• Sanchez does not fight as he owes the arsonists because he is president thanks to the arsonists. That puts him in a situation of extreme inability to restore order and coexistence in Catalonia.
  • The Government has to send today a resource to the Constitutional Court to annul the proposal of JxCat, ERC and the CUP in the Parliament, which defies the prohibition imposed by the Constitutional prohibiting him to transact any initiative on self-determination.
  • Torra insists on the path of disobedience, recidivism and insurrection. What is the position of the Government of Spain? I demand maximum firmness: that it ends the Pedralbes route, that it breaks all the agreements with Torra and company, that it firmly applies the resources available to the State and that it discards any new dialogue operation.
  • I worry that a new ‘dialogue operation’ is being forged that consists of isolating Torra, as if it were a free radical, while the other radicals are bleached and presented as moderates with whom they can dialogue.
  • You cannot negotiate or talk with those who insist on promoting the breakdown of the Spanish constitutional order.
  • There is nothing to dialogue with the coup separatism, what you have to do is defeat it. I say ‘dialogue yes’, but with the constitutionalists and democrats of Catalonia. What Spain needs is a policy clearly alternative to that of appeasement, which burns and inflames the violent. We have lived in an intimidated democracy in Catalonia.
  • That Vox dares to say that the PP does not defend Spain, democracy and the FyCSE seems to me a colossal exhibition of demagogy, electoralism and bad faith. Even more when Mrs. Olona has given us her support for the institutional declaration of defense to the FyCSE. Do they have the exclusive heritage of the defense of Spain and the Spaniards? It is the characteristic adanism of populism.
  • The GPP has presented an institutional declaration in defense of the FyCSE and its heroic, brilliant and exemplary work these days in Catalonia. What happens in Catalonia is more than a public order problem.
  • I am infinitely glad that the Spanish left has finally decided to bury Franco.  The socialist government is a risk for the economy and for the constitutional order. Sanchez wanted these elections and I thank him for calling them. They are a golden opportunity to restore the coexistence in Catalonia and prevent the clouds of an economic crisis from becoming a storm that dilutes over the Spaniards.

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