El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea

He urges Sanchez to deliver to Torra the document of the sentence for which he has been convicted and disqualified for disobedience, during the meeting he will have with him in Barcelona, ​​“so that he finds out that he cannot continue to be president of the Generalitat "

He urges Sanchez to deliver to Torra the document of the sentence for which he has been convicted and disqualified for disobedience, during the meeting he will have with him in Barcelona, ​​“so that he finds out that he cannot continue to be president of the Generalitat "

“Instead of signing a blank check to Torra to continue insulting the Justice and recognize him as the legitimate president of the Generalitat, let Sanchez let him know that the TSJC has sentenced him as someone who should not go one minute ahead of the Generalitat, ”he says.

He denounces that "Sánchez is paying the price of his investiture and fulfilling his commitments with Torra and Bildu while ignoring his commitments with the Spaniards."

“If the president of the Government respects Justice, the judges, the legal system; he respects himself and the country he represents, he should deliver this sentence, ”he says.

He asks Sanchez if he would meet with any regional president who had been disqualified and convicted and assures that if he is going to do it with Torra it is for the “spurious reason that he needs him to continue in the armchair of Moncloa”.

He affirms that the fundamental thing is to say to Sanchez that “no smoke screen will cover that he has appointed the number five of the PSOE for Madrid as the State's attorney general”.

He criticizes that, in yesterday's interview, Sánchez referred to Dolores Delgado as an “independent” person when he has been on the PSOE lists and has intervened in PSOE meetings. "No smoke screen will cover that and the fact that he will meet a condemned," he reiterates.

He assures that, at this time, “the Attorney General, deputy number five of the PSOE, is a fundamental piece for Sanchez to fulfill his commitments that the Prosecutor's Office serve Torra and Junqueras and not Spain”.

He stresses that "the PP has long been defending the freedom of parents to choose the education of their children" and ensures that "the PSOE is upset that parents are free to choose the education they want for their children."

"Ministers must be aware that the Spaniards also want to be able to choose like them the center where they take their children to be educated."

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Spanish exports increase 1.4% until November

For the Secretary of State for Commerce, Xiana Méndez, "exports continue to grow at a sustained pace, in a global context of some slowdown in international trade. The formation of a government in Spain and the reduction of tariff tension between the United States and China points to a recovery in international trade activity that should improve the outlook for our exports in the coming months. "

The growth of Spanish exports (1.4%) was higher than Germany (0.6%) and the United Kingdom (-0.5%), and lower than the euro zone as a whole (1.8%), France (2.7%), Italy (2.1%) and EU (2.0%).

Exports to the EU (65.9% of the total) grew 1.7% year-on-year. Exports to the euro zone rose 1.3% and those destined for the rest of the EU 2.9%. Exports to third destinations (34.1% of the total) grew 0.8%, with increases in exports to North America (8.6%), Asia excluding the Middle East (7.3%) and Africa (0 , 7%).

The Autonomous Communities with the highest growth in their exports were Aragón (12.4%), Navarra (10.7%) and Principality of Asturias (8%). The greatest decreases occurred in the Balearic Islands (-8.9%), the Canary Islands (-8.2%) and Castilla y León (-4.7%).

Imports grew 1% year-on-year to 297.409 million euros, also a historical maximum. As a result, the trade deficit of the first eleven months of the year stands at 29,885.9 million euros, 2.3% less than that registered in the same period of 2018, with the coverage rate at 90% (0, 3% in the period January-October 2018).

November data

Exports in November reached 25,061 million euros, representing a 0.9% decrease compared to the same month of 2018. This decrease is smaller than that registered in the euro zone (-3.3%) and in the EU ( -3%).

Exports to the EU (66.4% of the total) rose 0.4%. Those directed to the euro zone grew 1.5% and those destined for the rest of the EU decreased 3.3%. The increases in exports to the United Kingdom (2.1%), France (0.9%) and Germany (0.7%) stand out.

The subsectors that behaved best were meat products, medicines, aircraft and fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Imports decreased to 26,925 million euros (3.3%). As a result, a deficit of 1,864 million euros was registered, 27.5% lower than in the same month of 2018.

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01-20-2020 | Cs

On Saturday, the directors will discuss the amendments to the articles of bylaws and strategy to subsequently be sent to the affiliates who are the ones who will have the last word.

"We want the General Assembly to materialize in a consensus in which the members have the voice and are the protagonists." This was stated by the spokeswoman for the Citizen Management Commission (Cs), Melisa Rodríguez, during her speech before the media after the meeting held at the national headquarters. Rodríguez has insisted that “the drafts of the articles of bylaws and strategy have not been discussed or voted on in the Manager”.

In this sense, the spokeswoman of the Manager explained that next Saturday it will be the directors who will discuss the amendments to the articles of bylaws and strategy to, subsequently, be sent to the entire affiliation “because it is the affiliates who have the last word".

Rodríguez has claimed that since the liberal formation "they have been defending for years that there has to be an educational pact so that education is not in the debate of throwing junk at the head of political life." Also, the spokeswoman of the Management Committee of Cs has affected the statements of Victoria Rosell, “I find it curious to talk about the application of a 155 to a government that defends the Constitution and democratic values ​​and have not worried when children in Catalonia made them raise their hands if they were children of Civil Guard. ”

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In the last month, the number of employed persons with foreign nationality has added 1,527 workers (0.07%).

By regimes, the majority of foreign affiliates are framed in the General Regime, 1,774,759 (this data includes the Special Agrarian System, with 225,274 employed, and that of Hogar, with 167,620). They are followed by the Regime of Autonomous Workers, with 346,375 members, the Special Regime of the Sea, with 3,806, and that of Coal, with 41.

Among foreign affiliates to Social Security in December, 1,274,804 come from countries outside the European Union and the rest (850,177) from community countries. Of the total figure, 1,199,220 are men and 925,762 are women.

The largest groups of foreign workers come from Romania (341,530), Morocco (268,239), Italy (126,151) and China (108,945). They are followed by national workers from Colombia (75,427), Ecuador (72,908), United Kingdom (68,472), Venezuela (66,901) and Bulgaria (59,970).

Autonomous communities

In interannual terms, the affiliation of foreigners increases in all the autonomous communities. Galicia (10.42%), Basque Country (9.75%) and Navarra (9.38%) are the autonomies that more foreign workers have added in the last year. Next, Castilla y León (8.64%), Aragón (7.95%) and Cantabria (7.81%) are located.

In the last month, the number of foreign affiliates has increased in Andalusia (4.45%), Castilla-La Mancha (1.72%), La Rioja (1.10%), Canary Islands (0.30)% and Madrid (0.25%). The affiliation of foreigners decreases in the other autonomies, particularly in Extremadura (-6.49%), Balearic Islands (-5.37%), and Cantabria (-1.9%).

The affiliation of foreigners by autonomous communities is distributed as follows:

Table affiliation of foreigners in DecemberMinistry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration

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Maroto: "To continue strengthening ties with Latin America, it is essential that we collaborate in tourism"

Reyes Maroto has chaired a meeting with Latin American Tourism Ministers at the Royal Palace of Madrid, which was also attended by the Secretary of State for Tourism of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Isabel Oliver; the Secretary of State for International Cooperation and for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Juan Pablo de Laiglesia; the director of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) , Aina Calvo; the secretary general of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Zurab Pololikasvili, and the president of National Heritage, Alfredo Pérez de Armiñán.

Reyes Maroto has pointed out that tourism is a sector that "creates wealth, favors equality, helps fight depopulation, that allows us to be more and better connected internationally, and that has proven to be an effective way to share and publicize our culture and values ​​in the world. "

He also noted that the Ibero-American Conference of Ministers of Economy and Tourism of Guatemala in 2018 was very important to articulate public policies for the development and management of sustainable tourism: "Ibero-America has always been a priority for Spain: we have to walk together in our tourism strategy to promote a model of economically, socially and environmentally sustainable tourism. "

At the meeting, the Latin American tourism officials exchanged opinions on the joint work that will be developed this year at the XXVII Ibero-American Summit of Andorra, under the slogan 'Innovation for sustainable development – Objective 2030'.

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The Popular Party continues its parliamentary activity in the Lower House, and has registered new appearances by the Government of Pedro Sánchez. Specific:

  1. The second vice-president of the Government, to indicate the measures that the Executive will adopt to promote the improvement of the care and integral protection of the minors supervised in centers dependent on the Territorial Administrations.
  2. The Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function, to explain the criteria by which the Government threatens to apply Article 155 to the Region of Murcia.
  3. The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, to give an account of the measures that will be put in place to guarantee the freedom of parents to choose the type of education they want their children to receive, within the framework of the Constitution.

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Carmen Calvo: "The policy needs to be useful and constructive"

Calvo has assured "it is very necessary that the policy be useful and constructive, that it gives answers in a democratic key and for the vast majority, to all the issues that have been accumulating unequally and unfairly throughout so many years of crisis and of paralysis. "

The vice president said that the presiding Commission is "the body legally envisaged to coordinate the Government, discuss and prepare the issues that the Council of Ministers will adopt from a political and legal point of view."

Carmen Calvo has shown "with great enthusiasm, with a lot of energy and with courage, in connection with what people feel on the street. This legislature will be plagued by new laws and bills that will meet the objectives that we reflect in our government program. "

SAR Report

For questions regarding the report of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) On the inclusive language in the constitutional text, the vice president has stressed that "what I wanted a year and a half ago was to help formal and official language, and that our splendid language be updated with what is normal in the street : They call us vice-presidents, ministers, deputies, mayors or councilors. It is about moving forward in language with what is already normal in the street. "

Finally, Carmen Calvo has wished that the report "is not disappointing for women who want to be named according to our gender, because advancing in inclusive language or stopping it is not in anyone's hands: it is on the street and in our lives. It is something as normal, as democratic and as desirable as language to help pick up the reality that already exists, and transform it with respect towards women. "

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Defense and Red Cross renew their collaboration in humanitarian aid and emergency actions

The agreement has been signed at the headquarters of the Department by the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, and the president of the Spanish Red Cross, Javier Senent.

Javier Senent pointed out in his speech that the collaboration between the Red Cross and the Ministry of Defense has always been extraordinary and close with absolute mutual respect. He also stressed being very proud to "work with the Armed Forces and the Military Emergency Unit, a model that has greatly favored the Red Cross."

For her part, the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, said that if there is something that we have in common the Red Cross and the Armed Forces is that dedication to citizens, since both institutions are to serve the citizens, to Make a fairer world.

In addition, Margarita Robles has highlighted one thing she likes about the Red Cross and the Armed Forces, "who are not looking for prominence, because they are willing to work and willing to serve society."

The agreement includes several lines of action. On the one hand, Defense will provide logistical support to the Spanish Red Cross in the development of its humanitarian work in international cooperation projects and in emergency humanitarian aid actions in the Spanish territory or in third countries affected by catastrophes and public calamities.

Training is another area of ​​work of this agreement. The Red Cross will collaborate in the dissemination of knowledge such as Humanitarian Law or International Criminal Law with military training, training and Higher Military Studies.

In addition, activities will be organized to train Armed Forces personnel in the execution of humanitarian aid actions aimed at supporting the professional insertion of those military personnel who must be incorporated into civilian life.

The Spanish Red Cross is a voluntary and public interest humanitarian institution that carries out its activity under the protection of the State, in accordance with the international agreements signed and ratified by Spain, the applicable national legislation and its own internal regulations.

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01-20-2020 | Cs

The leader of Cs regrets that the budgets presented by the Government 'force to pay to the middle classes the black holes of the Generalitat' and announces that they do not support the accounts of Aragonese

"We will use all the tools at our fingertips so that Quim Torra does not hold on to the position." This has been said by the leader of Citizens (Cs) in Catalonia and senator, Lorena Roldán, when attending the media after meeting with the Catalan Civil Society (SCC). Roldan has reiterated that Torra "is no longer the president of all Catalans because the Central Electoral Board (JEC) has withdrawn the minutes" and has warned the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, to respect the rule of law and not place the Parlament "outside the law again" not enforcing the resolution of the JEC.

The leader of Cs has lamented that the budgets presented by the Government "force the black holes of the Generalitat to pay the middle classes" and has announced that they will not support the accounts prepared by Vice President Pere Aragonés. Roldan has said that "it is not understood how the economic differences between Podemos and Junts per Catalunya have disappeared" and has pointed out that the new budgets "instead of eliminating beach bars or prosecuting tax fraud, they put their hands in the pocket of the Catalans" .

At the same time, Cs and SCC have met to address the situation of political and social crisis in Catalonia where Roldán has confirmed “good tuning” in the proposals defended by the entity and the Orange Party. "We share the solutions to get out of the black stage of the 'procés' and we commit ourselves to move them forward," he said, and explained that "it is the time for the constitutionalists to work together to give voice to the Catalans who are tired of this situation. and that they want to return to coexistence and freedom ”.

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Robles signs an agreement with the ONCE Foundation and CERMI to promote the culture of Defense

The agreement has been signed by the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, the president of the ONCE Foundation, Miguel Carballeda, and the president of CERMI, Luis Cayo.

In his speech, the president of CERMI, Luis Cayo, said that if we take stock of what has been done in these years, we can describe it as productive and successful. And he has given as an example of the achievements, that in the Military Career Law a more dignified, more inclusive position has been granted to the military who acquire a disability in the performance of their mission.

For his part, Miguel Carballeda, president of the ONCE Foundation, stressed that ONCE provides this support to the Armed Forces, to groups that work for others and that improve the lives of others, essential in a modern and advanced country.

She has also asked the minister to assert the value of the Armed Forces, the role of the State Security Forces and Bodies, and also the role of social organizations to achieve the recognition and the right to respect they deserve.

Ministry of DefenceThe Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, said "that progress has been made, but it is clear that there is still a lot to be done; that there are still a series of rules that need to be modified and changed."

Finally, Robles thanked CERMI and ONCE, that they serve as an incentive for us to improve every day, so that every day we empathize more with those people who working for the Armed Forces in that service to Spain, have suffered a disability and May they feel more integrated every day.

The signing of this agreement is due to the special sensitivity that the Ministry of Defense has always shown with military personnel with disabilities and intends to continue the Department's commitment policy with people with disabilities for their integration, personal and professional development. Commitment initiated in 2007 with a first framework agreement between the Ministry of Defense, the ONCE Foundation and CERMI and extended in different addenda.

According to the agreement, the Ministry of Defense undertakes to facilitate the participation of persons with disabilities in those activities of dissemination of the historical-artistic heritage of the Department, as well as to promote the organization of seminars and courses with representatives of the signatory institutions, and facilitate attendance at emblematic acts such as swearing of flag to persons with disabilities.

For their part, both the ONCE Foundation and CERMI will provide advice on labor issues to military personnel with disabilities, will advise on the promotion of accessibility within the Armed Forces and will collaborate in the development of training, awareness and prevention programs in the field contemplated. in the agreement.

Disability Defense Actions

In order to achieve the objective proposed in the Comprehensive Plan for Disability Support in the Armed Forces, approved in 2015, the Office of Disability Assistance in the Armed Forces (OADISFAS) was created in 2016.

Framed in the Division of Equality and Personnel Support of the Ministry of Defense, this office is constituted as a catalyst center and reference point in all the actions and policies aimed at people with disabilities in the Ministry of Defense.

The main actions of this office include the following:

  • Assistance to military personnel with disabilities: Military personnel that cause leave in the Armed Forces for loss of psychophysical fitness are attended by qualified professionals from OADISFAS. A team of psychologists, social workers, social educators and management experts supports these people.
  • Visibility of military disability: Since the approval of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan, Defense has followed a policy aimed at active participation in the various forums, events and social organizations in the field of disability. This active participation has served to enhance the visibility of military personnel with disabilities and to integrate the Ministry into the network of Third Sector organizations that make up disability associations.

As part of this participation in issues that affect disability, the institutional relations established with key organizations and organizations in this area, such as the Spanish Association of Military and Civil Guard with Disabilities (ACIME), stand out; the Royal Board of Disability; the ONCE Foundation and CERMI.

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