"We will do absolutely everything in our power to add, to regroup, to reintegrate, to seek agreements in the space of reason."

“Isabel Díaz Ayuso has demonstrated virtues that politicians with much more management experience and long experience do not have. Significantly, two essentials, especially at this political moment in Spain: the capacity for agreement, agreement, and personal courage. ”

“Madrid and Catalonia are two communities of similar size, of similar population and economic potential. However, the data from Catalonia do not reflect the immense potential that it should have: more than 5,500 companies have left, one in five unemployed in August are Catalan, it is the Community with the most tax and triple pressure in number of high positions in Madrid "

“We will do absolutely everything in our power to add, to regroup, to reintegrate, to seek agreements in the space of reason. A wide space, which goes beyond the right center, where we share common democratic values ​​against populisms and nationalisms ”.

"Spain adds up and only the egos divide"

“There is an obsessive tendency to look for what sets us apart, distinguishes or even faces. Therefore, it is especially meritorious to see what unites us, what brings us closer, what brings us together, what allows us to work together. That's Spain Sum, the road to the future ”.

“This Thursday, in the Congress of Deputies, we will celebrate the first days of the Popular Parliamentary Group:‘Spaniards in Defense of the Common’” Pablo Casado, Alejandro Fernández, Rosa Díez, Álvaro Pombo and Ana Losada will participate.

“Next week, in Barcelona, ​​we will present in society what we have called the White book for the recovery of democracy and freedom in Catalonia, to expand and strengthen the space of constitutionalism, and reverse the withdrawal of the State. ”

“The Supreme Court will have the most energetic support and support in the ruling issued on the you process, whatever it is".

“Our rule of law is not at stake. The sentences are followed and we will defend the judiciary against any campaign or attack that may suffer.

“The great drama of Catalonia is that two forces contrary to freedom converge: socialism, now becoming identitarian socialism, and nationalism. Nationalism is the greatest form of interventionism in the lives of citizens and also the most perverse, because everything intervenes ”.

"Nationalism is a reactionary tax. Under the pretext of national construction as an alibi, they promote the most brutal invasion of people's private life: political, economic and civil liberty at the service of the imaginary nation ”

“Catalonia is not doomed. Catalonia can be liberal. A liberal proposal by Catalonia would be the smartest and most efficient way to narrow the space to nationalism and expand it to citizens. ”

“If there are elections, it is because Sanchez wants elections, because he will have calculated with his rasputines of Moncloa that suits him ”.

"The PP is prepared to offer the Spaniards a great government project, adding to everyone who wants to. An alternative of freedom, democratic strengthening and prosperity"

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