The Ministries of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Interior reinforce collaboration for the monitoring and control of maritime fishing activities

The acting ministers of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, and Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, have highlighted the existing collaboration between the two departments for the surveillance, inspection and control of maritime fishing activities.

This collaboration is making it possible to deal effectively with the control of fishing quotas, the activity of the fleet and the fight against illegal and unreported illegal fishing.

A coordination between the different bodies of the administrations that began in 1997 through the signing of a Framework Agreement, by virtue of which it was agreed to transfer the use of seven tall patrol boats from the General Secretariat of Fisheries to the Directorate General of the Guard Civil and, as of 2015, the assignment and coordination of the use of four helicopters configured specifically for the surveillance and inspection of fishing activity.

New collaboration framework agreement

To strengthen these collaboration mechanisms and consolidate the existing agreements in a single text, both Ministers today signed a Framework Agreement that establishes the actions in terms of inspection, surveillance and support to the fishing fleet, which are reflected in three areas of cooperation.

On the one hand, collaboration with the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard (SERMAR) in the inspection of fishing vessels, to verify compliance with national and community legislation and the inspection and monitoring of their activities. A performance that is carried out with the seven tall patrol boats ceded by the General Secretariat of Fisheries: Guadiana River, Almanzora River, Andarax River, Guadalete River, Nervión River, Francolí River and Guadiar River.

It will also collaborate with the Air Service of the Civil Guard, which performs surveillance, control and inspection of fishing activities at sea, surveillance and support to the fishing fleet, as well as any action that may directly impact on conservation and protection of fishing resources, with the four helicopters provided by the General Secretariat of Fisheries.

The Framework Agreement also contemplates cooperation with the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA), which carries out actions on land monitoring and control of compliance with fishing regulations, referred to fishing gear and catches, transport, storage in cold stores, as well as as the control of recreational fishing and the corresponding activity of sports clubs, among others.

To develop this work, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food will contribute a maximum of six million euros per year in terms of operating and maintenance costs derived from the inspection, monitoring and support activities carried out by the Ministry of the Interior.

Mechanisms for interministerial coordination

The Framework Agreement establishes that the coordination between the two interested parties be implemented through Annual Programs of Comprehensive Control of Fishing Activities (PACIAP), in which the actions of each of the parties are established, as well as the means provided and operating expenses, maintenance and exploitation.

It also contemplates the creation of a Joint Monitoring and Exploitation Commission of the Agreement that will examine both economic and operational aspects related to compliance with the provisions of the Framework Agreement, as well as preparing and approving the annual operating budget and the establishment of an Organ Permanent Liaison and Coordination, of an operational nature, in charge of the detailed coordination for the development, monitoring and reprogramming of the fisheries surveillance operations contemplated in the Framework Agreement.

This agreement, Planas underlined, is an essential tool to maintain our commitment to fisheries sustainability and the fight against illegal fishing, since only by guaranteeing the sustainability of fisheries can we guarantee the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the fishing sector of the future .

For its part, Grande-Marlaska has stressed that, within the broad concept of human security, the sustainability of the environment, including fisheries, is a responsibility of the present and a duty of the future. And in that task, the Government, the Ministry of Interior and, of course, the Civil Guard.

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05-31-2019 | Cs

The deputy spokesman of the GPCs denounces that the recourse to the law of the Basque Parliament should have been presented by the Government 'but Sánchez has given himself to those who want to break Spain'

"Citizens appealed to the Constitutional Court the misnamed law of 'police abuses' of the Basque Parliament driven by PSOE and PNV because it is an infamy to the police, the Civil Guard and all the Spanish," said the deputy spokesman of the Group Parliamentary Citizens (GPCs), Joan Mesquida, after presenting the resource of the liberal formation before the TC.

Mesquida explained that the aforementioned law "is an infamy" towards the State Security Forces and Bodies "because it raises doubts about their actions", and recalled that in a democracy "it is the judges who determine whether or not there have been abuses, and in no case a commission composed of members of PNV and Bildu. "

In this regard, he stressed that it is also "an infamy to all Spaniards who trust in our democratic institutions and to all victims of terrorism in general, and in particular to the police and civil guards who were also victims."

The deputy spokesman has also reported that the appeal filed by the GPCs "should have been presented by the Government if it were not for Sanchez has given himself to those who want to break our country." "Sanchez weakens with this law to the State Security Forces and Bodies," Mesquida said. He stressed that Ciudadanos "will always be by his side and that of the victims, never on the side of the executioners."

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Iván Espinosa, spokesman for VOX in the Congress, has been this morning in Espejo Público, where he has shown his predisposition to dialogue and has said that he does not understand the attitude of Rivera's training against VOX, since Ciudadanos has not shown problems to the time to sit down to negotiate with Podemos or at the moment of greeting with two kisses to the deputies imprisoned as Inés Arrimadas did. However, they are still reluctant to any contact or meeting with us, something that Ivan Espinosa has described as incomprehensible.

Asked about the possibility of Carmena being mayor again, she commented that it is something that neither we nor anyone else would understand, especially when we have been offering a dialogue and negotiation for a week that has not yet been sitting down to talk with us. "We have already lost a week, time is running" he added.

Regarding meetings with Macron, he affirmed that there is a Europe that advocates sovereignty and decision-making power on the part of nations and a federal European project, in which each country would be reduced to a province of Brussels and the States would lose their authority when making important decisions.

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La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra

"In politics it is important to never break the trust of voters"

Gamarra demands that the negotiations do not break the trust of those who have voted to the center right and that the dialogue does not become a "marketing or distribution of stickers", and asks the PSOE for responsibility so that the constitutionalists, who have been the The most voted candidate through Navarra Suma, can govern in the regional community, and that "do not seek the support of those who want to break that great agreement." The Deputy Secretary affirms that "the PSOE can not sell Navarra to the independentistas.It is a very serious and worrisome matter that this can be part of the agreement for the governance of Pedro Sánchez.It is necessary that the constitutionalism govern, because to break by the PSOE that Red line would be downright dangerous, "he warns.

"In politics it is important never to break the trust of voters," he said, referring to the possibility of Citizens reaching agreements with socialists in communities and municipalities, and stresses that the Popular Party is willing to "negotiate to govern in those places where the center right has won the elections ". "The PP will seek center-right agreements that allow policies to lower taxes, to bet on educational freedom or to choose a health center," he says.

Affirms that, after knowing the last barometer of the CIS, if the Government "had some shame, has been lost with these data", both by the controversy arising from the press release issued after its publication and the results of the elections of this Sunday, in which the PP was the second most voted force and increased its percentage of vote with respect to the general ones, "and it is clear, in case anyone had any doubt, the manipulation of the CIS by the PSOE and the Government of Sánchez for his own interests. This is very serious, because it means putting the instruments of the State at the service of the party, "he says.

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The application 'Second Canvas Museum of Altamira' is now available for users of mobile devices

This free application will allow users of mobile devices to enter in a very special way 28 of the pieces of excellence in their collection, and 19 of them can be viewed in 3D.

The 3D visualization will facilitate the total perception of each one of its artistic and technical details by means of the rotation in movement of the pieces, mostly with engraved decoration, such as perforated canes, aszagayas, engraved or hanging shoulder blades in different formats and subjects such as bone, tooth or stone.

Each of the objects that make up this virtual sample are accompanied by generic information and a multimedia storytelling that tells anecdotes and curiosities, with which users can deepen their knowledge of the material culture of the societies that inhabited Altamira and its environment for more than 150,000 years, their ways of life, daily activities and transcendent thinking. The pieces come from different deposits of the Cantabrian coast, such as the cave of Altamira, El Rascaño, La Pila or El Juyo.

Images to share on social networks

Another possibility offered by this application is the integration into social networks of the stories created by users, allowing them to capture the images of the details shown through the superzoom during navigation.

Altamira confirms with this new application, available in iOS, Android and tvOS formats, its decided commitment to new technologies at the service of culture, contributing to the enjoyment and access to knowledge of the rich heritage that portrays paleolithic societies.

Altamira thus becomes the first of the museums of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to have a tool that is already enjoyed by other institutions in Spain, such as the Prado National Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, the Museum of Natural Sciences of Madrid or the National Library of Spain; and international museums, such as the Petit Palais in Paris, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston or the Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts in Belgium.

The Altamira Second Canvas application can be downloaded in the iOS operating system and in the Android operating system.

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Madrid, May 31, 2019. The National Executive Committee (CEN), the highest decision-making body of VOX, met on the afternoon of last Thursday to make decisions on contacts and negotiations with other political groups for the constitution of municipalities and regional governments.

The CEN has appointed a negotiating committee headed by the spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group VOX, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, and of which they are also part: the deputy Macarena Olona; the Deputy and Deputy Secretary of VOX, Pedro Fernández; the Deputy Secretary of the Presidency of the Party, Enrique Cabanas; and the First Vice President of the formation, Víctor González.

At the same meeting, it was agreed that VOX is willing to negotiate with all the political parties that are willing to lead a project that leaves the left parties out of the regional and municipal governments. For it considers as an indispensable condition that any party that wants the support of VOX should sit down to negotiate with the negotiating committee appointed by the CEN.

Similarly, it has been agreed that VOX will request entry into municipal and autonomous governments in these conversations as part of the conditions to support other parties in the formation of new municipalities and communities.

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Carcedo: "Functional capacity is a key challenge for the 21st century"

The acting Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, María Luisa Carcedo, has shown the commitment of the Government with the guarantee of the capacities of the people, in the IV International Week of this State Reference Center for Personal Autonomy and Technical Aids (CEAPAT).

"Functional capacity, as defined by WHO, is a key challenge for the 21st century," he stressed. "The administrations that work for functional capacity have a duty to realize these rights, whose full scope is still far away," he insisted.

"Children, adults and seniors demand the development of as much sensory, cognitive and physical capacity as possible, in line with the mandate of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of the United Nations," he stressed.

In this sense, he has given as an example the work that is carried out in CEAPAT, which this year celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. It is one of the 23 State Reference Centers (CRE) dependent on Imserso, as Carcedo recalled, "with a vocation for public service". Specifically, CEAPAT, has highlighted, promotes "the autonomy of all people through accessible technology and the design and construction of spaces for all."

María Luisa Carcedo recalled that when CEAPAT was created in 1989, "the social protection system was in the first phase of construction". CEAPAT "has made life easier for people with their thousands of invaluable adaptations and has given many citizens the chance to appreciate experiences that otherwise would have been very difficult," he stressed.

Carcedo has also highlighted that among the interventions and round tables organized around the fourth international week of CEAPAT, a closing conference has been included for tomorrow entitled Sustainable Development Goals: the right-based approach and the capacity approach. "Our country is aligned with the commitments of global development and for all people, accessibility has to be sustainable, sustainability must be accessible," he insisted.

The Minister recalled how CEAPAT itself, a link between citizens and administration, companies and the third sector, universities and research organizations, fulfills the objective number 17 of the SDGs, 'Alliances to achieve the objectives'. "These are alliances with a common goal that is very simple to understand: improving the lives of all people," he concluded.

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El vicesecretario de Organización del Partido Popular, Javier Maroto

Javier Maroto emphasizes that the pacts that the PP will do will be understood the first, without a doubt and will be responsible in the negotiations, "we want coalition governments with Citizens, with center-right programs that result in PP policies ", He emphasizes. The PP has as a priority partner Citizens for the formation of governments, as already demonstrated in Andalusia.

Remember that the PP had a position of responsibility in Andalusia and that allowed a different government from the PSOE.

"If we had done as Citizens and Vox, not sit down with different parties, today in Andalusia we would continue with four more years of PSOE", points out that there will be occasions where other votes may be necessary and that, in these cases, other supports will be sought "without that moderate center-right program varies. "

"It is not so much about who is agreed with, but about what," he emphasizes.

It considers that the democratic thing is "to sit down with parties that think differently to see what possibilities there are to draw a political change". Affirms that the decisions on the spokespersons in Congress and Senate will be taken after the investiture agreements in town halls and Autonomous Communities, which is what the PP is focused on right now.

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The Government welcomes the EU's request for the WTO to open a panel on black olives

The Government of Spain welcomes the formal request of the European Union for the World Trade Organization to form a special group to investigate the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures imposed by the United States in August 2018 on the Spanish black olive.

The European Union has requested for the first time the creation of this group as a result of the concern about the way in which anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations were conducted. The application mentions issues such as the non-specificity of the aids, the errors in the application of a pass-through coefficient to the final prices, the analysis of causality between the measures and the damage, and the use of incorrect data used in the case of a Spanish company.

The Government, through the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, has been working intensively for more than a year to defend the interests of the black olive producing sector, concentrated mainly in the province of Seville. At the end of September 2018, Reyes Maroto requested the reversion of the measures to the North American Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, and has maintained a coordinated position with the Trade Commissioner of the European Union, Cecilia Malmström. Likewise, the Secretary of State for Commerce, Xiana Méndez, has pointed out in different international forums that the imposed tariffs are not justified and violate the WTO rules, as there has not been sufficient evidence that the importation of Spanish black olive has harmed the the American producers.

Although the United States has blocked the panel's request for training, which would be composed of three experts, the European Union can reapply within 10 days or at the next meeting of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body, which will take place. the 24th of June.

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Rueda de prensa Cuca Gamarra e Isabel García Tejerina

The deputy secretary of Social Policy stresses that, in the negotiation phase that begins after the 26M elections, for the PP there are two fundamental principles: seriousness and responsibility. "For this party it is important that the policy of pacts does not become a marketing or a souk, in which particular interests prevail and enter the field of contradictions," he says.

He points out that it is time to sit down and "start working, based on the programs, to create a government program". "The fundamental thing is to achieve stable governments and that is what the programs do, something that the PP is already working on".

Stresses the importance of not "breaking the voter's trust" in this period of dialogue with other parties and that, therefore, the offer of Mas Madrid to PSOE and C's to form a government, "distances itself from the trust that the voter" has deposited in the formation led by Albert Rivera. "I am convinced that the voters of Ciudadanos did not vote for Carmena but voted for another approach", and regarding the entry of Vox into the governments of the Community and the Madrid City Council, it points out that "the PP has not proposed entry into government". "We are considering starting the negotiations and, from there, the conclusions will come. In addition, it is not the first time that this situation occurs, there is more to see the agreement of Andalusia and the results it is having. "

Asked by the spokeswoman of the PP in the Congress, it indicates that "that corresponds to the president of the party, that counts on 65 great deputies and will know to choose to the most adapted for each moment". "The truth is that he has not felt me," he concludes.

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