Remember that in 2009, without asking anything in return, the PP supported Patxi López as Lehendakari because "above all was constitutionalism" and urges the PSOE to now have the same height of view in Navarra

The deputy secretary of Social Policy and member of the negotiation team of the PP Governability Committee, Cuca Gamarra, affirmed today that "if the PSOE agrees to govern Navarre with the support of Bildu and the nationalists, it will be moving away from constitutionalism and generating a government weak and unstable "that will take more steps towards independence.

In declarations to the media in Logroño, Gamarra has defended the legitimacy so that "Navarra Suma, with UPN, Cs and the PP, that has won these elections, is the one who governs, because the constitutionalism must govern Navarre", at the same time that has alerted against the danger of the nationalist and independence advance in this region.

The popular leader recalled that in 2009, without asking anything in return, the PP supported the Socialists so that Patxi López was Lehendakari because "above all was constitutionalism" and now it is the PSOE who must have the same height of view in Navarra. In this way, he has urged the PSOE "to reflect and not move away from constitutionalism, not to betray neither the Navarrese, nor the Spaniards delivering -as Bildu said yesterday, because it will not be for nothing-, Navarra to the independence movement and to the parties that do not distance themselves from terrorism, "he continued.

On the post-electoral pacts, Gamarra said that, after informal contacts, "the moment of truth comes" and we must "hold formal talks" so that, where the PP has received the majority support of the citizens, a center-right government.

Cuca Gamarra has appealed to responsibility and seriousness when negotiating, so that "no autonomous communities or municipalities are negotiated in exchange for support in the Government of Sanchez." He also recalled that Cs said during the election campaign that he would not vote with socialism or Sanchez and that he would agree to center-right governments.

The popular leader has insisted that her training "will talk to everyone" and seek agreements "without change of trading cards or marketing," as happened in the Junta de Andalucía and that Cs and Vox will have to explain to their voters why not sit down to negotiate because, if they do not, "they will promote more Sanchez governments in many territories or that Carmena continues to govern in Madrid".

Before participating in an awards ceremony to different associations by the Celiac Association of La Rioja in the Cultural Center of Ibercaja, the Deputy Secretary of Social Policy wanted to show the commitment of the PP with people with celiac disease.

Gamarra has vindicated the importance of early diagnosis, since there are many people who suffer from this disease and do not know it. He also explained that from his party will seek mechanisms for gluten-free staple foods lower their high price compared to those who do, in order to achieve equity and equality between Spaniards.

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The historian Diego de Colmenares, in his 'History of the distinguished city of Segovia and compendium of the stories of Castile', says that: "For those same days, on March 21 (1520), the feast of St. Benedict, a devoted citizen of ours, named Antonio de la Jardina, assayer of the mint, put at his expense the stone image of Our Lady , in the hollow or niche of the bridge that looks at noon; and that of San Sebastián in the niche that faces north: religious action that deserves this memory. Once it is proved that the statues were missing from there, so that the niches were made; or they were of Hercules, as they say old memories, or of others ».







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The PP of Badajoz city has requested the Electoral Board of the Zone an investigation of all the votes of the inspectors Socialists, about 200, after confirming this collegiate body that a PSOE auditor voted twice in the city on May 26.
The Electoral Board of Badajoz, as indicated in a resolution, has detected that a PSOE intervener voted twice, once at the table where he was registered and another in which he served as a socialist assistant, deriving his opinion, which is for the Badajoz PP of extreme moral and legal gravity, the court by if the facts are constitutive of a criminal offense.
Faced with this regrettable action, on which the socialists should give public explanations, the Popular Party of Badajoz has submitted a petition to the Provincial Electoral Board requesting an investigation of all the votes cast by the socialist inspectors, and that the scrutiny of the two tables affected by the case confirmed by the Electoral Board itself be annulled.
Prior to this opinion of the Electoral Board, the PP had requested information from this body, as the popular auditors observed a suspicious performance by their counterparts of the PSOE, with comings and goings by several polling stations, which has now resulted in Confirmation that, at least one of them, twice cast their vote in two different tables.
The PP calls for an in-depth investigation, because the facts already proven by the Electoral Board are constitutive of a serious electoral crime, a negligent act of a socialist inspector that, given the little information currently available, could have occurred in more cases, so that the investigation should be extended to all the tables where the inspectors of the PSOE could have voted.

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Ask the PSOE to explain if it is the same party that will deliver Navarra to Bildu or who respected the Constitution and guaranteed the stability of our country

The general secretary of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, recalled today that "Pedro Sánchez is the first president of a government that dares to negotiate with Bildu and the first to be invested thanks to this party." "A year ago nobody would have dared to agree with Bildu, with the heirs of Herri Batasuna and a stage that we all want to leave behind in the Basque Country. A year later, it deepens those relationships, "he says.

Speaking to the media in Alicante, the popular leader added that "the parties that negotiate with the Socialist Party must know that they will sit down at the table with someone who tries to launder Bildu."

In this line, Garcia Egea has asked the PSOE of Pedro Sanchez to explain if it is the same Socialist Party of Navarre that will deliver the Community to Bildu or is that PSOE, "which is increasingly less," which respected the Constitution and guaranteed stability in Spain.

Also, the secretary general of the PP has referred to the ETA minutes that bring to light that Rodríguez Zapatero revealed to the mediator with the terrorist group that France I had planned to give a major blow to the organization. In your opinion the former president of the Government and the Socialist Party should give an explanation to the Spaniards about what these documents reveal.


In another vein, Garcia Egea has opted for the union of all those parties "that share the essentials", lower taxes, educational freedom, guarantee equal opportunities for all Spaniards and the unity of Spain.

For its general secretary, the PP is located in "the center of the board", while it has stressed that the position of the formation presided by Pablo Casado "will always be coherent" and will agree with those with whom he shares "a root and common principles ", that is why, he said," we are talking to Citizens and Vox "in all the territories of Spain.

For Garcia Egea parties are "a means to an end" and negotiations are a means to articulate government programs to improve cities. In his opinion, "it is time to sit down and we are not going to give up in the effort to sit at the same table with parties that have the same principles and values". "I can not give up the illusion that aroused the result of the 26-M in Madrid and throughout Spain," he said.

Thus, has put in value that the "PP project is more alive than ever" and has achieved more than 22 thousand councilors in the last elections. "We have managed to reillusion Spain," he underlined.


The secretary general of the PP, has also said that Podemos has been "the crutch of the Socialist Party" to get some data "unfortunate" and recalled that the so-called "mayors of change" that only wanted to kick the Popular Party, they are the ones who have suffered the most from electoral punishment. "We can say what it is that offers Pedro Sánchez and what is going to be agreed," he said.

Finally, Teodoro García Egea thanked the citizens of the province of Alicante who in the last elections have placed their trust mostly in the Popular Party. The popular leader has bet because all the political parties that believe in educational freedom and in the identity of the Valencian Community within a diverse but united Spain, "we can agree and keep working together".

In this sense, he has asked the political forces that are up to the circumstances and listen to the "clear message" of the Alicante people in the polls that want the PP to govern and continue to hold the reins of Alicante. At this point has criticized that Ximo Puig is trying to use Citizens to get Alicante "back" and stop being a land of prosperity within the Valencian Community. "He wants to put his claws in a province in which, until now, prosperity has gone hand in hand with the PP," he warned.

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The acting Minister of Culture and Sports, José Guirao, accompanied SM the Queen during the inauguration of the 78th edition of the Madrid Book Fair which opens its doors to the public until June 16.

The head of Culture and Sports in attendance during this tour was accompanied by the general director of the Book and Promotion of Reading, Olvido García Valdés, and the general director of Cultural Industries and Cooperation, Adriana Moscoso del Prado.

Minister Guirao has presented HM the Queen with several books by Spanish authors, some of them awarded with National Prize by this Ministry, and among which are the essay, poetry, narrative, comics and juvenile literature. In particular, the Concepción Arenal books. The walker and its shadow, by Anna Caballé; General essay. Poetry reunited 1966-2017, by Francisca Aguirre; Las Inviernas, by Cristina Sánchez-Andrade; We are all good, the comic of Ana Penyas and Nosotras. Stories of women and something else, by Rosa Montero and illustrated by María Herreros.

The booth nº115 is dedicated to the sale of publications of the editorial novelties of the Ministry and of the cultural institutions that depend on it, such as the National Library of Spain, the National Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía Museum, etc., as well as publications related to sports; and the booth nº116 is dedicated to information on the activities and projects carried out by the General Directorate of Book and Reading Promotion.

Encounter 'Iberoamérica Lee' at the National Library

The minister will also attend the 'Iberoamerica Lee' meeting scheduled on 11 and 12 in the National Library of Spain, in which reading professionals from both sides of the Atlantic will reflect on what it means to read today.

Forum 'Patronage in the cultural industry'

For its part, the Director General of Cultural Industries and Cooperation will participate in the Space Bankia on Thursday June 13 in a new edition of the Forum Crea Cultura. Under the motto 'Patronage in the cultural industry' and moderated by the journalist Vicente Valles, the deputy director general of the French Institute of Spain, Jean-Paul Lefrevre, will also participate in the forum; and the writer and deputy Marta Rivera de la Cruz.

Campaign # EstoyenlaFLM19

Another initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is the campaign on Twitter and Instagram called 'I am in FLM19'. The campaign encourages the visitors of the Fair, through the @libroylecturagob profile of the General Directorate of the Book and the hashtag # EstoyenlaFLM19, to send their photo and a text of the ones they are doing at the Book Fair. The authors of the three photographs that get more 'megusta' will get a lot of books as a prize.

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The Spokesman of the Popular Party and first vice-president of the European People's Party in the European Parliament, Esteban González Pons, has assured today that the president of the acting government, Pedro Sanchez, is wrong "not to take an influential role and to stand as Macron's help against Merkel" in the context of the current negotiations in the EU to decide the main positions of the institutions.

In an interview with the COPE network, González Pons explained that now it is experiencing "a very tense pulse between Macron and Angela Merkel for control of the European institutions."

In this regard, he pointed out that the dinner last Monday in Paris of Pedro Sánchez with the French president, Emanuel Macron, "earned him a good photo in Spain, but he misplaced it on the table of the European Council [meeting of all the leaders of the countries of the EU] ".

"Placing himself as openly as Macron's help left Spain in a very subordinate position in France in the negotiations that are now coming," he added before underlining that "if Sanchez puts himself in Macron's service, Macron will be lucky and he will stay with the second prize, or with the prize that Macron wants to leave "in the distribution of relevant positions in the community institutions.

On the other hand, González Pons has assured that he does not believe that the ex-Catalan president escaped from justice in Belgium, Carles Puigdemont, becomes an MEP, since it is not enough for him to have been voted in the European elections but he should also Go to Madrid before July 1 to collect your minutes and take an oath to the Constitution, something that will not do before the possibility of being arrested.

Regarding the case of Oriol Junqueras, González Pons has indicated that he will probably be able to complete his MEP status even though he is in prison, because the Supreme Court can authorize him to take an oath, as was recently the case with his deputy in the Congress of the Deputies

Despite this, González Pons explained, Junqueras will not be able to attend sessions of the European Parliament when he is in provisional detention, and once he is condemned, he will be deprived of all his rights as an MEP.

González Pons added that the Catalan separatists "They are going to try to use the European Parliament as a speaker, as they have been trying for two years."

However, he recalled that "Puigdemont has been living in Brussels for almost two years and has not received any European or Belgian authority in two years. Puigdemont started being a very popular character on Belgian television and today he has become irrelevant. "

Gonzalez Pons has announced that "we will continue to do the same, which is to try to explain to all our partners what is the real situation in Spain and influence so that injustices are not committed with our country."

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Among the activities that have been organized within the framework of the International Defense and Security Fair (FEINDEF), the 'Women's Forum' has taken place, an initiative that adds to those developed in recent years to boost women's participation in all sectors related to security and defense, including technological and scientific.

The opening and opening of this event has been carried out by the Argentinean resident in Madrid Susana Malcorra, who has been chief of staff of the UN Secretary General in the logistics department of the UN peace missions. Malcorra, who has spoken about her experience in that position, has stated that "women, who have been used as a weapon of war, must be part of the solution and solution of conflicts."

After the opening speech, it was the turn of the general director of Personnel, Adoration Mateos, who praised the role of Spain as a country at the forefront of gender policies, highlighting the effort that is being made by the Ministry of Defense to train gender issue to international expert staff, which will be integrated into peace operations of several international organizations.

The general director, who has reviewed the different initiatives that have been implemented within the scope of the Ministry of Defense, on gender and labor conciliation of its members, with the ultimate goal of reaching a balance between the right to conciliation and the operability of the Units. He has highlighted the recently approved measures that involve a complete revision of the current regulations on conciliation, paying particular attention to the military with minor children, single-parent families and family groups of military couples, among others.

To conclude his speech, Adoration Mateos said that "in a world in constant transformation, our Armed Forces have managed to adapt to this changing reality, seeking a constant balance between tradition and renewal."

FEINDEF hosts the 'Women's Forum'

The 'Women's Forum' was created with the aim of sharing experiences, exchanging opinions, analyzing trends, discovering new talent and with the aim of generating a space for visibility and reflection on women's leadership in peace processes.

The gender perspective as an essential element for international peace and security is a reality, confirmed in the year 2000, by United Nations resolution 1325 "Women, Peace and Security", which already emphasized the importance of the inclusion of women in peace processes.

The Forum has been organized in three round tables: the first one focuses on aspects related to women, peace and security; the second addresses the challenges and opportunities of female talent in Defense and Security; and the third one has discussed the challenges and opportunities of women in the Security and Defense industry.

FEINDEF has opted to join this initiative and has proposed to raise awareness about this issue and highlight the importance of equal work between men and women in the defense and security industry as well as in institutions.

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Headlines of the interview

· Ana Beltrán appreciates that the focus is being placed on Navarra "because of the serious and worrisome situation we are experiencing". "We can not lose it. Navarra is a key player in the unity of Spain ", he emphasizes.

· Remember that the PSOE in Navarra has been opposition, as UPN and the PP, and "the three of us have been starting a piñón" against the nationalist government that "has wanted to impose a language that is not official, that has imposed the flag of another community, and that has wanted to indoctrinate our children with the idea that Navarre is Basque Country "

· Regrets that PSOE "that in everything nuclear" has been against nationalism, today "for personalistic desire, by obligation to the PNV and even with Otegi", consider that Navarre "can be a bargaining chip". "We can not, nor will we consent," he warns.

· "Spanish citizens are not going to forgive us if we do not put the three parties in agreement in those places where we can form a center-right government," adding that, from the PP, "that's why we're going to work"

· Affirms that "any negotiation, agreement or agreement has to be united on the one hand at the discretion, also to generosity and, of course, to a basis of agreement"

· Explains that both PP, as Cs and VOX have been presented to the elections "with an equal message in the nuclear" in regard to the defense of the unity of Spain and the Constitution, in fiscal policy, asking for the reduction of taxes or advocating the freedom of parents to choose their children's school. "These are very important things that can make a perfect government program base," insists

· "Far from tacticisms, we have to think about reaching agreements and Cs will have to open a little hand to this animosity that has taken right now with VOX, because in Andalusia has achieved a successful formula that is giving great results in government"

· He points out that in all the agreements "he will not win one". "We have to give in and be generous, but we have to reach sensible and reasonable agreements in accordance with what the citizens elected us in the elections: the first the PP, then Cs and then VOX", stresses

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The acting Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, María Luisa Carcedo, has indicated in the World No Tobacco Day that "all forms of tobacco pose a great threat to health".

"The consumption of tobacco has harmful and lethal consequences for the health of both those who consume this substance and those who involuntarily breathe the smoke of other people's tobacco," Carcedo insisted during the Day celebrated in the Ministry on the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day and that, on this occasion, has been focused on tobacco and related: "New challenges, the same threat".

During his speech, the minister explained that the Ministry works to strengthen the attention to the smoker from the National Health System (SNS). "In particular, we are facilitating training on the smoking intervention of primary care professionals and developing other actions, in coordination with the Autonomous Communities, within the framework of the Strategy for Health Promotion and Prevention in the SNS."

The minister stressed "the change and progress" that have occurred since the adoption of the first Law of Tobacco in 2005 "and the great success that led to its modification" in 2010 with the expansion of smoke-free spaces, among other improvements .

At this point, Carcedo has indicated that the Ministry works to improve compliance with the Law through specific actions of training, awareness and reinforcement of the inspection work in areas where less compliance has been detected and greater exposure to Tobacco Environmental Smoke , as are the hospitality terraces and health center enclosures.

"The document of consensus of application of the norm will be updated, elaborated on the occasion of the modification of the Law of 2010", has indicated the minister.

Medications to stop smoking

In addition, the minister has announced that the Ministry has initiated the files to finance medicines to stop smoking.

The start of dossiers for the financing of drugs to stop smoking has been possible after a coordinated action between the Public Health Commission and the Permanent Pharmacy Commission, both delegated committees of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System.

"And this process," said the minister, "has been launched after knowing the favorable results of evaluation of the program of smoking cessation presented by Navarra."

Awareness and training actions

Within the actions of awareness and training, the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare has developed an infographic that clarifies the requirements established by the law regarding the characteristics that must have the hospitality terraces to be considered outside spaces.

From today, this infographic is available on the web and social networks of the Ministry, for consultation and download.

In addition, the Ministry is working on the launch of a new information campaign on the implications of new forms of tobacco use for health.

The information campaign prepared by the Ministry is aimed at young people who emphasize that vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, heated tobacco and water pipes also cause addiction and are harmful to health.

The new campaign, which gives continuity to those already carried out in 2017 and 2018, will be disseminated at the beginning of September.

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The Federation of Cinematographic Distributors (FEDICINE), the Federation of Cinemas of Spain (FECE) and the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), presented this morning a new edition of the Film Festival to be held throughout Spain on Monday 3, Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 June.

With this event, we seek to encourage attendance at movie theaters as a social and cultural habit, and show the appreciation of the Industry to all the spectators who enjoy the magic of movies on the big screen every year.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the event, the Film Festival has given voice and vote to the audience so that, through the social networks of the event, they would choose their favorite film, director, actor and actress among the ten highest-grossing Spanish films of the Festival of Cinema (Eight Basque surnames, A monster comes to see me, Champions, The impossible, Toc Toc, Torrent 5: Operation Eurovegas, Wild stories, My big night, The minimum island and Kiki, love is made).

In this way, the spectators have chosen "Champions" as their favorite movie, J.A. Bayona, as his favorite director for "The Impossible", Gloria Ramos as his favorite actress for "Champions" and Javier Gutierrez as his favorite actor for "The minimum island".

The Film Festival, one of the most anticipated events
Organized by the Federation of Cinematographic Distributors (FEDICINE), the Federation of Cinemas of Spain (FECE) and the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), the Film Festival will be held on the next days 3, 4 and 5 of June and will have one more year with the sponsorship of M & M's.

As usual, the tickets for the three days of the appointment have a price of 2.90 euros each ticket. Also, the mechanics to acquire tickets at this reduced price will remain the same as in previous editions. Thus, spectators, except those under 14 and those over 60, must be accredited on the official website of the Film Festival (

The advance sale of the tickets for the three days of the event will begin on Sunday, June 2, exclusively online, both on the websites of the cinemas and on the traditional websites for ticket sales. On Monday, June 3, the first day of the Film Festival, tickets can also be purchased at the box office and at the kiosks located in the halls of the cinemas.

The main films, among others, that will be available in the 336 cinemas participating in the Film Festival are: "Aladdin", "Arctic", "Carmen and Lola", "Almost Impossible", "Clara and Claire", "Como fish out of water "," Pain and Glory "," The year of the plague "," The dancer "," The son "," The incredible waning end "," In good hands "," Infiltrated in Miami "," John Wick 3 – Parabellum "," Ash is the purest white "," The correspondent "," La Llorona "," Little Switzerland "," I leave it whenever I want "," The brothers Sisters "," Mula ", "Petra", "Pokémon: Detective Pikachu", "Rocketman", "Shazam!", "Compulsive Timadores", "A faithful man", "Avengers: Endgame" and "Viva la vida".

Fotogramas, Cinerama,, Ticketmaster, 014DS, Discine and Movierecord are the official collaborators of this new edition.

For more information about the Film Festival

FECE- 91.319.22.92 or to the mail

FEDICINE -91 555 09 94 or to the mail

ICAA – 91 701 72 32 or to the mail

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