The first Financing Office promoted by CEAJE, in collaboration with SEGOFINANCE, is already in operation and has begun to channel the first applications, these have not been expected and the office is already at full capacity.

69% of the companies that close before the age of 5, do so due to financing problems, generating difficulties in the business for consolidation. 7 out of 10 new companies fail to survive, for this reason CEAJE is committed to facilitating access to financing and thus fighting against this scourge.

In statements by the president of CEAJE, Fermín Albaladejo, “ We will strive, even more, in these difficult times, to help our companies, not only to overcome the first years of life, but to grow. From CEAJE we will put all the necessary means for our business network to consolidate, scale its size, create more and better jobs and can cross borders, taking Spanish business talent beyond Europe. The new financing office is only the first step.

The financing office of CEAJE is a 100% digital product that reaches all the territories of the organization to respond to the needs of the partners globally, has a wide portfolio of products in all areas; Bank financing, by the hand of its employer Banco Santander, private financing with a network of more than 35,000 investors, public financing, supported by Aval Madrid, Enisa and other SGR, and other products.

Visit the platform in https://ceaje.segofinance.com/

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