Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo que asiste a la celebración de la sesión plenaria extraordinaria del Parlamento catalán, en la que interviene el presidente del PP de Cataluña, Alejandro Fernández.

  • Urquinaona Square is symbolic for the memory of the horror lived in Barcelona during this pre-campaign and campaign, but also for being a place of resistance in which we have gathered to start marches in these years.
  • This campaign we have seen how the independence movement has been linked again with violence, breaking one of the myths of nationalism: its supposed love for Catalonia. Only from hatred of Catalonia can this wonderful city be turned into a showcase of violence, fire, barricades and fear for the whole world to see.
  • The ide Anti-Democratic Tsunami ’has always been: 1-O tried to impose a vote against democracy and are now trying to prevent a democratic vote.
  • We will hold Sanchez responsible for having Catalans who cannot vote with total normality, freedom and tranquility. Yours is the responsibility of having foreseen what could happen and yours will be the responsibility if that happens this weekend.
  • It is the responsibility of Sánchez's unpredictability that some 5,000 police and civil guards displaced to Catalonia will not be able to vote. We ask that the Central Electoral Board allow them to exercise their right.
  • I want this campaign closure to be a tribute to the democratic resistance of Catalonia for its moral strength, for having endured decades of nationalist harassment and abandonment of Madrid, of the State institutions. My absolute and resounding commitment that it will not happen again.
  • Democracy is not free. Your defense has a cost, it requires sacrifices. It cannot be taken forever. The image of the sacrifice is that of that national policeman seriously injured in the battle of Barcelona.
  • There is another Catalonia and, therefore, I appeal to the ‘Spirit of Urquinaona’. We have to turn this moral rearmament into the germ of a new constitutional policy.
  • The streets belong to everyone; Intolerance, only yours. It is enough for nationalism to stand up to go backwards: the rule of law can with everything.
  • I ask that the Democratic Resistance become a democratic Regrouping to achieve the democratic Reconstruction of Catalonia. We must unite a patriotic, useful, intelligent and constitutional vote around the PP.
  • Sanchez is plotting a new betrayal of the 78 pact in tandem with ERC: that's la plurinationality ’. His hypothetical victory is a defeat of the Spanish nation.
  • We can win. Let's start a new stage with the Constitution and with the 'Spirit of Urquinaona', let's make Catalonia a land of freedom and make this Plaza free of insults, fear and flames so that only the daily beat of the city remains most beautiful in the world.

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