Madrid and Santiago de Compostela host the 11th World Heritage Youth Forum

Since 2009, the Ministry of Culture and Sports has promoted this pioneering initiative in heritage education, recognized by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO).

Up to May 31, 32 young people between 13 and 15 years old and ten teachers from eleven countries on four continents (Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Spain, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Paraguay, United Kingdom, Tunisia, Uzbekistan) , will share in Madrid and Santiago de Compostela five days dedicated to education on cultural heritage, with visits, meetings, round tables and workshops.

Fernández-Baca welcomed the participants and highlighted in the inaugural session the importance of cultural heritage as an "essential resource for the future, for its unquestionable educational and social value, its considerable economic potential, as well as its important dimension in International cooperation".

Under the slogan "Heritage is the way", this edition stresses the need to integrate training in conservation and knowledge of heritage in the education of citizens, not only in the school period, but also throughout their life trajectory and in any professional field

The motto is also associated with the Forum headquarters, Santiago de Compostela, the goal of the Compostela pilgrimage, one of the cultural routes that have vertebrated Europe and which was included in the World Heritage List in 1993. Young people will take advantage of their stay in Galicia to On Wednesday, the 29th, we will travel an eight kilometer stretch of the Camino between Playa de Langosteira and Cabo Finisterre.

Activities, visits and workshops in Galicia

The 11th World Heritage Youth Forum has started with a visit to the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid. This afternoon, the young people will move to Santiago de Compostela, where tomorrow they will be received at the Museum of Pilgrimages and Santiago by the sub-delegation of the Government in Galicia, Pilar López-Rioboo; the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Xunta de Galicia, Román Rodríguez González; the general director of the Cultural Heritage of the Xunta, María del Carmen Martínez Insua; and the deputy general director of Protection of Historical Heritage, Elisa de Cabo. Later, they will visit the city, paying special attention to the Portico de la Gloria, restored in 2018, to the Cathedral and the Palacio de Xelmírez.

On Thursday 30, the group will travel to the Construction Labor Foundation, in Santiago de Compostela, where they will participate in a dry stone workshop. This construction technique, based on the superposition of some stones over others without any other material of union, is included in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO since 2018. The program of activities will be completed with workshops dedicated to preventive conservation, underwater archeology and heritage communication.

Ten years of education in heritage

The Youth Forum was born in June 2009 coinciding with the celebration of the World Heritage Committee in Seville. The Ministry of Culture organized the First Ibero-American World Heritage Forum as an activity parallel to the main session of this Committee and the success of the initiative encouraged to continue with the project in the following years, opening to countries around the world as of 2012 .

From 2009 to this edition, 400 young people from 51 different countries from the five continents have participated in these meetings, which promote through knowledge of heritage, respect, tolerance and solidarity between cultures.

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Guadalajara, May 27, 2019.- "It is truly impressive and surprising that coming from nowhere and with very little resources and resources, VOX has achieved these results in Guadalajara. Thanks to the 3,231 guadalajareños who have given us support in the capital. We are not going to disappoint you. It has been a magnificent result. " In this way the elected councilor of VOX summarizes in the City of Guadalajara, Antonio de Miguel the results obtained by the formation presided by Santiago Abascal in the Consistory of Guadalajara in the last municipal elections.

VOX has managed to enter the City of Guadalajara with two mayors. Antonio de Miguel and Francisco Javier Toquero will be the voice of VOX and of the guadalajareños in the new municipal Corporation that will be constituted next June 15th. "We are very happy because we are going to be part of the Guadalajara City Council and we will have a voice that can be the key to government," says Antonio de Miguel. But VOX will be a determining factor in the formation of the municipal government "provided that other formations such as Citizens are for the task of maintaining a right-wing government with Antonio Román in Guadalajara and preventing the left from governing."

However, Antonio de Miguel advances that, as already announced by the national president of VOX, Santiago Abascal, maintaining a right-wing government in the capital "will not be possible if sanitary cords or insults still exist. Whoever wants our support must be respectful and flexible, "he underlined.

VOX Guadalajara achieves the highest percentage of votes of Castilla-La Mancha

On the other hand, the president of VOX Guadalajara, Josué Martín, is "very satisfied" of the result obtained by the training in the province "because we will have voice and representation in 10 of the 11 municipalities in which we have presented municipal and for only 13 votes we could not get to enter Yunquera de Henares, "he laments.

However, the provincial president of VOX also highlights the fact that "Guadalajara is the province of all Castilla-La Mancha that VOX has achieved the highest percentage of votes in both the European and regional elections, which gives us more strength to continue working during these four years to carry out a work of implantation in all the province ".

Thus, in the European elections, VOX has obtained in the province of Guadalajara 10.93% of the vote (13762 votes), two points more than the average of Castilla-La Mancha (8.21%) and four points more than the national average (6.20%). The same happens with the results in the autonomic elections. Despite not obtaining parliamentary representation in the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha, VOX in Guadalajara has obtained the highest percentage of vote of training in the entire region with 12007 votes and 9.53%, which is more than two points above the average obtained by VOX in Castilla-L to Mancha (7.02%).

"These results do nothing more than ratify the good work we are doing in Guadalajara in just two months as a management board," says Josué Martín, who values ​​the 16 councilors obtained by the training in Guadalajara (2), Azuqueca de Henares (2), Villanueva de la Torre (2), Torrejón del Rey (2), Yebes (2), Chiloeches (2), Alovera (1), Cabanillas (1), El Casar (1) and Budia (1) , so "we are still waiting to see if we can obtain representation in the Provincial Council with 7751 votes and 6.08% obtained in the Guadalajara area."

VOX Guadalajara communication:

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Margarita Robles visits the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA)

The acting Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has visited the facilities this center specializing in research and development in areas such as aeronautics, space, and security, among others.

After attending a presentation of the capabilities of this complex, Robles has toured the facilities of the Space Center, one of the pillars of this Institute for the control of satellites and data processing. It is, precisely, in these installations where the monitoring of the PAZ satellite is carried out, in orbit since February 2018.

In the second part of the visit, the acting minister was able to see first-hand the operations and work carried out in the Center for Astrobiology (CAB), specialized in the investigation of the conditions that make possible the emergence and maintenance of life in the Universe.

Ministry of DefenceTogether with the director of the CAB, Miguel Mas Hesse, he has toured the main building to later witness the work of the professionals assigned to the molecular ecology laboratory and the astronomical observatory, equipped with a robotic telescope.

Robles has put in value the contribution of the Ministry of Defense to the area of ​​research that "is so unknown to citizens" and added that "we are going to promote much more the investment that is being made in the field of astrophysics, in studies of the future and in the discovery of life on other planets. "

Along with the financial contribution that Defense makes in these projects, the minister has also insisted on the solvency and professional quality of the Institute team.

In this sense, the general director of INTA, Lieutenant General José María Salom, stated that "the budget is sufficient for the obligations of the Institute and to promote research outside of Spain and outside Europe." The Ministry of Defense enough effort for INTA to do its job ".

"The important thing is that we have managed to earn the trust of NASA and the European Agency, we are a European benchmark," concluded Margarita Robles.

The Secretary of State for Defense, Ángel Olivares, and the Secretary General of the Institute, General Luis Antonio Boixareu, among other civil and military authorities, also attended the visit.

Exponent in the field of research

The National Institute of Aerospace Technology 'Esteban Terradas' (INTA) is a public research organization under the Ministry of Defense, specialized in research and technological development in the fields of aeronautics, space, hydrodynamics, security and defense.

The INTA was created in 1942 with the aim that Spain had a center dedicated to aeronautical research. Since then, the Institute has evolved to become a unique center, with extensive R & D & I capabilities, carrying out a trial

The INTA Space Center -Torrejón, one of the reference centers of the Institute for the control of satellites, was built in 2011 to accommodate the control and processing centers of the space missions PAZ and INGENIO.

For its part, the Center of Astrobiology (CAB), inaugurated in 2003, is devoted to the investigation of the conditions that make possible the emergence and maintenance of life in the Universe. The Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) also participates in its management.

The CAB has a building in the European Space Astronomy Center (ESAC) of the European Space Agency, located in Villanueva de la Cañada.

In addition, he leads the Spanish participation in NASA's Mars Science Laboratory project and which, at present, analyzes the surface and atmosphere of Mars.

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05-27-2019 | Cs

The deputy of Cs assumes 'with honor and gratitude the spokeswoman in the Congress' and announces that 'Toni Roldán, Melisa Rodríguez, Fernando de Páramo and Joan Mesquida will be the deputy spokespersons'

"We created a National Committee of Negotiation of Governments to responsibly manage each proposal thinking of the general interest." This has been stated by the national spokesperson for Citizens (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, after the meeting of the Executive Committee of the party at headquarters national of the orange formation and one day after the elections European, autonomous and municipal elections of 26-M.

"Every time the polls open, Ciudadanos grows and consolidates as a government party" going from "around 1,500 councilors to almost 3,000", in addition to "multiplying the votes in the European elections by five," said Arrimadas. about the results of the 26-M. The orange deputy also stressed that "the next four years will be crucial for the economic and social future of our country," something that "we face the possibility of governing" and "we will do with responsible management."

The national spokesperson of Cs has announced that "we have set up a National Committee of Negotiation of Governments that will work in a coordinated manner with our colleagues at the local and regional level" and that "it will meet from tomorrow to form the best governments", always "thinking in the interest of citizens and not in the interest of our party. " "All proposals for negotiations will be transferred and the Executive Committee of the party will be informed," added Arrimadas.

Also, the national spokesperson of the orange training has announced that "today we have determined the organization chart of the Parliamentary Groups in the Congress of Deputies and in the Senate", and "my colleagues have decided that I assume the spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group in the Congress ", something that" I do with honor and gratitude ". Meanwhile, "the adjunct spokespersons will be Toni Roldán, Melisa Rodríguez, Fernando de Páramo and Joan Mesquida" and "the general secretary of the GP will continue to be Miguel Gutiérrez", explained Arrimadas. For its part, "our spokeswoman in the Senate will continue to be Lorena Roldán", while "Fran Carrillo and Ruth Goñi will be the deputy spokespersons" and "Tomás Marcos the secretary of the Group" in the Upper House.

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Pablo Casado

The president of the popular, Pablo Casado warns that "or refound the electoral space of center right in Spain" or the PP will not win the general election. "If not," he adds, "it will be very difficult to be an alternative government." It advances that the PP will continue leading the opposition in the Cortes, presenting a request for the suspension of Senator Romeva, in preventive prison for the attempted coup in Catalonia.

Casado points out that the electoral cycle gives a term of 4 years that allows the PP to reinforce a project to win the elections. Considers that "the campaign has been successful", and in which there has been no "turn or sway" with respect to 28A.

It announces that the National Executive Committee has created a negotiating committee composed of Teodoro García Egea, Javier Maroto and Ana Beltrán, to address possible post-election pacts. Reveals that the PP will present all candidates for municipal and regional investiture where they have added and notes that your party will not enter a "distribution of letters", but will respect the order that the Spanish have given in each constituency.

Pablo Casado stressed that "there is a recovery" of the PP and that "the comeback has begun" with almost 700.00 more votes in a month. Stresses that the PP has achieved 2,563 absolute majorities-above the PSOE-and 20,325 councilors, with the possibility of forming a government in five Autonomous Communities, including Navarra, and 23 provincial capitals – two more than in 2015-.

To conclude, Casado emphasizes that in the European elections the result is "positive" because the PP almost doubles the third force in votes and points out that in municipal elections "the recovery of bipartisanship is more evident", since the PP has obtained 14 points above Cs and 20 of Vox and 7 below the PSOE.

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Calviño participates in a conference on sustainable development and climate change in the Vatican

The acting Minister of Economy and Business, Nadia Calviño, ratifies the Government's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and the will to turn the challenge of climate change into an opportunity to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth.

The Minister of Economy and Business, Nadia Calviño, has participated in a day of debate on the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) held in Vatican City. This meeting, organized by the United Nations, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Government of Chile, a country that co-chairs the recently created Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action, has brought together experts in climate and ministers of Economy and Finance. Its objective is to exchange information and raise awareness about the economic impact of climate change and sustainable development.

The fight against climate change is one of the priorities of the Spanish Government, fully committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. Proof of this is the creation of a Special Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda and the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, which has been the best valued in the European Union by the European Climate Foundation.

The minister explained that the Government faces the challenge of climate change with a positive mentality, as an opportunity in terms of the development of new technologies, research and innovation, to guarantee sustainable and inclusive growth. The minister has pointed out the importance of mobilizing public and private investments and of guaranteeing a just ecological transition, that accompanies the most vulnerable sectors and citizens.

The session was attended by Pope Francisco, who has urged the Ministers of Economy and Finance to work together and collaborate with scientists, technicians and citizens as a whole to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and comply with the Paris Climate Agreement. The Pontiff has called for an end to activities that destroy the planet, an end to dependence on fossil fuels and a new stage for clean and safe energies.

The day of debate on the Sustainable Development Goals was held at the headquarters of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. This Vatican institution has been responsible for its organization along with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a United Nations agency headed by economist Jeffrey Sachs, and the Coalition of Ministers for Climate Action. This Coalition, created under the aegis of the World Bank and of which Spain is a part since its creation last April, is co-chaired by Chile and Finland.

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The president of our party, Santiago Abascal, analyzed from the podium the electoral results in the company of the rest of the members of the VOX board, among which stood out the already MEPs Hermann Tertsch, Mazaly Aguilar and Jorge Buxadé.

He affirmed that a new political stage had been opened in Spain in which VOX has been fully consolidated in the vast majority of institutions despite the attempts of the stigmatization of the vote by the left, the media and the " right coward ", which appealed to the useful vote. In this way, our voice is assured, without intermediaries or interference, in a clear manner, and without the mediation of the major media.

In addition, VOX representation was emphasized in a large number of Autonomous Communities, which now includes the 24 deputies, the three MEPs and the presence in the Senate. To these numbers it is necessary to add the votes of VOX thanks to which our formation is decisive in 30% of provincial capitals when it comes to choosing future mayors.

Abascal continued his speech saying that VOX will enforce their votes, that no insults or stigmas about the formation and their voters will be tolerated and that we committed ourselves to maintain a respectful and flexible line of party with the rest of the formations.

The statement ended with a premise that has remained firm since the formation of the party: "We will fight every day and in all institutions to prevent the left and separatism from destroying Spain and our freedoms."

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05-26-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs Andalucía showed his satisfaction for the results of the municipal elections 'once again we have achieved it, the ballot boxes have been put in Andalusia and Cs has grown again'

"Citizens has consolidated in Andalusia as third political force tripling its number of councilors." This has been said by the leader of Ciudadanos Andalucía, Juan Marín, to the media after knowing the results of the municipal elections in the Andalusian community. In this line, the leader of the orange training in Andalusia has been very satisfied and said that "once again we have achieved it, the ballot boxes have been put in Andalusia and Citizens has grown again".

Marín has expressed that Ciudadanos has been presented in more than 320 municipalities "we have exceeded 300 thousand votes, we had 162 councilors and tonight we have achieved 450", in this line the spokesman of the party in Andalusia has reported that this data translates into "An increase of 170% of councilors throughout Andalusia, Citizens has grown in the 8 provinces, and we have achieved an absolute majority in 12 municipalities."

On the other hand, the leader of the Orange formation has stated that "we are the key government in 14 of the 25 cities with more than 25,000 inhabitants". To end Marín has expressed that "the goal of building a political project has been consolidated, we are satisfied and happy because the Andalusians have returned to trust in Cs, we just have to keep dreaming, we have no ceiling and we have shown it"

For his part, the mayoral candidate of Seville, Álvaro Pimentel, stressed that "in Seville, capital has also been shown that every time the ballot boxes are opened, Cs grows". "We have increased by 26% in votes, we have grown in all the districts, we have one more councilor and we will continue working with the people of Seville with much more strength, knowing that the project is consolidating, that we are an outstanding force in our city and We are going to leave our skin for four years to work for Seville and Seville. "

In addition, Pimentel added that "Citizens will be in all neighborhoods working, teaching people that there is another way of doing politics and that we have come to stay"

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Pablo Casado votaciones Madrid

Explains that, as they are so following the April 28, these municipal, regional and European elections "are a counterweight" to control the effects of the General State Administration

"The elections of today decide the policies of proximity. They decide what will be our education in freedom, the efficiency in the sanitary management, the reduction of taxes, the agrarian and livestock policy or even the questions of citizen security, of mobility and those that affect us in the day to day ", asserts

"That nobody stays at home without voting because after these elections we will not vote again in four years, so, what we decide today will be with us for a long time," he stresses.

Married expects a high turnout because these are "very important elections" and more "for those who did not leave very happy of the election day in the Generals"

He points out that the Popular Party, "with full respect for the decision taken by any voter", has demonstrated its commitment "not to disappoint"

He warns that "within the EU, this sensible policy is also decided in the face of extremism". "In Spain you have to see these elections as something close that also affects our day to day", says

It emphasizes that the voting is being carried out without incidents and thanked the representatives, State Security Forces and bodies and the media for their work in this day "as marathon as others, or even more, since the scrutiny will be later"

It shows the gratitude for its commitment to the candidates to the city council of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and to the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso

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Esteban González Pons en Valencia

The Spokesman of the PP and vice-president of the PPE Group in the European Parliament, and candidate for the European elections, Esteban González Pons, has asked voters to participate in the European elections today because in the coming years many important issues will be decided within the framework of the European Union (EU).
"Many Spaniards have the feeling that what is European is not important, when the opposite happens, and in the next few years, when so many things will be decided in Europe, I would not want anyone to be left with the feeling that He participated when choosing who governs us from Brussels ", Gonzalez Pons explained after voting this morning in Valencia.
"The joy and I took it last night," he said in reference to the victory of Valencia in the final of the Copa del Rey, and "I hope that today continue for the party of democracy."
"The victory of Valencia yesterday shows that the unexpected victories, the victories against the prognosis, are the most important" added González Pons.

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