• · “Mrs. Bald, we have reached the end. The commedia progressive è finite. Tell me honestly, don't you personally feel ashamed? ”
  • “Last night I heard him say‘ it's a frustrating day. We weren't thinking about elections. What a shameless victimhood. They have not thought of anything else since April 28. And what is worse, they have not done anything else. ”
  • “You have been the executor of this socialist theater, of this mock sanchist. You are the embodiment of this farce that all Spaniards have had to pay. ”
  • “They said they wanted to forge a progressive government. Is it progressive or constitutionalist to reach the Government with the vote of a fugitive from justice and a prisoner for coup?
  • “Is it progressive to govern in the Diputación de Barcelona with the Spanish Le Pen? Is it progressive to govern in Navarra thanks to a party that justifies political murder? Is it progressive to defend an initiative that equates victims with executioners? ”
  • “You are deeply reactionary. But the farce does not end there. Neither progressive nor government. ”
  • "In the end, progressivism was going to be that: the most stark and cynical struggle to liquidate its progressive partner with the money of all Spaniards."
  • "Not even when the lefts win, are you able to govern."
  • “What worries me is what they have done with the Spaniards: they have used their money – public money does have an owner – to finance the electoral campaign. Is that what we call it? Progressive financing? ”
  • “The last really grotesque example we had yesterday with TVE calling the political leaders to an electoral debate when His Majesty the King had not even spoken. And to Mr. Sanchez turning the news of the night into his first great campaign rally ”.
  • “You will be much worse than your Round they whisper. ”

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