For the first time there is an explicit link between independence and violence. Therefore, I ask the Prosecutor's Office to analyze whether these facts constitute a crime of hate and incitement to violence. And we will support the complaint that SCC (Catalan Civil Society) will present.

  • Pompeu Fabra University has announced a system of special exams to help ‘strikers’. It is necessary to promote a general approval for all violent thugs who intend to kidnap all university students.
  • We are facing a very serious attack against the freedoms and democratic rights of the students, and against the professorship's freedom of professors. Mr. Sanchez, Mr. Marlaska and Mr. Duque look like the three monkeys who don't see, don't hear and don't say. As if the absence of freedom in Catalan universities was not a problem of the Government of Spain!
  • The Generalitat shows more anger with the Mossos who enforce the law than with the violent ones who try to burst peaceful coexistence in Catalonia.
  • Political Catalanism has failed. He intended to forge a nation and all he has achieved is to split a democratic community in two. Under the nationalist crust there was and there is another democratic and constitutional Catalonia.
  • We will work to make that constitutional Catalonia feel protected, protected and represented. We will strengthen constitutionalism with a long-term deployment of the State so that the values ​​of tolerance and peaceful coexistence permeate the whole of Catalan society.
  • Today we have a meeting with the Regional Houses in the framework of the work we are doing to prepare the White Paper for a Catalonia in freedom. They are the best expression of the pluralism of Catalan society.
  • Let's deny Tezanos. These elections are an invention of Sánchez to try to expand his majority. If you take a seat less than April 28 you must submit your resignation.

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