 50 million euros to address the Venezuelan displacement crisis

González Laya, during his speech at the International Donors Conference in solidarity with Venezuelan refugees and migrants organized by Spain and the EU, recalled that the Spanish Cooperation has already allocated more than 20 million euros to support the efforts of the countries of welcome and respond to the needs of affected people, inside and outside Venezuela.

However, the minister has stated that Spain has wanted to make a qualitative leap, specifying the support package announced, just seven months ago, to address the Venezuelan crisis as a whole, that is, addressing both its impact on the region through the migratory flow, as in relation to the situation within the country.

In this sense, the official commitment of Spain foresees that during this first year practically half of the committed amount, about 23 million euros, will be allocated to meet immediate needs, which are very high, and have increased greatly with the COVID pandemic -19, but also to contribute to the medium and long-term resilience of host countries.

Of this first large disbursement, the bulk, 12 million euros, will go to the multilateral partners of this Conference, UNHCR and IOM, in order to support their work in responding to the humanitarian and integration needs of Venezuelan migrants and refugees. , and to accompany the efforts of the host countries.

In this year 2020, Spain will also contribute five million of the 50 committed in alliance with the Inter-American Development Bank, to leverage reimbursable operations that maximize the development impact and benefit both to Venezuelan migrants and refugees and to the communities of reception.

According to the minister, Spain will also work in alliance with partner countries, other international organizations and civil society organizations in priority areas such as health services, protection of people in situations of special vulnerability, and the generation of livelihoods, both in the region and within Venezuela.

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Success resounding in the caravans of Vox in Castilla la Mancha


Hundreds of cars have left at noon this Saturday from the 'La Peraleda' fairground in Toledo to protest the management of the Government of Spain during the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Around 800 vehicles have participated in the concentration.

Puerta de Bisagra, Toledo

Summoned by the Vox political party, as in many other cities in Castilla-La Mancha and Spain, the protesters carry Spanish flags and express from inside their vehicles, to comply with current sanitary measures, their discontent with the work of the Executive led by the socialist Pedro Sánchez.

In Toledo, the ‘Caravan for Spain and its Freedom‘Has started in‘ La Peraleda ’and has passed through roads such as Avenida de la Reconquista, where vehicles have sounded the horn and its occupants have shouted slogans such as«Government resignation«.

Inés Cañizares demonstrated in Toledo.

The VOX deputy for Toledo, Inés Cañizares
The VOX deputy for Toledo, Inés Cañizares

The protest has reached the Puerta de Bisagra, where the national deputy Inés Cañizares He has assured that the central government is "incapable" and "sectarian", that "it is guilty of the deaths of thousands of Spaniards" and that it will lead "the ruin" of citizens.

"It has taken measures that are trying to destroy the business fabric and are going to bring Spain to ruin," he said, to add that Vox has proposed a Government of national concentration made up of technicians who "take Spain out of this situation."

In addition to the regional capital, Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Guadalajara and Talavera de la Reina They have also registered hundreds of caravan cars on its streets along its main roads since noon on Saturday.

Reconquista Avenue, Toledo
Resounding success in the Vox caravans in Castilla la Mancha
Real city
Real city

In Ciudad Real the National Police has also had to intervene, which has come to identify and sanction two women for rebuking and insulting the participants of the caravan.

In this province, the national deputy of Vox Ricardo Chamorro He considered that the protest was "a resounding success" and stated that "many Spaniards" in the province have responded "very well" to the party's call.

Ricardo Chamorro was present in Ciudad Real

The deputy for Ciudad Real, Ricardo Chamorro
The deputy for Ciudad Real, Ricardo Chamorro

After expressing condolences to all the families of those who have died from the coronavirus, he thanked "the brave Spaniards" who have freely spoken out to ask for responsibilities from a "negligent" and "irresponsible" Government, which "has caused many deaths "in the province and" laughed "at the toilets at the regional level.

Talavera de la Reina.

Hundreds of vehicles, mostly cars, have paraded at noon this Saturday through some of the main streets and avenues of Talavera de la Reina with drivers and passengers waving Spanish flags, honking their horns and displaying posters and placards demanding the resignation of the president of the "Government of the hoax", Pedro Sánchez, for its "disastrous" management of the coronavirus crisis.

See video in image
All kinds of vehicles supported the caravan
All kinds of vehicles supported the caravan

The members of the motorcade have responded to the call that VOX had made in Talavera, as in the five provincial capitals of Castilla-La Mancha and the main Spanish cities, including Madrid capital, for, under the motto ‘For Spain and its Freedom‘, Show the popular rejection of the" lies and deceit "of the Government about the COVID-19 pandemic in our country, the one with the highest percentage of affected population in the entire World.

In front of the caravan, Vox's car, a formation that has been represented by its three councilors in Talavera, David Moreno, Gerardo Sánchez and Enrique Etayo, along with several significant party militants who have been in charge of maintaining order on the march, which has passed without incident.


The protesters have displayed a multitude of posters against "the Government of lies", some denouncing the lack of tests to the population in general and even to coronavirus sufferers in particular, "I have had COVID-19, they have not yet given me made a test and Mrs. Montero (minister) has 4 »; and others asking about the ERTEs, "Where are we, 4 workers are at home and none have received 1 euro since March …".

Departure from Talavera Ferial
Departure from Talavera Ferial

But the banners, posters and chanted slogans that have taken the palm among the protesters have been those referring to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, whose resignation has been demanded at the shouts of "traitor", "go home", as the maximum responsible for the more than 40,000 deaths that have been registered in Spain due to the pandemic and not the 28,000 recognized by the "Government of the lies".


In view of the result of the demonstration, the municipal spokesman and leader of Vox in Talavera, David Moreno, has valued the result of the same as «a huge call success"Confessing to being surprised by the popular response and the participation of"around 500 vehicles, with about a thousand people"So that" when the head of the caravan went by IES Juan Antonio Castro, the last car from Talavera Ferial would leave ".

Talavera responded with great intensity.

"We have said loudly and clearly that we demand the resignation of this social-communist government that has plunged the country into its worst health, social and economic crisis and that is taking advantage of the State of Alarm due to the coronavirus pandemic to impose legislative changes in which it limits the freedom of citizens putting their ideology on the health and economy of Spaniards first, and its replacement by a National Emergency Government that helps citizens, SMEs, freelancers and families to move forward, "said Vox Talavera spokesman.

Vox Talavera Municipal Group
Municipal group Vox Talavera next to «Voxmovil»

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La portavoz del PP en el Parlamento Europeo, Dolors Montserrat

The PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, has asked that the funds raised by the international donor conference to help Venezuelan refugees held today "reach the people who need it and not be used by the Nicolás Maduro regime to sustain its permanent strategy of repression and violation of human rights".

"The EU and international organizations must take the necessary measures to guarantee that these funds are effectively used to improve the living conditions of the millions of people who have been forced to leave Venezuela due to the economic, political and social crisis caused by Nicolás Maduro, and they don't end up in the hands of his regime, ”Montserrat explained.

The popular spokesperson has also pointed out that the funds must help neighboring countries that, like Peru, Colombia or Ecuador, have mainly welcomed Venezuelan refugees.

"Although the initiative of this conference is positive and we support it", added Montserrat, "it could have been proposed in a more inclusive way, with greater foresight and preparation to ensure that the final amount of aid was greater than that of the modest amounts compromised. "

Leopoldo López Gil: "Maduro tries to discredit international institutions to hide the disgrace of Venezuelans who have had to flee"

For his part, the also MEP of the PP and spokesman for the European People's Group for human rights, Leopoldo López Gil, He assured that "we thank the sponsorship of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for encouraging this collection following the initiative of the Solidarity Conference last October 2019."

López Gil has also warned that "the Maduro regime tries to discredit these institutions to cover up the misfortune of more than 5 million Venezuelans who have had to flee as a result of the persecutions, economic destruction and the lack of opportunities in their country" .

"It should be noted that the number demanded by host countries at this Conference to respond to the needs of migrants demonstrates the abandonment to which the Venezuelan people were subjected," added López Gil.

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Spain and the EU congratulate themselves on the solidarity response of the international community to the crisis of Venezuelan migrants and refugees, in the midst of COVID-19

The solidarity of the countries of the region, which for years have been welcoming these migrants and refugees, has been recognized and supported by donor countries, which have committed 2,544,468,167.00 euros ($ 2,793,062,707.00) to complement and sustain the effort being made by host communities.

The Government of Spain and the European Union as organizers, together with the United Nations Agency for Refugees (UNHCR), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the governments of Canada and Norway as co-organizers, consider that the objective has been achieved. of this conference, which was to sensitize the International Community to this unprecedented crisis, mobilize resources to help the displaced population, address the deteriorating situation created by COVID-19 in the areas of concentration of the refugee and migrant population, and enable greater and better coordinated engagement of key actors.

The serious attention deficit suffered by this displacement crisis, to which the difficulties caused by the spread of COVID-19 are now added, will be alleviated by these contributions from the International Community. The EU and Spain urge countries, United Nations agencies, International Financial Institutions, and national and international civil society to maintain interest in a situation that will continue to demand our commitment in the future.

In this sense, the organizers celebrate and appreciate the announcement made by the representative of the Canadian government to host the organization of the next follow-up meeting of this conference.

The actors who have participated in the meeting have made visible to the world the worst crisis of displacement that Latin America and the Caribbean has suffered in its recent history. Spain and the European Union are grateful for the effort that each of the donors has responsibly undertaken and urge them to continue supporting the efforts of the receiving countries, so that refugees and migrants can establish themselves, in a concerted and peaceful manner, in host societies, while this situation lasts.

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Acto Presentación Candidatos Madrid.

Holders of his speech:

• It requires the Executive to make an examination of conscience and rectify because "it lacked foresight, transparency, coordination, efficiency and good management."

• He describes the agreement with Bildu as a “historical error and true irresponsibility” because “it damages the memory of the victims of terrorism and the credibility of our country at a time when it should have protected it”.

• Affirms that “any recovery process must be based on the Constitution, on equality, within the framework of the market economy, and on our vocation and
European spirit ”, for which he regrets that the Government strives to“ sign agreements with those who deny the values ​​that united the vast majority of Spaniards in our Transition ”.

• He points out that “a program of sustainable reforms over time is only reached from equilibrium and not from rupture. And you have shown that every day
they play with each other. They are able to affirm one thing and the opposite. "

• He assures that listening to the intervention of the first vice-president of the Government "it would seem that everything that has happened to us was inevitable, and it is not true" "The Government has tried that we all assume its management as if there had been no alternative".

• Defends "recovering the path of certainty, security and well-being with solvent proposals", such as the Plan Activamos España, which Pablo Casado has presented, with sanitary, economic and legal measures to guarantee the health and well-being of Spaniards in a framework of liberties and reactivate the economy and employment ”.

• Ask Calvo if he already has a pact closed in advance with his partners and if he is going to repeal in full the labor reform that led to the creation in Spain
of almost 3 million jobs.

• Stresses that this Commission "must be the space where the voice of civil society, of experts, scientists, workers, the self-employed, businessmen … is heard."

• “We have sat in this Commission with a single objective, which is to recover for the Spanish the opportunities they have lost in this very serious crisis. I hope they do not use us as a decoration for their roadmap based on partisan interests. ”

• He emphasizes that “when what is at stake is raising this country, the Popular Party will always be seen putting its shoulders to the ground; building ”.

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For several months, the Ceuta have seen large merchant ships anchor in the South Bay to refuel. These are bunkering operations associated with the port of Tanger Med that are diverted to this area, where a spill would end up affecting the beaches of Ceuta. Therefore, the senator of VOX for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, raised a question to the Government of the Nation asking for information about these operations and claiming to know if Spain had issued any diplomatic complaint.

The Executive of Pedro Sánchez points out that, according to the information available through the Ceuta Port Authority, “although the fuel transfer operations with barge take place in waters that are immediately close to the territorial sea limit drawn by Spain, they have been carried out entirely in the territorial waters of Morocco ”. For this reason, the Government ignores the situation, pointing out that they are waters of the neighboring country.

"Once again Morocco uses all kinds of tricks to harass Ceuta and bunkering is one more example in the Moroccan escalation for tightening the rope in relations with Ceuta and, therefore, with the Spanish State", says the president of VOX Ceuta, Juan Sergio Redondo. For the leader of the training, that Morocco allows refueling in front of the Ceuta beaches is "all a provocation that can have terrible environmental consequences for the city." And it is that, says Redondo, "the Moroccan authorities are perfectly aware that, if any type of spill occurs, due to the disposition of the tides and currents in the South Bay, it would end up fully affecting our coasts for the benefit of theirs" .

"With the risk of taking this type of supply to an area completely remote from the port control of Tangier Med, it indicates that transferring these operations to its waters in the southern bay is a deliberate way of continuing in its line of pressure and harassment on our city ​​”, warns Redondo.

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Secretary of State for Energy

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Luciano Ferrer, councilor and spokesman for the Municipal Group Vox Castellón de la Plana understands that this is not the time for adventures and that we must focus on the serious crisis we are going through.

Ferrer He has argued his decision adding: "We do not know what it is, we do not know how much it will cost us and we do not know what it is for. Prudence tells me the time is not now

"Vox will always defend the environment, continued to affirm Ferrer, paraphrasing one of his deputies in the European Parliament, and will work for its conservation, but we must be capable of structuring a healthy and patriotic conservationism, far from the fundamentalism of environmentalism of globalist lobbies that do not distinguish putting man below the animal or the landscape, but with respect for the animal, and to the landscape. ”

Vox it does not accept, without arguments and transparent objectives, the new model of the Europeo European Green Pact ”and the“ massive investments it seeks ”despite having been born in the EU.

Vox It will not settle for patches and its representatives in the EU have urged the authorities to redirect the billion euros allocated to the "Green New Deal" towards the social and economic consequences that this crisis will bring to workers, employers and the self-employed.

The EU continues with its ideological agenda, as it has indicated Jorge Buxadé, MEP of Vox, who has shared in a statement the indications that he and the rest of the Members of the European Parliament have received in relation to treatment with “Gender perspective” of this crisis.

They talk about "mobilizing" billions of euros due to climate alarmism: raising taxes, creating more taxes, forced industrial reconversions, …

The greatest exercise in social engineering in history that will enrich the few, can destroy the middle class in Spain, and condemn the so-called developing countries to never reach the economic levels of Europe, guaranteeing a future of massive migrations.

Mazaly Aguilar, Deputy of Vox in the European Parliament, it is very clear in the diagnosis of the situation: "In the "Green Deal", the European Green Pact, an attempt is made to criminalize the farmer and rancher saying that they are far from being a solution, as Vox he understands it, to the problem of the environment, and it is such a serious mistake that we do not realize that when the farmer and rancher are in the problem of having to comply with an exacerbated 'green regulation' it is against the sword and the wall . Someone has to understand that profitability is essential for any investment. Farmers and ranchers need their farms to be profitable and the verde green pact ’is a falsehood and a lack of respect for them.”

Agriculture plays a fundamental role in protecting the environment and in food security in Spain and Europe. Especially when the farmer – and by extension livestock and fishing – invest, despite the fact that it means a decrease in their profits, in that their harvests, breeding and captures comply with the strictest health standards.

"No one except Vox, has moved a finger to defend the enormous importance of the agricultural, livestock and fishing sector and, in addition, that of the chain of production, transformation and distribution of farm products, no one has had the delicacy to pay tribute to all workers and employers in the Spanish countryside while trying to do 'ecological experiments' with dangerous political backgrounds. For example, wild cattle ranches have been left unprotected, who maintain a unique species and ecosystem in the world: the fighting bull, preserved by Spanish traditions, and the pasture. ”concludes Luciano Ferrer

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