Promotion boosts public housing in an affordable rental regime with the "20,000 Plan"

The acting Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos, has inaugurated the International Real Estate Exhibition of Madrid (SIMA 2019) where he visited the Sepes stand. The Public Business Entity of Suelo has presented the first promotions that it is carrying out within the framework of the "20,000 Plan".

The Ministry of Development promotes the "20,000 Plan" to alleviate and correct the imbalances of the rental market in certain areas of the national territory, in which the difficulty for access to housing in this regime is growing due to the shortage of supply and, consequently, due to the increase in prices.

Ministry of developmentThe aim is to increase the rental housing market at affordable prices for units of coexistence with limited income in those areas in which this market is particularly stressed, specifically: Madrid and its metropolitan area, Barcelona and its metropolitan area, Valencia and its metropolitan area, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Malaga, Seville and Ceuta and Melilla.

The "20,000 Plan" financed by the Ministry of Development will be managed by Sepes with the collaboration of the Autonomous Communities and City Councils.
Thanks to this Plan, which encourages public-private participation, tenders for surface rights (on land that is always publicly owned) will be held so that public or private companies can access the construction of the houses and the exploitation of said land. surface right for a broad period of 20, 40 or more years.

The first actions of the "20,000 Plan" will be carried out on Sepes soil:

  • Ibiza; Ca n'Escandell (up to 532 homes).
  • Valencia; Engineers' Quarter (up to 370 homes) and Artillery Park (up to 600 homes).
  • Seville; Artillery Regiment (up to 948 homes).
  • Malaga; Buenavista residential (up to 1,362 homes).
  • Madrid; Camp (up to 1,800 homes).
  • Ceuta; Loma Colmenar (90 sheltered homes).
  • Melilla; Cuesta de la Viña (21 sheltered homes).


With 60 years of experience, Sepes is consolidated as the first operator of public land. It has 42 million gross m² and 16 million m² net area.

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05-30-2019 | Cs

The general secretary of Cs points out that 'in our negotiations policies will be more important than chairs'

"Citizens will take the change to many municipalities and regions where we will be decisive throughout Spain." This has been stated by the Secretary General of Citizens (Cs), José Manuel Villegas, during an interview with the program 'Los Desayunos de TVE'.

The general secretary of Cs points out that "in our negotiations policies will be more important than chairs" and stressed that "we are serious people who will form government agreements in which our vision of Spain will be gathered, and we will see who signs them". "The territorial policy of the PSOE is far from our postulates" because "we are not in favor of pardoning politicians who are in a trial" and "we think that the solution in Catalonia is not to deliver more skills" Villegas said.

"We will base our agreements on real policies for citizens" that focus on proposals such as "the protection of families and incentives for the self-employed", explained the Secretary General of Cs. On the City Council of Madrid, the deputy of Cs has stated that "before the 15th we will put on the table a proposal so that Madrid does not continue to be governed by the populists".

"Our message throughout the campaign is that no vote to Cs would serve to make Sánchez president," something that "we are going to fulfill," Villegas warned, adding that "the leadership of the opposition is not requested or claimed, not that it is exercised "and" Albert Rivera is going to do it with proposals and a strict control to the Government ".

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Teodoro García asiste a la presentación del libro "Treinta cafés. Las cualidades del liderazgo", de Euprepio Padula

He hopes that among all the parties that believe in Spain, in freedom, equal opportunities and low taxes, "we will get governments that look to the future"

The General Secretary of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, has affirmed that the Popular Party wants to explore the model of Andalusia for all of Spain: "we will sit down with Citizens and VOX, and we will propose that measures must be put in place that make Madrid advance like Andalusia". Remember that the objective is not that two political parties speak but that we manage to articulate an alternative program to the left and to all those governments that have been called for change but that have been the change for the worse.

García Egea trusts that, as the days progress, they will be concretized in what programmatic matters we can agree to govern in Autonomous Communities and City Councils. The change in the Junta de Andalucía marked a point of inlfexión, and that is the proof that a government of coalition of PP and Citizens, and with VOX supporting on specific issues, works: "the government of Juanma Moreno and the Popular Party has managed to renew Canal Sur, maintain public services or increase the contract of professionals in the health sector to cover summer leave. "

The secretary general has assured that he will speak with all those with whom he considers that he can agree and, therefore, he will not talk to either Carmena or Errejón: "my phone is always open for my political opponents, but the government of the Community and the Madrid City Council will not talk. " He also stressed that the people of Madrid deserve that the center-right parties agree to prevent the left from raising taxes.

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05-30-2019 | Cs

The orange deputy, Matías Alonso, points out that they are 'constructive proposals for the guarantee of the exercise of fundamental rights, which the Government must ensure to maintain'

Ciudadanos (Cs) celebrates that the Parlament approves its motion to improve security in towns and cities. The deputy of Cs, Matías Alonso, pointed out that, first of all, with this motion the Parlament has had the possibility "to express gratitude and recognition to the work of the security forces and bodies that ensure citizen protection and security ", but also" by the bodies of firemen, emergencies, civil protection and 112 that act with the maximum diligence and celebrity in the protection of the citizens ".

Alonso pointed out that the motion provides "constructive proposals for the guarantee of the exercise of fundamental rights, which the Government must ensure to maintain." Among the proposals of approved Cs there is "the elaboration of a new project by the Call Center of Emergency Call Management (112) to turn it into a true manager of emergencies" or "to improve the information between police bodies in the orders of search and capture to help identify criminals. " It has also been approved the activation "of a protocol to prevent aggressions against the LGTBI + collective that are totally inadmissible in a democratic and open society".

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Madrid, May 30, 2019. – The VOX Parliamentary Group (GPVOX) has presented this Thursday a letter to the Bureau of Congress in which he asks that no salary be paid to the four deputies in custody suspended by the Supreme Court. The objective? Avoid almost 20,000 euros of all Spaniards end up in the hands of those who have attempted against the constitutional order.

Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, speaker of the parliamentary group, was in charge of presenting this document to the Chamber's Registry in an act in which he was accompanied by the General Secretary of the GPVOX, Macarena Olona, and the VOX senator Francisco José Alcaraz, that will present before the Senate the same petition in reference, this time, to the coup-seeking senator Raúl Romeva.

The brief recalls that "the condition of Deputy is attached to a series of rights and parliamentary duties" which include economic rights that, unless particular circumstances, are accrued retroactively from the date of holding the elections (April 28) .

In this sense, and according to the information published on the Intranet of the Congress, these rewards and indemnities would be, from last April 28 until the date of payment (end of May), the following: monthly allowance for deputies -2,981 , 86- and compensation for residence other than Madrid -1,921.20-, which adds a total of 4,903.06 euros for each deputy per month.

Once the suspension of the deputies Oriol Junqueras, Josep Rull, Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Turull is determined, VOX requests that the effects of that suspension be contemplated from April 28 and not from May 21, as the Board indicated after the announcement of the suspension of the prisoners.

It should be noted, in this sense, that the judicial resolution that agreed on the situation of preventive detention of the suspended deputies is much earlier than the date on which they were elected and, therefore, much earlier than that of the aforementioned 21 May. 2019

On the other hand, and already referred to the issue of residence outside Madrid, the brief filed by the GPVOX recalls that the deputies elected Junqueras, Rull, Sánchez and Turull "are temporarily residing in the SOTO DEL REAL Penitentiary Center in Madrid" , so that the compensation of 1,921.20 that corresponds to not reside in Madrid "lacks cause and foundation, and, therefore, in no way proceeds its payment, taking into account that the day of the Constituent Session deputies moved Congress at the expense of the State, in official police vehicles. Thus, the payment of compensation for displacement would mean that the State would assume "a double payment for the same concept".

In addition to requesting that they receive no salary, the Parliamentary Group's letter also claims that the deputies elected prisoners return all the material resources that Congress has given them for the exercise of their parliamentary function "iphone, leather briefcase and any other material elements delivered. "

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Carcedo: "Spain has been a pioneer in Europe in including CAR-T medicines in pharmaceutical services"

The acting Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, María Luisa Carcedo, has highlighted the National Health System (SNS), whose universal coverage was recovered a few months ago and "protects the entire population."

In her speech, at the ceremony celebrating the XXVII anniversary of Diario Médico, the minister stressed that according to the most prestigious international classifications, the SNS "has a very broad coverage in terms of both the contingencies and needs that it covers and the great quality of your attention and result ".

The minister has gone further and explained that the SNS also incorporates access to drugs or therapies of precision or personalized. "Our country has been a pioneer in Europe in planning the use of CAR-T medications and include them in the pharmaceutical provision of the SNS so that its access is equitable for all those who need it, "he insisted.

Carcedo has recognized that the implementation of personalized medicine is a revolution in the approach to serious diseases, as well as important organizational, welfare and economic challenges.

In this regard, he explained, Spain has designed the pharmaco-clinical protocols that contain the criteria for the use of CAR-T in the SNS and the measurement of the clinical variables necessary to determine health outcomes.

The minister also highlighted the creation of the network of centers for the use of CAR-T drugs, whose designation obeys to technical criteria of excellence, experience and safety for the patient.

Regarding the sustainability of the system, Carcedo stressed that Spain is one of the first OECD countries to establish a model of financing by results. "We will pay depending on the success of the therapy," he stressed, while thanking "the joint work with the pharmaceutical industry."

The minister said that "the development and implementation of CAR-T drugs is an example of cohesion and joint care planning based on the needs of the health system." As he insisted, the introduction of this type of therapy recalls the importance of having public and universal health systems: "Very few individuals on the planet could pay for these treatments out of their own pocket".

"The collective effort of all citizens who pay taxes, the generosity and industriousness of professionals and the good management of public administrations make it possible to guarantee universality in access to health in order to prevent socio-economic status from conditioning the services we have access and ultimately our health, "said Carcedo.

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Robles congratulates the troops abroad for the Day of the Armed Forces

The acting Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has held a videoconference with the heads of Spanish contingents abroad to personally convey their congratulations for the Day of the Armed Forces and thanks to the military who are on mission at this time .

During the video conference, Margarita Robles has contacted 24 detachments, including five Navy ships. After receiving the greeting and an update of the missions that each unit deployed in their area, the acting minister spoke briefly with each of the leaders of the contingent, transferring to all of them, and their families, the affection of the Spaniards for the important work done by men and women who are deployed abroad.

Thirty years of missions abroad

In January 1989, the Spanish Armed Forces participated for the first time in a mission abroad. Three Spanish soldiers arrived in Luanda (Angola) to supervise the withdrawal of Cuban troops as observers of the United Nations Verification Mission (UNAVEM).

Since then, Spain has deployed more than 160,000 soldiers abroad framed in missions led by International Organizations such as the United Nations, NATO or the European Union.

Currently, the Spanish Armed Forces participate in a total of 16 operations abroad; the mission that has more deployed personnel, with around 600 soldiers, is the operation "Free Hidalgo" within the mission "UNIFIL" of the United Nations.

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The president of VOX and national deputy Santiago Abascal has appeared this afternoon to send a message about the position of his party regarding the formation of future governments: "Spain today is not the same as Spain before," he recalled at first place Abascal, who explained that with VOX in the institutions there is a representation associated with a new political discourse and that, therefore, the people who have voted for VOX have a voice.

"Perplexed" before the demonstrations of some political leaders, Santiago Abascal wanted to convey that "VOX voters have a peculiarity: they have not voted for PP or Citizens". "They have voted -remember- VOX". And it adds, in addition, another "peculiarity: They have voted to VOX in an environment of systematic demonization, of violence, of harassment, of culpabilización by the vote to VOX, with the blackmail of the useful vote". In this sense, and after recalling the difficulties that many citizens have gone through to vote for their training -papel that did not reach the houses, unused cabins … – has underlined the courage and the conscious vote of those who have deposited the VOX ballot in the urns: "They do not admit blackmail like those that we want to submit." "The voters of VOX", added Santiago Abascal, "want representation, voice and respect".

A sustained respect, in addition, in the fact that VOX is "essential and necessary" for there to be an alternative to the left. "It was in Andalusia and, in Madrid City Council, only the emergence of VOX allows an alternative. We are necessary. " "Without VOX there is no alternative to the left," the party's president summarized, who was surprised that Popular Party leaders, such as Alberto Núñez Feijóo, "boast of the fact that VOX is not in Galicia." "They need to make a reflection: that, not being VOX, there is no alternative."

That is why Santiago Abascal, who convened the National Executive Committee of the party on Thursday to assess the strategy to be followed in the face of government formations, explained that "it will not be difficult to dialogue with VOX". "But it will be impossible for VOX to support governments that have not wanted to sit down with us." "In terms of the strength that Spaniards have given us, which is less than that of Citizens and Popular Party, VOX has to be represented in that dialogue," he added. "We will offer flexibility and respect, but if there is no dialogue it will be impossible for there to be political alternatives on the left."

Bluntly, the president of VOX has reminded that nobody can ignore the voters of his party or pretend to submit to "a tragala" according to which the party and its voters are obliged to vote what is put on the table. "We are not afraid at the beginning, to return to the bank of Seville."

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The Spanish hydraulic reserve is 60.3 percent of its total capacity. The reservoirs currently store 33,852 cubic hectometres (hm³) of water, decreasing in the last week by 92 hm³ (0.2% of the total capacity of the reservoirs).

The reservation by areas is the following:

Cantabrico Oriental is 93.2%
Western Bay of Biscay 89.2%
Miño-Sil to 76.9%
Galicia Costa at 89.8%
90.5% internal basins of the Basque Country
65.7% Douro
Cut to 54.1%
51.4% Guadiana
Red, Odiel and Piedras to 79.5%
Guadalete-Barbate to 62.0%
Guadalquivir to 52.7%
64.5% Andalusian Mediterranean Basin
Safe to 32.4%
Júcar 41.2%
Ebro to 80.2%
85.5% internal basins of Catalonia

The precipitations have been abundant in the Mediterranean slope and very little in the Atlantic slope. The maximum has been produced in Reus with 35.2 mm (35.2 l / m²).

The situation of the basins, in cubic hectometres, is detailed in the attached table:

Ministry for the ecological transition

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05-29-2019 | Cs

The spokeswoman of Cs, affirms that "the tonic of the Government is to deceive and to interpret at will the judicial resolutions" by the concession of the third degree to Oriol Pujol

"They believe above good and evil; stop giving privileges to your friends of the 'procés' and 3% ". So the spokeswoman for Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament, Lorena Roldán, told the Councilor for Justice, Ester Capella, after the Govern granted the third degree to Oriol Pujol, condemned for corruption, and justice has revoked the decision. Roldán has explained that, as the prosecutor says, granting the third degree "someone who is convicted of influence peddling, documentary falsity and bribery is sending a very dangerous message about what goes to account to commit a crime, that the law is not equal for all "

The orange spokeswoman has stated that "the tonic of the Government is to circumvent and interpret at will the judicial decisions" and denounces that the executive "is already looking for creative ways to bypass the new resolution and get away with it". He has demanded Capella "no more privileges or more concessions for the friends of the 'proces'" and has recalled that "we are all equal before the law, although they still do not understand it". It has pointed out that the Government "has believed that it is above good and evil allowing its friends to go with the political card as if it were the card of impunity" and has sentenced saying that "reality is stubborn and independent justice "

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