These days occur at a time of profound degradation of public debate. Of great political pollution and unconstitutional toxicity

It is very encouraging and exciting to see thousands of citizens defy the cold and the rain to visit the Congress of Deputies and once again express their confidence in the institutions and in our democratic and constitutional order.

These days occur at a time of profound degradation of public debate. Of great political pollution and unconstitutional toxicity.

These days an important summit is held in Madrid. Another summit on the Spanish Political Climate should also be held. We are reaching stifling pollution levels due to the unconstitutional warming promoted by the acting president and his allies.

The first unconstitutional warming factor in Spain is Mr. Sánchez, who, in order to stay in power, intends to forge a sedition government with deeply unconstitutional elements and with political parties that seek the destruction of our democratic order.

Next Tuesday the Socialists will sit down with ERC and JXCAT, with a seditious party, of criminals like Mr. Junqueras, and with another of fugitives from justice, whose leaders are either condemned, or attacking Spain from abroad, or pulling violence in the streets of Catalonia.

At these sedition tables, only the Batasuna philoterrorists are missing, who do not even condemn the murder of Mr. Sánchez's teammates and many others. And they are also your allies.

Therefore, if Mr. Sánchez fails in his negotiations, he cannot request an abstention from the PP. We are not going to give him our votes so that he will then make his policy of alliance with unconstitutional forces.

There are three options in Spain: a government of sedition, which is Mr. Sánchez's setting; a government of constitutional concentration, of PP, PSOE and C's; or third elections.

Sanchez has appeared four times in elections and has never entered the Government through the front door. He has entered thanks to a motion of censure with coup plotters and using paragraphs of a sentence embedded by a judge who is now challenged. Sanchez should not have the right to present himself a fifth time and lead all Spaniards to a fifth blockade.

So that there could be a constitutional concentration government in Spain – which many Spaniards want – Mr. Sanchez would have to make an amendment to himself and his politics. He has to abandon his structural intimacy with nationalism and separatism forever and make a total turn, an absolute amendment to himself.

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