• Free, tolerant, peaceful, bright, democratic and optimistic Catalonia calls for a step. They were not a poble sun, nor was the constitutionalist a marginal being, but was part of a determined majority who have heroically survived nationalist harassment and the abandonment of the rest of Spain and its elites.
  • Behind nationalism there are neither objective causes nor real grievances, but something rather dark and sordid: xenophobia. The Process was not born of love for Catalonia, but of hatred for other Spaniards. He has not managed to forge a Catalan nation, he has broken a democratic community.
  • In front of the “outside, outside” that the tribe shouts to expel the dissident, the dissenting, we say: “inside, inside”. That is the formula that backs the constitutional pact and that inspires the political project that we now have to raise.
  • The PSOE must make a total amendment to its reactionary drift of alliance with tribalist and exclusive nationalisms. The problem is that it continues along the path of legitimization and appeasement of nationalism.
  • Sánchez is – and can only be – president thanks to the parties that promoted the rupture of Catalonia. That is why he continues to look for a middle ground between the Constitution and nationalism.
  • The word dialogue is today an euphemism of assignment. It is necessary to dialogue, yes, but with the constitutionalists, to return to that word its democratic sense.
  • We are working with dozens of Catalan citizens, associations and resistance groups in the White Paper for Freedom in Catalonia, a democratization plan that, in the face of 40 years of withdrawal from the State, works for the deployment, visibility and empowerment of constitutionalists
  • We all have a responsibility in the future of Spanish democracy: the State and society must begin to invest in their defense. That means incentives, constitutional candidates, public money and private budget.
  • It is the turn of the constitutionalists, of those who do not consider the streets to be theirs, because they belong to everyone; of those who don't burn the streets of Barcelona, ​​but want to take care of them; of those who do want to guarantee the coexistence between Catalans and, therefore, among Spaniards.
  • In the Popular Party we went out to win the elections. And then, governance will never be done at the cost of freedom and democracy in Catalonia. I want Pablo Casado to be the president of a government that returns to Spain economic strength, institutional strength and internal coexistence. The PP has to be the alternative of the Spanish reason.

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