Holders of their statements in the media

“The infiltrator in democracy is you, Mr. Torra. If he puts the polls back on, he already knows exactly what will happen to him: the same as his colleagues in jail ”

“Sanchez has a relationship of structural intimacy with arsonists. He is president thanks to a fugitive from justice and a convict, Puigdemont and Junqueras ”

“It is useless to appeal to Torra to put out the violence he jelly. And it is also useless to appeal to Sánchez. That is why I ask the Spaniards to take Sánchez away from Torra. To return order, civil peace and freedom to Catalonia. From there: Spaniards, to vote; Spaniards, at the polls ”

“I am worried, restless and restless show signs of disunity of constitutionalism. Four different manifestations have been called. I ask for unity of action, intelligence, greatness, generosity and height ”

“Socialism never finds the right circumstances to defend the constitutional order as it should. He has in his hand to ban tomorrow's strike, break political agreements in the Diputación de Barcelona with the Torra arsonist and apply the National Security Law, but he does not do it ”

“Before resigning, I would like Marlaska to ban the strike that will take place tomorrow in Barcelona. It's not a strike, it's sabotage, a kale borroka massive headed by Carlos Sastre, the terrorist who killed Bultó ”

“The PSC insists on getting out of the constitutionalist block systematically, stubbornly, stubbornly, over and over again. He has been the great bleach of nationalism, his great legitimator ”

“Constitutionalism must be a policy sustained over time. It cannot simply be an emergency reaction at a specific time, like a flash in the dark. ”

“We have to set up an active constitutionalism, a policy in Catalonia. And that means acting. The State has to dedicate part of its budget to the defense of democracy in Catalonia ”

“We have to regroup the constitutionalist vote around the only alternative to Sánchez: Pablo Casado. Pablo Casado has a constitutionalist project of order, freedom, democracy and economic progress for all of Spain. To all those people who want to remove Sánchez from the Government, I ask them to vote for Pablo Casado. It is the best for Spain ”

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