The President of CEA, Javier González de Lara, and the Territorial Director of CaixaBank in Western Andalusia, María Jesús Catalá Buera, have signed a collaboration agreement to promote through the Business Services Center of Andalusia (Fundación CSEA) of the Andalusian business organization the "Transforming Future" program, to facilitate the employment and self-employment of unemployed people over 45 years of age.

The agreement, which has a marked social nature, includes a plan of actions aimed at these people to allow them to enter the labor market through self-employment or through employment as an employee according to their abilities.

Activities and services

"Transforming the Future" will be configured in a series of group and individual activities such as training workshops, talks, business visits, advice and personalized tutoring, among other actions, and also incorporates a innovative business service for those who wish to have a physical space to start their business projects.

On the other hand, the program also will implement competencies that are valuable in the new work scenarios, and knowledge will be provided to work with digital tools to build a new personal brand, which may be applicable to both entrepreneurship and work for others.

The Social Area, one of the pillars of the CaixaBank CSR Plan

Thanks to its territorial capillarity, the network of CaixaBank offices supports the "la Caixa" Banking Foundation in its social work, detecting local needs and channeling part of its social investment. The collaboration between both institutions makes it possible for thousands of organizations and associations to access the aids of the "la Caixa" Banking Foundation every year.

This social action is intended to promote projects of small size but of great importance in the territories in which CaixaBank operates. Last year, more than 11,500 projects were promoted with an investment of 43.6 million euros.

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