The minister said: "We want to reach a country complicity around the Vocational Training of our education system. If we are able to establish consensus and focus efforts, the effectiveness of work is multiplied. This is the objective of the Executive and that's why we're gathered here today. "

The incorporation of the third sector organizations involved in these teachings is another step in the work plan designed by the Ministry of Education and FP to enhance and modernize Vocational Training. With this initiative, the cabinet directed by Isabel Celaá intends to involve all the actors that develop activities to improve VET and incorporate their initiatives into the road map drawn up by the Executive in this matter. Today's meeting is the first of a series of work meetings that the ministry wants to carry out with the foundations committed to the subject.

Isabel Celaá, accompanied by the Secretary of State for Education and FP, Alejandro Tiana, and the General Director of Vocational Training, Clara Sanz, has taken a first-hand interest in the actions that are being carried out by the different organizations in matters of FP, as well as for his most immediate plans in this field. "We must join forces among all the agents involved in this task because the joint work will have multiplier effects in the process of modernization of Vocational Training that this Government has marked as one of its great objectives," said the headline.

The Bankia Foundation for Dual Training, the Atresmedia Foundation, the Repsol Foundation, the MAPFRE Foundation, the Bertelsman Foundation, the Telephone Foundation, the Endesa Foundation, the Mahou Foundation participated in the meeting of the third sector organizations San Miguel, the Vodafone Foundation, the SEPI Foundation, the Créate Foundation and the Exit Foundation.

The meeting has served to initiate a great alliance for the updating of Vocational Training in order to contribute to economic growth with social cohesion and decent employment. With this strategy, the Executive aims to improve the employability of young people and the active population, as well as meet the needs of qualified specialists demanded by companies, improving the competitiveness and productivity of our economy.

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training works in streamlining the design of degrees, as well as updating existing titles and developing new ones, thus giving a quick and effective response to the needs of economic sectors with special attention to the challenges posed by industry 4.0 and the new economy.

In addition, the Executive wants to promote Dual FP (modality that combines the theoretical theoretical training received in an educational center with the practical activity in a work center), which currently does not represent 2.5% of the total students Vocational Training, favoring the involvement of small and medium enterprises for which the FP has to become an element of innovation and incorporation into the talent circuit.

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