The permanent secretary of CEIB and general director of CEOE Internacional, Narciso Casado, participated throughout this week in the 5th CEC Colombian Business Congress, held within the framework of the 76th. National Assembly of Affiliates; as well as in the 76th Annual Assembly of Fedecámaras (Venezuela), in which participants from different sectors of the country participated. Both events offered a space for dialogue to analyze the opportunities that arise in both countries and in the Ibero-American region after the crisis and what measures should be adopted for a possible economic recovery.

76th ANDI Assembly

Narciso Casado participated in the different working days of the 5th. Colombian Business Congress CEC, which was held entirely virtual from August 24 to 28 within the framework of the 76th. National Assembly of Affiliates: "Opportunities for an optimistic future in Colombia." Hand in hand with national and international experts, the event served to make an analysis of the current situation and make proposals to the country around the economy, employment, education, digital transformation, and social development. It was held at the ANDI Virtual Events Center and had the participation of presidents from several of the countries of the continent, who presented their perspectives for the region in a discussion with President Iván Duque.

The Vice President of the Republic, Marta Lucía Ramírez; the Colombian Ministers of Finance and Public Credit, Alberto Carrasquilla; of Work, Ángel Custodio Cabrera; of Health and Social Protection, Fernando Ruiz Gómez; of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, José Manuel Restrepo; of Education, Maria Victoria Angulo; of Information Technology and Communications, Karen Abudinen; and Environment and Sustainable Development, Ricardo Lozano; important representatives of the OIE (Roberto Suárez), the ILO (Guy Rider), the OECD (Julio Bacio Terracino), ECLAC (Mario Cimoli), the BIAC (Ali Karami-Ruiz) and the WHO (Tedros Adhanom) . The event was led by the president of ANDI, Bruce Mac Master, and was closed by the president of the Republic, Iván Duque.

76th Assembly of Fedecámaras

Casado also participated in the 76th Annual Assembly of Fedecámaras, in which it was clear that a productive nation must be inclusive, this being the secret to improving many of the country's sectors. Within the framework of this assembly, the discussion "For an inclusive and productive Nation" was held, in which personalities from different sectors of the country participated, including: Juan Carlos Roldán, partner of KOMUNIKA LATAM; Luisa Pernalete, coordinator of Education for Peace in Fe y Alegría; Carlos Aguiló director of Strategic Innovation at Ecoem; León Arismendi, CEO of INAESIN and Luz Mely Reyes, co-founder and director Efecto Cocuyo.

During the conference, the President of the Organization, Ricardo Cusanno, sent a clear message: "we businessmen cannot sit and wait for the necessary political changes to take place to begin working towards a productive Venezuela." He assured that solution proposals must be presented to the crisis and promote, from autonomy and independence, the spaces and conditions to promote a prosperous and progressing Venezuela. FEDECAMARAS presented a proposal, under the slogan: "For an inclusive and productive Nation," which calls on all actors in society to define the country model that is needed. The Organization advocated reaching a National Agreement, which is the seed of a joint agenda and models the necessary concert for a structural reform that allows, once the pandemic is over, to start the economic reactivation and a path of progress and well-being for Venezuela . "Let us continue fighting with honest work, with the pride of being entrepreneurs, for the construction of a prosperous, modern, competitive, inclusive and productive Venezuela, which will return the smile to us based on personal and collective success," concluded Cusanno.

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