"Sanchez makes a shameless and hypocritical exercise of political transvestism by presenting himself as a great defender of constitutional Spain when he has pacts with Torra, with separatist forces and with Bildu."

“The facts are that, being able to choose Now Spain, elected Now with Bildu. And in the Diputación de Barcelona chose Now with Torra. A year ago he chose a motion of censure with two people who had led a coup to the Spanish constitutional order nine months before. ”

“The ground is being prepared for a future negotiation with new concessions to separatism. That would leave the constitutionalists helpless. Because paying a political price to the coup d'etat, that is, moving forward on the path that has brought us here, is a political error. ”

“The Mossos cannot be under the command of a character like Torra, who is encouraging disobedience and contempt. They have to be at the service of a government committed to the restoration and protection of constitutional order and civil peace. ”

“We want to live in a peaceful and peaceful country. We want law; a great democratization plan of Catalonia, and the union of the Democrats and the constitutionalists. The first measure is the motion of censure requested by the PP, now Cs, and to which I hope the PSC will join. ”

“There is a strong alliance of socialism with nationalism in Spain and we have to propose an alternative to that. It is necessary to regroup the space of reason. We must add Spaniards to a project to defend the constitutional order, prosperity and progress ”.

“We come to broaden the basis of constitutionalism. The Spaniards are going to unite at the polls what the parties are determined to divide by the acronym ”.

“Our goal is to get a 10-N majority. We have to try to win by one vote, by one seat, to make a credibly constitutional majority. I have no elements to trust the PSOE, it has long since abandoned the path of constitutional commitment. ”

“Sanchez has put all Spaniards to pay the election campaign, which is a serious immorality. He has organized his whole summer with one objective: to organize a campaign at the expense of the taxpayer ”.

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