This Permanent Deputation is the last act of a legislature that was born dead by the will of the President in office to call elections again. What will happen with the following?

Spain is in a situation of maximum gravity. We have an acting president who has already reached a pact with a party like Podemos, of dubious democratic credentials. We saw him yesterday in the Venezuelan Assembly with shouts against the PP delegation and with attempts to harass and intimidate the parties that went to support the Venezuelan Democrats.

Podemos is a Trojan horse within democratic institutions and it would be very serious if it also acceded to the Government of the nation.

Spain, at the moment, is in the hands of a criminal convicted of sedition for the work and grace of Mr. Sánchez. If it is not remedied, we are going to a government of sedition: a government agreed with a party and a political leader, Mr. Junqueras, who has been convicted of sedition.

Sanchez has openly demonstrated that he is absolutely willing to do everything – without limits or scruples – in order to stay in power. When he talks about plurinationality he is talking about the defeat of the Spanish nation.

It intends to establish a government of sedition with three unconstitutional fronts: Catalan, nationalist, separatist and seditious; the Basque, where the PNV and Podemos have reached an agreement for a statutory reform that includes the right of self-determination and the idea that there are Basque nationals who are not Spanish citizens; and Navarre, where Mrs. Chivite is going to approve the budgets with the Otegui party; a party that considers that the murder is not morally abject, but even legitimate when they sought to achieve with violence the independence of the alleged Basque people.

There is the stark paradox that criminally convicted persons are being politically acquitted, amnestied, by Mr. Sanchez. He considers them legitimate interlocutors, people with whom he can negotiate matters as important as the future of the nation, equality and freedom of all Spaniards.

If Mr. Sánchez and the PSOE intend to request abstention from the PP in case the government of sedition goes badly, they lose all hope. It would not be a patriotic abstention but purely masochistic. We are not going to deliver our votes for him to do what the body asks: the defeat of the Spanish nation, the negotiation on plurinationality or the right to decide.

Is it progressive to give up the equality of the Spaniards? Is it progressive to load the Constitution? Is it progressive to negotiate budgets with a party linked to a terrorist story that does not condemn murder? Is it progressive to negotiate a government with people convicted of sedition and embezzlement? Sánchez is not progressive. What is being forged is a constitutional and radically reactionary liquidation government.

We have never put sanitary cords, we have suffered them. The Tinell Pact is one of the milestones that have brought us here. Then, in 2003, the PSOE abandoned its founding principle of equality and allied itself with the most reactionary thing on the European political landscape, which is Catalan separatism, with the sole purpose of isolating the PP, from the Spanish right center.

The PP is the only guarantor of the constitutional order and security against the spooky, imaginary and delusional republic of nationalism. That the Government abandon hypocrisy: stop spreading cards of Democrats while negotiating with those who claim a fictitious republic, agreeing with Bildu and the seditious.

It is necessary a rational and constitutional mobilization in defense of the democratic principles that unite us to people of different sensibilities, but that we want to live in a State of Law and in that common commitment that was the pact of 78, which we have to preserve.

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